elementary classical greek I ( grk 101)

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elementary classical greek I ( grk 101). andrew scholtz , instructor. Important Dates!. 16-Sep course add/drop/delete deadline 1-Nov course withdraw (with “W” grade)/grade change option deadline. A clip. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWG1tvgL4ig. Temple of Apollo, Delphi. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of elementary classical greek I ( grk 101)

elementary classical greek I (grk 101)

elementary classical greek 1 (grk 101)andrew scholtz, instructorAgendaSpeak Greek! (cont.)The Greek AlphabetHomework, Drill-QuizElements of CourseGreek LanguageA Historical PerspectiveImportant Dates!16-Sep course add/drop/delete deadline1-Nov course withdraw (with W grade)/grade change option deadline3Speak Greek! (cont.)GreetingsSpeak Greek!, Khairete, mathtaiGreetings, O students-mathtai = students (masc., or masc. + fem.)-mathtrides = students fem., Khaire, didaskale! Greetings, O teacher!Speak Greek! (cont.) (khaire )... (mathtridi-student, fem.) (matht-student, masc.), Khaire, didaskale! . ;to onoma mou esti Andreia. Ti esti to onoma sou? My name is Andreias (Andrew). What is your name?Speak Greek! (cont.)H / ()-GorgThe Fierce One, name of Spartan queen in 300-PeriklsPericles, He of wide renown, Athenian statesman-EreikHeather-IannsJohnSpeak Greek! (cont.). ; / ;ti esti to onoma autou? / ti esti to onoma auts?What is his/her name?. / ()....to onoma autou/auts esti/estin....His/her name is....Welcome to Greek 101! Aspasdomai humas eis ta prta mathmata ta tou arkhais hellnizeinI welcome you to the first lessons in doing Greek language ancientlyAndrew Scholtz, InstructorLT 1106 (office hours F 1-3 or by appointment)[email protected] Greek AlphabetHomework, Drill-Quiz group 1 group 2I K L Mgroup 3 group 4 (-) group 5 group 6 (koppa k), (waw, w)extra letters (rarely encountered)

Animals Speak Greek 18 Elements of Course20CurriculumGreek SequenceGRK 101, 102GRK 203, 204GRK 380A >Major PropgramsMajorsClassics Greek & LatinLatinClassical CivilizationMinorsGreekLatinClassical Civilization21Resources, ProceduresOnlinehttp://bingweb.binghamton.edu/~grk101http://blackboard.binghamton.eduText: Athenaze vol. 1 (2 ed.)ObjectivesAlphabet, pronunciationBasic grammarmorphologysyntax30-Aug 2010Intro2222Resources, Procedures (cont.)Objectives (cont.)readAthenaze GreekReal Greek (quiz-quotes)civilizationAttendanceAssessment (grading)participationassignmentsquizzingtestingHonesty30-Aug 201023IntroGreek LanguageA Historical Perspective

(temet nosce)Temple of Apollo,Delphi

Temple of Athena PronaosDelphi

26The Greek World

Ancient versus Modern GreekAncient ;How are you?(Lit, How are you holding) Im well! Im not well/Im feeling poorlyModern ;How are you?(Lit, How are you holding) Im well! Im not well/Im feeling poorlyGreek and English Relationships?angelos ~ ?angelpsukh ~ ?psychology (psych)mtr ~ ? (not meter)motherpatr ~ ?fatherDerivatives versusCognatesGreek and Proto-Indo-EuropeanProto-Indo-Europeanmtr(Greek)mater(Latin)matar(Sanskrit)mother(English)Inflected, like English have etc.(I, you) have(he / she / it) hasI had, etc.English he etc.him, her, it, his, hers, its, they etc.

30Stages of GreekPre-alphabeticMycenean 1600-1100 BCEIron-ageAlphabeticArchaicca. 750-ca. 500Classicalca. 500-ca. 320Hellenistic + koineca. 320 BCE-ca. 330 CEMedieval (aka Byzantine)ca. 330 CE-1453Modern1453-present