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Engage, Motivate, Learn. Incorporating Clickers and Interwrite Boards Monarch High School Kristin Donley, Science Katie Dickinson, World Languages Melissa Duplechin World Languages. Engage, Motivate, Learn. Lecture. Vodcasting. Clickers. World Languages. Presentations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LectureHighlight key words and important concepts on any documentBring up graphicsKeep a record of what was accomplished (can be posted to web site!)AnimationsStudent Control (how would you use this?)Clicker Integration

Engage, Motivate, Learn


InterwriteWorld LanguagesVodcasting/PodcastingCan be integrated with Interwrite board and clicker Questions!Cell-Y-WoodTechnologySilver Nitrate DemoIpod/italkFlip Camera or cell phones

ClickersEasy to integrate questions during lectures, labs, discussions, surveys, presentationsCan be teacher and student generatedClicker sessions: 3314 & 4114


Student Centered ProjectsInquiry Lab Sharing (mini-science fair)City Search (Spanish City Projects)WebQuests (Excell at Cells, Interactive Essay, Cancer, Da De Los Muertos, Spanish Foods)World Languages

Podcasts and vodcast tutorialsRaps and Songs (grammar points)La Familia FamosaEspaol Para tontos (review book)Video contests International Recognition/Professional Organization

Share TimePick a technology and design a lesson planOr play with technologyGet Lesson Plans on-line!

WE are here to help!Contact InformationKatie DickinsonKathleen.dickinson@bvsd.orgMelissa DuplechinMelissa.duplechin@bvsd.orgKristin DonleyKristin.donley@bvsd.org