Enhancing Public Engagement: a summary Nicholas Garrick Teacher & Learning Consultant.

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Transcript of Enhancing Public Engagement: a summary Nicholas Garrick Teacher & Learning Consultant.

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  • Enhancing Public Engagement: a summary Nicholas Garrick Teacher & Learning Consultant
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Purpose Enhancing Public Engagement Guide Purpose: De-mystifying primary phase Extend skills of session leaders Part 1: Understanding the primary phase Part 2: Past and present Part 3: Leading the way with Earth Sciences Part 4: The future of STEM PE
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Pedagogy Why + how Common Principles Difference between key stages Interpretation of currciulum Difference between schools
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com National Curriculum Statutory in 1989, revised in 2000 Minimum entitlement, broad and non specific QCA schemes in 1990 constricted learning National movement to re-energise curriculum Current re-writing by ConLib government (again) New Eng, Ma, Sci & PE statutory in 2013 New other subjects statutory in 2014
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com National Curriculum Every school covers the same what, but interprets how differently (often in similar ways) EYFS 0 - 5 KS1 5 - 7 KS2 7 - 11 KS3 11 - 14 KS4 14 - 17
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com National Curriculum EYFS Year 2 Me Egocentric My Family My World Year 2 Year 4 Us Community Region Country Year 4 Year 6 All Global World issues that affect society
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Perfect learning experience Visual AuditoryKinaesthetic Real Purpose Enquiry Application
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Perfect learning experience Visual: images, clips, words Auditory: soundtrack, presentation Kinaesthetic: make one Be one!
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com In what context might a child learn about volcanoes? Science: Changing state Changing materials Variation and classification Forces Geography: Tectonics Weather Environmental impact Human settlement Rock formation Variation and classification Maths: Viscosity Flow rate ICT: Patterns Data extrapolation English: Recount Explanation Narrative Persuasion
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Key pedagogy Developing awareness of the world Age = concentration Stages of learning (page 14 of pack)
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Key pedagogy Questioning related to age (page 8 in pack)
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Key pedagogy Learning pyramid 5% lecture 10% reading 20% audio-visual 30% demonstration 50% discussion group 75% practice by doing 90% teach one another
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Effective session structure
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Effective session structure Session leader sets enquiry question or shows stimulus Session leader asks for answers to the original enquiry question, perhaps noting down any further questions Learners complete a challenge in teams or groups Learners fully engaged in a task (or variety) acquiring new skills or knowledge Session leader leads discussion or low-level Talk Partner activities
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Skills to engage active learning 1 - 10 Spy
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Skills to engage active learning In what ways could you describe the object? Create a phrase. Every pairing of groups take the best bits and form develop the phraseuntil The group facilitator has one, whole group response
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Skills to engage active learning Group 1 to discuss where is it from/used? 2 What is its purpose? 3 Why it is important? 4 When was is discovered or arrive at U of B 5 How did it arrive here today? Move back into original groups and share discussions.
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Skills to engage active learning 1 - 10 I am more aware of current learning practices in schools I feel I have learnt something new today I feel I have gained more than one skill that may help in delivering engagement sessions
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  • www.lightinguplearning.com Skills to engage active learning Spy There is a spy amongst you. What summaries can the spy make about: Team work Idea generation Vocabulary
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  • An Introduction to STEM Ambassadors Graphic Science - Bristol, Bath and Somerset Claire Dimond, claire@graphicscience.co.uk
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  • STEM Agenda in a Nutshell HMGs STEM Agenda aims to ensure that: 1.The needs of employers are met 2.The STEM curriculum is sufficiently challenging for the top 25% and increases STEM literacy of the population at large 3.There are good enrichment and enhancement activities as part of STEM education - the STEM Ambassadors Programme is a key part of this STEM skills shortages are widespread 43% of employers currently have difficultly recruiting staff...The STEM Ambassadors scheme is a good example of this kind of activity (business engaging with schools) CBI education and skills survey 2011
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  • What is a STEM Ambassador activity? A STEM Ambassador activity is any activity and/or school visit that is: Voluntary and free of charge to schools Aimed at individuals aged 5-19 years (including supporting teachers STEM CPD training) Linked to Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Maths in some way (including careers based activities) All STEM Ambassadors are required to take part in a at least one activity a year and wed be delighted if you decide you want to take part in more!
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  • STEM Ambassador Activities can Include: Taking part in a careers event Delivering a hands on activity e.g. Bristol Dinosaur Supporting an on-going STEM Club activitySTEM Club Taking part in a science festival Being interviewed over Skype or taking part in a webinar Taking part in a teacher/Ambassador networking event Working with Science Learning Centres to support teacher CPD training Visiting your old school as a STEM Ambassador (if educated in UK only) Supporting STEMNET activities advertised through the UK-wide quarterly newsletter e.g. BBC Bang Goes the Theory roadshows, Big Bang Fair. You can also view the latest requests on STEMNetworkingSTEMNetworking
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  • How does the STEM Ambassadors Programme work? You are now part of a cohort of about 29,000 STEM Ambassadors UK wide and 1150 in Bristol, Bath and Somerset Your local STEMNET Contract Holder will provide you with: Regular updates on volunteering opportunities available in your local area at a variety of times and locations Support on any questions and queries you may have Advice and guidance on how to organise your own activities Follow up your volunteering activities with formal feedback from both you and any teachers involved
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  • Useful Information for STEM Ambassadors The Programme is UK-wide including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland If you move to another sub region at any point then it is very easy for us to transfer you to the appropriate STEMNET Contract Holder in that area Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to provide travel expenses for STEM Ambassadors Your local STEMNET Contract Holder is there to provide you with support and guidance whenever you need it.
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  • Hopes and expectations Teachers Ambassadors Students ? ? ?
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  • STEM Ambassadors Hopes and Expectations Why did you decide to become a STEM Ambassador? Its a new and exciting challenge Its a chance for me to share my enthusiasm for my subject and inspire young people to have a more positive view of STEM and STEM careers Its an opportunity for me to give something back to the community It sounds like fun! In the 2011 survey, STEM Ambassadors said volunteering in schools had: contributed to their personal and professional development (88%) improved their communication and presentation skills (63%) increased their understanding of young peoples capability and skills (65%) their employer benefits from a higher profile in the local community (82%)
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  • Students Hopes and Expections What do you think students gain from having STEM Ambassadors visit their school? The chance to meet an adult (STEM) role model that is not their teacher or relative can: Provide them with a chance to participate in something new and different to normal lessons Raise the aspirations of the students and challenge stereotypes Increase students understanding of how their learning in school links to examples in the real world Give them an alternative view point on STEM and STEM careers Enthuse them to consider a STEM career in the future
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  • Next Steps Register as a STEM Ambassador, www.stemnet.org.ukwww.stemnet.org.uk Attend an induction and be CRB checked Start inspiring young people!