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  • Advocates & Influencers: How to Get People to Talk About and Recommend Your Hotel Online

    WEBINAR November 29, 2016

  • Your Host


    Daniel E. Craig Founder, Reknown Twitter @dcraig www.reknown.com


  • Questions & Comments


    Tweet your comments, questions & favorite tips using @ReviewPro & #SMWebinar hashtag

    Resource Hub www.reviewpro.com/resources


  • Poll 1

    Which of the following activities has your hotel or brand engaged in? (check all that apply)

    qAsk guests to post online reviews qHost stays for travel media qHost stays for social media influencers qPay influencers to promote your hotel/brand qNone of the above

    Use the pop-up window on your screen to vote.

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  • 1. Defining Advocates and Influencers 2. Spotlight: Library Hotel Collection 3. Influencer Campaigns and Tools 4. Unlocking Advocacy with ReviewPro 5. Q&A


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  • Todays Panelists

    Daniel E. Craig Founder

    REKNOWN @dcraig

    Josiah Mackenzie Vice President, Business

    Development REVIEWPRO @ReviewPro

    Adele Gutman Vice President, Sales, Marketing &



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  • Panelist


    Josiah Mackenzie

    VP of Business Development




  • Our Vision

    8 #SMWebinar

    Enable our clients to deliver better guest experiences & to profit

    from Guest Intelligence.

  • About ReviewPro


    Guest Surveys Online Reputation


  • Clients & Partners


    More than 30,000 hotels in over 150 countries rely upon ReviewPro to improve guest satisfaction and increase revenue.

  • Defining Advocates and Influencers

  • Objectives







  • Online Advocates vs. Influencers


    ADVOCATES People who post positive content about a business or brand and encourage people

    to try it

    Passionate about the brand

    Loyal, long-term relationship


    Motivation: help friends, spread the word

    High trust

    Audience: size and influence varies

    INFLUENCERS People who post content that influences the impressions, decisions and behavior

    of a large number of people

    Not connected to the brand

    Not loyal, short term relationship

    Paid or incentivized

    Motivation: income, perks, help others, grow followings

    Moderate trust

    Audience: large, high influence


  • Advocate or Influencer?

    1. A guest writes a review of your hotel on TripAdvisor.

    2. Kim Kardashian posts a selfie on Instagram from your hotel lounge.

    3. A journalist publishes an article about the pros and cons of her stay at your hotel in a newspaper.

    4. You pay a YouTube star to produce a video at your hotel.

    5. During a keynote speech, the CEO of a multinational organization tells the audience she loves your hotel.








  • Finding & Mobilizing Advocates

    Who are they?

    Your guests (primarily)

    Where can you find them?

    PMS & CRM database Social media followings Guest surveys Online reviews

    How can you mobilize guests to become advocates?

    Ask them to write a review Ask them to share or endorse your content on social media Ask them to post content, tag your hotel or check in Use Facebook Custom Audience or Twitter Tailored Audiences

    #SMWebinar 15

  • Finding Influencers

    Who are they? Journalists Photographers Bloggers and vloggers Social media influencers Celebrities and other high profile

    people Where can you find them? Travel websites and blogs Specialty websites and blogs

    (lifestyle, fashion, luxury, etc.) Media sites Social media: Facebook, Twitter,

    Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest

    16 #SMWebinar

  • Types of Influencer Campaigns

    Outreach: make contact, send stories and content

    Invite for a hosted stay and/or meal

    Host fam trips Host mixers and meet-ups Hold contests Participate in Twitter chats Follow hashtags (e.g. #luxury,

    #hotels, #travel)

