Elderly People and ICT

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Scarabeus - no profit cultural association - Livornohttp://www.scarabeus.it

Elderly People Comunication and ICT

Needs analyses in the Italian Realityand some proposals

Scarabeus http://www.scarabeus.it

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Fonte:PEW Reserch Center

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Demographics of Social Network Users

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Italy: +  elderly people - ICT

The elderly people are increasing in Italy like in other parts of the world. But in Italy the percentage, concerning the old, increases more than  in the other countries The ICT in Italy are very  late and the percentage of people connected to the Net is inferior to the other countries

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Elderly People Problems

Difficulties in movementsDifficulties in the relationshipsDifficulties in communicationNeedswarmer and richer relationshipsmoving by car or by public transportsneed to communicate with ICTi

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  Europe  How to get old in a good way• to improve the quality of life of elderly people • to save the costs of health care • to create a solid industrial  foundation in Europe to develop

the TIC in order to get old in a good way

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Some practical proposals:

• exchanges of good practices among the European countries in order to overcome the tecnichal barriers;

• to encourage the access to the good practices through the control of a website;

• to accelerate the adoption of new tecnologies• to encourage the intelligent  applications and those that

favour the autonomy of people• To strenghten the research and the innovation  in favour of

elderly people• public and private research programme in the field  of

domotic for the weaker categories, • development of products, services and innovative systems

based on TIC

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Italy, some perspectives

ICT for: • to be active and productives longer,• to  partecipate to social life through more accessible services on

line • to enjoy a longer, healthier and better quality life

 throughcommunications at more competitive prices and on line services (only 10% of elderly people works in internet). • to facilitate people with sight, hearing or mobility problems(21% of

people over 50)

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Programme activities

to overcome the tecnichal approach in using the computerto use the web as a communication tool To encourage the use of applications which may encourage the integrationto select specific ways to come out from the isolation such as:

o e-mails,o chattingo blogo exchanges of free texts

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Personal InterestsReading booksCommunication on personal experiencesWritten autobiographical reportsDaily life and problemssports and  ludic experiences

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• E-mail• Forum• Skype• Blog• Podcast• Letters• Stories• Poems

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ExpertiseThe e-mail: sending- receiving - answering - attached fileAudio file: characteristics and usageProgrammes for the creation of audio filesSounds RecorderAudacityvideo file: How to use themSocial nets: Facebook and You TubeSecond life and virtual reality


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the mobile phonecallingsmsrecording audio filerecording photos and videosreceiving and mailing

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A training course of four monthsChoosing a target groupIntensive laboratory on• audio• formats• peripherals• mp3• exchanging files• formats conversion

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