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    MULTIROTOR G4 EagleProduct overview and performance features

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    s Building professional multi -copter systems, marketi ng them internati onally and off ering them as an out-of-the-box soluti on was the idea of Graduate Engineer Oliver Knitt el and Volker Rosenblatt . At a very early stage the founders of the company service-drone.de GmbH realised the enormous potenti al of fl ying UAV robots and focused on developing integrated and scalable system soluti ons for media, industry, defense, security and geodesy in parti cular. Service-drone was therefore one of the worlds fi rst providers of complete ready-to-fl y systems, including user training, maintenance and service. Since then the company has been growing rapidly. In the fi rst business year of 2011, the team which was sti ll small generated a turnover of 1 million. In 2012, the turnover was doubled, and the pre-tax profi ts even quadrupled. In 2013, major investments were made in the development of the acquired brand name of MULTIROTOR and our own MULTIROTOR G4 fl ying hardware and soft -ware: A worthwhile investment that from then on made our products freely scal-able for any applicati on and which was awarded with the 2014 ARTIE Innovati on Award 2014.Today MULTIROTOR is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced UAV sys-tems. In the fi eld of geodesy the MULTIROTOR G4 has become one of the most popular geo-copters, with more than 100 units sold within a period of just one year with the fi gure increasing rapidly!

    This is the reason why demanding customers choose our products. Years of hard- and soft ware develop-ment have had an infl uence on the newest generati on of MULTIROTOR Flight-Control. Aft er over 400 tested drones, our development department can off er a device concept, unique and superior to the rest of the mar-ket. Its intelligent functi ons, its secu-rity and intuiti ve operati on makes the drone todays most effi cient camera drone. Since the introducti on of our MULTIROTOR G4 Technology, our customers have approved our pro-ducts 100% operati ng safety - without excepti on!

    Our systems are perfectly synchro-nized and have been developed for professional use and challenging tasks. Customers have a direct in-fluence on our products and profit from our reliable service, consul-ting and training. Multirotor meets all requirements demanded today of operating safety and impresses with high quality service, which cle-arly marks us off from all competing products and makes Multirotor the market leader. The advanced flight electronics, for instance, keep our drones in the air even despite ad-verse weather conditions. Our customers receive a personalized and immediately usable product package.

    Company Profi leMULTIROTOR by service-drone.de GmbH

    Why MULTIROTOR? Proven technology!


    Made in Germany

    The idea and ambition of our developers to build a truly perfect, safe and easy-to-opera-te multi-copter are based on a number of negative experiences with competing products, all of which did not provide what their manufacturers promised and cost several times the price of our devices. MULTIROTORs development and Made in Germany production is carried out at our sites in Berlin

    and Buchholz i.d.N. near Hamburg. The result is world-class technology that impresses and clearly stands out on the market.

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    The model MULTIROTOR Eagle is our bestseller. A real all-rounder! Our company has more than 300 content custom-ers who use this product.In this fourth generation now, the convincing features of the series before have been improved again. The MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle is equipped with MULTIROTOR Flight-Control, which offers an unmatched flight and image stability. The 32-bit-dual-processing-board incorporated in MULTIROTOR Flight-Control enables a processing power 10 times higher. Included are the most recent hardware components and a referenced GPS system. 512 times per second the system corrects the flight attitude and guarantees the safest drone flight of all times.Furthermore, the G4 Eagle offers an exact camera work and flexibility for every application. As perfect standard systems, the most important videocameras Canon 5D Mark III and SONY HDR-PJ810 are integrable. An optional full in-tegration with a 12x zoom, operated with a remote con-trol, is available for the SONY HDR-PJ810. The LUMIX GH4, SONY ALPHA 7RII and SONY FDR-AX100E are also available for this system for surveying. When it comes to the main-

    tenance of solar plants, the integration of the Optris PI LightWeight 640 IR has proven to be an ideal and affordable option. Other special cameras and sensor technology for further applications can easily be integrated; for instance, for applications in the agricultural sector.With a minimized take-off weight and even more effective engines, the newest generation scores with the optional doubling of the battery power. An ideal package for long surveying flights and all other applications with obligatory long flight duration.Together with the new transmitter, Jeti DC-16, of the exclusive MULTIROTOR edition offers a working device without competi-tion, a state-of-the-art system. And of course: ready to fly.Including the no-panic function: The drone flies on its own. With no control impulses the Eagle stays in the air, on the same height level and in the same position.Numerous helpful and useful extras of the extra equipment pool can be combined with this unrivaled micro drone. In-dividual training of applicants and maintenance contracts, which conserve the value, and software updates are availa-ble options.

    9 Optimal for photography, movie, surveying, solar and technical applications 9 Ideal platform for intervention, logistic etc. 9 High wind stability up to 10 meter per second 9 Autonomic flight-control with 2 km and 500 waypoints possible 9 Fully redundant design for approved operation in Austria (optional) 9 Most-sold product since 2010

    MULTIROTORO G4 EagleHundredfold proven allround UAS for every applicationMultifunctional, scalable for every application, hundredfold approved, redundant reliable

    and very easy handling.