    Offer cash, incentives or rewards


  • Spotlight: Library Hotel


  • Panelist


    Adele Gutman

    VP, Sales, Marketing & Revenue

    Library Hotel Collection




  • Library Hotel Collection

    20 #SMWebinar

  • Top on TripAdvisor


  • Influencers on Instagram

  • Ask Influencers to Help Spread the Word


  • Power Influencers Magnify Impact


  • Influencers on Facebook


  • Advocates on Facebook

    26 #SMWebinar

  • Influencers on Twitter

    27 #SMWebinar

  • Bloggers


  • Tracking: Buzz&Go Dashboard

    29 #SMWebinar

  • Adeles Top Tips

    1. Engage influencers. Like, comment on, retweet and share their content. Engage them and ask questions.

    2. Personalize engagement. Show that theres a person behind your brand.

    3. Manage social media in-house. Take a team approach to keep the sharing authentic.


  • Coming Soon from Library Hotel Collection!


  • Questions & Comments


    Send us your questions or comments using the module on your screen or tweet them using @ReviewPro and #SMWebinar hashtag


  • Poll 2

    Which of the following tools does your hotel/brand actively use? (click all that apply)

    qReviewPro qGoogle Analytics qAlexa (website analytics) qKlear and/or Klout (measure social influence) qFlip.to and/or Buzz&Go (advocacy/influencer tools)

    Use the pop-up window on your screen to vote.

    33 #SMWebinar

  • Tools for Finding & Qualifying Influencers

  • Qualifying Influencers


    Dont confuse size with influence

    Quality vs. quantity

    ENGAGEMENT Site traffic, likes, shares,

    comments Ratio of followers to

    following Too much content,

    noise? Fake followings?

    35 #SMWebinar

  • Qualifying Websites & Blogs: Alexa


  • Measuring Influence: Klear and Klout

  • Top Travel Blogs: The Expeditioner


  • Influencer Tool: Buzz&Go

    39 #SMWebinar

  • Advocacy Tool: Flip.to

    40 #SMWebinar

  • Unlocking Advocacy with ReviewPro

  • Build experiences people will love

  • Promote What Your Guests Love

    Use review analysis to identify what your happy guests like most about your hotels.

    Emphasize these strengths in marketing to attract the right type of new guest that will love what you do best.

    43 #SMWebinar

  • Earn the Love During Stay

    Check in with guests during their stay using technology such as mobile-optimized satisfaction touchpoints to eliminate any potential frustrations.

    This process is key to turning dissatisfied guests into satisfied ones and increasing the number of advocates for your hotels.

    #SMWebinar 44

  • Feel the Love Collect Direct Feedback

    #SMWebinar 45

  • Share the Love On Your Website

    Sharing content created by guests is a key part of advocacy. ReviewPro allows you to publish content and widgets with guest ratings and reviews.

    46 #SMWebinar

  • 47

    Share the Love - Across the Web

    TripAdvisor Review Collection Program

    HolidayCheck Review Collection Program

    Google Review Collection Widget


  • Return the Love Reward Top Advocates

    Use guest satisfaction survey filters to identify happy and loyal guests that could become important advocates for your brand.

    Creatively engage with these guests to have them become allies in your advocacy marketing program.

    #SMWebinar 48

  • Summary: Unlocking Advocacy

    1. Create something worth talking about.

    2. Develop a positive cycle of advocacy by promoting what your guests love most about you.

    3. Increase in-stay listening to turn more guests into advocates.

    4. Use guest surveys to collect feedback to power advocacy marketing on your site and across the web.

    5. Treat your advocates like the VIPs they are by engaging and rewarding them.

    #SMWebinar 49

  • A Few Last Tips

    Give influencers parameters, but dont try to control the content they post.

    Ask influencers to disclose if they are getting paid or hosted (E.g., #spon, #promoted or #ad).

    Measure results using Google Analytics and social media analytics tools.

    50 #SMWebinar

  • Q&A

  • Q&A with our Panelists

    Daniel E. Craig Founder

    REKNOWN @dcraig

    Josiah Mackenzie Vice President, Business

    Development REVIEWPRO @ReviewPro


    Adele Gutman Vice President, Sales, Marketing &




  • ReviewPros Resource Hub