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10 reasons to work for Essential Recruitment

The flexibility &understanding of the Senior Management Team.Unlike large corporate businesses, you will always have a personal relationship with your senior management team - including our MD. You'll see them often, you'll know them well, and they'll not only know your first name,they'll know your dogs name too.If you have genuine issues affecting your work situation, your management team will be there to help.



2Getting a lay in on your birthday.Yep - if your birthday falls on a working day, you're entitled to bookhalf that day off (AM or PM). You can always make this up to a full day using your regular annual leave which goes up to 25 days per year plus bank holidays

3We keep you fit & healthy!We want to make sure you can afford to stay in top form whilst you're with us, and that's why we offer up to 300 in healthcare expenses each year, increasing in line with your length of service.We also offer an attendance bonus - put that good health to use! If you have a 0% absence rate for one whole year, we'll reward you with an extra holiday day to use in the next year.

4Bonus and incentive schemesWe offer a multitude of bonus and incentive schemes;Monthly profit share the team shares a percentage of the branch net profit.On call - 50 for each week you have the on-call mobile.Its not just part of the job!New business incentive Win new business and you get a share of the Margin generated.No cap.Perm bonus A large % of the fee made from placing a perm is yours with no threshold!Scheme #5 - where the profit you make for the company means prizes - up to the value of 3k!Our Golden Ticket scheme is a bi-annual raffle which rewards those who've excelled in growing the business.

5Friendly and relaxed atmosphereRecruitment can be a stressful role, and therefore it's important to be able to vent with your colleagues. We have an open door environment and promote honesty and tolerance. We treat each other as adults and encourage rather than set unrealistic targets

6Family valuesWe often describeour team as a family - not because we want to be super cheesy, but because calling us a 'team' doesn't do justice to our values.Life is a balance and its not just all about work so, whether its access to childcare vouchers or empathy to personal situations, we think these are Essential.

7No Red TapeOur Industry is highly legislated and we hit the mark every time (probably why we have REC audited status), but rather than making you sign disclaimers for using the kettle, we actually look for ways to reduce unnecessary paperwork and rules.

8Ongoing trainingWe have just launched the Essential Academy - our own in-house training course. The modules in each level will provide in-depth knowledge in all areas of recruitment, and ensures all of our staff are at the same level.In addition to this, there are external training sessions, plus regular mentoring with our central support team.

9Recognition for your developmentWe know that our staff work hard, and it's important for that work to be acknowledged. Whether it is the annual appraisals, a personal success or just some general good news, recognition is important.The whole company is notified of staff successes - news which helps to motivate others, too!

10The summer do.This is the cherry on top - the extra mile. Our annual weekend away is the most anticipated event in Essential's diary! An all expenses paid, luxury adventure.. but more about that when you get here!

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