    RTK O


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    l Dat



    Max. take-off weight 5,000 - 6,000 g

    15 -20 min

    10 m/s




    Scope of supply and services


    9 MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle UAV ready to fl y 9 MULTIROTOR fl ight-control Winner Innovati on Price 2014 9 Soft ware licence Multi control including registrati on 9 Technical range 2,000 meter min. 9 Autopilot with 250 meter fl ight radius, positi on hold, co-ming home, automati c treble control

    9 Gyro-stabilised camera mount (2 axes) with 90 pan 9 Light and unbreakable full carbon frame 9 Light and unbreakable carbon landing stage 9 Oval dome black 9 Two-way data telemetry with language assistance

    9 Jeti dc-16 portable transmitt er MULTIROTOR editi on in-cluding batt ery and charger

    9 Live view video transmitt er 9 Live view antenna upgrade (TX/RX) 9 Diversity live view receiver and 7 monitor including batt ery 9 High performance fl ight batt ery (2 units) 9 LiPo batt ery tester 9 2x Batt ery charger 9 Manual MULTIROTOR and safety briefi ng 9 Technical device documentati on incl. system-check and signature from the responsible aircraft engineer


    Technical Data

    Alti tude control 512 ti mes per second Yes

    Automati c height control 24-bit barometric Yes

    Autonomous fl ight max. 500 waypoints Opti onal

    Autostart / autolanding assistant Opti onal

    Batt ery redundancy Yes

    Canti lever beam plug system Opti onal

    Camera suspension Opti onal

    Digital opti on port (for future applicati ons) Yes

    Digital RC transmitt er pilot Jeti dc-16

    Dimensions 88 cm, H 49 cm

    Drive redundancy Yes

    Emergency landing Yes

    Device hull insurance Europe Opti onal

    Flight Control MULTIROTOR G4 Dual 32 bit Yes

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    Technical Data

    Flight Control redundancy Optional

    Flight data log 128 Hz

    Flight training and flight practice certificate Optional

    GPS flight assistant (position Hold, Coming Home) Yes

    Inspection (12 months, 25 flight lines, 350 starts) Optional

    L1 GPS Yes

    Live-View 5.8 GHz Diversity Optional

    Max. airspeed 50 - 60 km/h

    Max. Flight time (ideal) 15 - 20 min

    Max. Take-off weight (ideal) 5,000 - 6,000 g

    Pack size Stecksystem (45x32x49 cm)

    Payload (incl. camera suspension and flight battery) 1,500 - 2,500 g

    Servo connectors 6

    Wind stable till 10 m/s

    Camera Systems

    Integration of other camera systems On inquiry

    Camera-Option Canon EOS 5D MKIII On inquiry

    Camera-Option GeoMapping Canon EOS 5D MKIII incl. Geo-Plug On inquiry

    Camera-Option SONY Alpha 7RII On inquiry

    Camera-Option GeoMapping SONY Alpha 7RII incl. Geo-Plug On inquiry

    Camera-Option LUMIX GH4 On inquiry

    Camera-Option LUMIX GH4 incl. Geo-Plug On inquiry

    Camera-Option Nikon D800 On inquiry

    Camera-Option GeoMapping Nikon D800E incl. Geo-Plug On inquiry

    Camera-Option SONY FDR-AX100E incl. 12x zoom On inquiry

    Camera-Option SONY HDR-PJ810 incl. 12x zoom On inquiry

    Camera-Option Blackmagic Super 16 Pocket On inquiry

    Camera-Option GeoMapping Olympus PEN E-PL7 incl. Geo-Plug On inquiry

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    service-drone.de GmbHBERLIN

    Waldenserstrae 2-4 | 10551 Berlin, Germany | Phone: +49 (0)30 220 560 510 | Fax: +49 (0)30 220 560 [email protected] | www.service-drone.com

    HAMBURGBckerstrae 6 | 21244 Buchholz i.d.N, Germany

    Phone: +49 (0)30 220 560 510 | Fax: +49 (0)30 220 560 598


    Upgrade & Maintenance Contract MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle On inquiry

    MULTIROTOR G4 Training

    1-day individual practical training incl. flying experience certificate On inquiry

    2-days practical training surveying incl. flying experience certificate On inquiry


    Optional flight battery short circuit fuse On inquiry

    2-Axis Brushless Gimbal MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle On inquiry

    MULTIROTOR G4 Software-License Pro-Upgrade On inquiry

    MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle redundancy upgrade On inquiry

    MULTIROTOR GroundStation and GeoMap Win 3.4 Software On inquiry

    Agisoft PhotoScan Professional Edition - Stand-Alone licence On inquiry

    Removable arms MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle On inquiry

    Hardcase G4 Eagle-cantilever-beams On inquiry

    Additional transmitter for camera operator On inquiry

    Travelling Case for G4 Eagle On inquiry

    Liveview Diversity TFT Monitor Case On inquiry

    Flight batteries MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle On inquiry

    LiPo-flight battery heating case On inquiry

    Camera Systems

    Optris PI LightWeight 640 IR Camera On inquiry

    Camera option Rikola hyperspectral camera On inquiry

    System integration Tetracam ADC-Micro Multispectral Camera On inquiry