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EHF Coaching Licensing Current Status. Helmut HÖRITSCH Business Group Education/ Development EHF CAN Coordinator. EHF Master Coaches. National Federation / EHF Master Coach Courses. 2012/13 HUN 2013 SLO 2013 DEN. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of EHF Coaching Licensing Current Status

  • EHF Coaching LicensingCurrent StatusHelmut HRITSCH Business Group Education/ DevelopmentEHF CAN Coordinator

  • EHF Master Coaches

  • National Federation /EHF Master Coach Courses 2012/13 HUN2013 SLO2013 DEN

  • 2012 EHF Open Master Coach and Licensing Course 1st module SRB2nd module AUT3rd module SRB 2014 EHF Open Master Coach and Licensing Course 1st module DEN 2nd module ? 3rd module HUN / CRO

  • IMPLEMENTATION of the EHF Coaching Licensing as of December 2012As of December 2012 the EHF has started to issue 2 kinds of EHF Coaching Licences based on the EHF Rinck Convention that have to be recognized in all EHF Rinck Convention Signatories, theEHF PRO Coaching Licence (Validitation period 2013/14 with transition period up to 2016)

    EHF Coaching Licence (Validitation period to be defined by National Federations)

  • EHF Coaching Licensing concept for EHF Rinck Convention Signatories*) Validitation period up to 2016 subject to the attendance of an EHF (or EHF recognized) further training course in international handball.**) Validitation period subject to the National Federation licensing requirements

  • ADMINISTRATION of the EHF Coaching LicensingThe system will be administered by the EHF by means of an EHF database in close cooperation with the National Federations that are EHF Rinck Convention signatories.An individual coaching career promotion/upgrade is possible either via the EHF 3 Module System, a National Master Coach course with EHF Lecturers or a general promotion of the country to the next EHF Rinck Convention level.

  • EHF PRO LicencesThe EHF will issue the EHF PRO Licences for all current and future EHF Master Coaches and hand them over personally (at EHF Courses) or send them to the NAT for a personal awarding on any occasion chosen by the NAT.

  • EHF Coaching LicenceAfter receiving information on the number of RC level 3 coaches in the country as well as receiving a list of names including date of birth and validitation period of the highest national coaching licence the EHF will send the EHF Coaching Licence forms to the NAT and kindly ask them to complete and issue them to the coaches concerned!

  • reminder sent 26 Nov.MissingFRAGERMNERUSENGISL

  • EHF Coaching Licensing Preamble 1The European Handball Federation (EHF) is the governing body of handball in Europe! Its 52 member federations represent and stand for 52 different kinds of national and international handball know-how and competence. It goes without saying that the unique national handball schools/philosophies shall preserve and by no means be replaced by a centralized, uniform and directive handball education!

  • EHF Coaching Licensing Preamble 2Handball research, know-how exchange and competence transfer in Europe shall be fostered as an EHF service for the EHF member federations by making use of national and international handball experts as well as external lecturers from sport science, medicine, other sports, economy (marketing, equipment suppliers), media (press, TV, Internet) and other team sports for the sake of handball development.

  • EHF Coaching Licensing A Tribute to the Next Generation Argument 1Coaches education is not only a sport matter; it is mainly an educational process.

    Currently, some federations still deal with coaches education mainly as a sport matter and less as an educational issue.

    Therefore many coaches do not have a proper educational background linked to international handball.

  • EHF Coaching Licensing A Tribute to the Next Generation Argument 2

    At the moment the EHF has no information on national coaches education structure or activities from 40% of its national federations the number of coaches on each level is, likewise, unclear. It means that many coaches in Europe are not linked to or cannot be directly addressed by EHF.

    Therefore an EHF governed coaching licensing system in addition to the EHF RINCK Convention could be an effective means for the development of handball, as it is the coaches that educate the next generation of players and educators later on, too.

  • EHF Coaching Licensing A Tribute to the Next GenerationStatement 1 The title of the Master Coach as defined in the EHF RINCK Convention holds good for lifetime, whereas any kind of an EHF Licence will have an expiration date, e.g.: the validitation period is two years plus two more years as a transition period.

    All existing Master Coaches will receive the highest EHF License ( EHF PRO License) automatically, whereas in the future, any coach who receives the title nationally has to attend either an EHF Licensing Course 3 modules, obligatory thesis) or the EHF has to be involved in all national Master Coach courses by nominating 2 EHF lectures.

  • EHF Coaching Licensing A Tribute to the Next Generation Statement 2

    In the future, the EHF will offer Open Master Coaches and Licensing Courses for further training and promotion. Each signatory nation on level 3 will be allowed to host their own National Master Coaches Courses in addition to the aforementioned EHF Open Master Coaches Courses.

  • EHF RINCK CONVENTION and COACHING LICENSING SYSTEMEHF Master Coach / EHF PRO LicenceNational Level 3/EHF Coaching Licence National Level 2National Level 1

  • EHF RINCK CONVENTION and COACHING LICENSING SYSTEMEHF PRO Licence / needs either 3 EHF Licensing Modulesor 1 National course with EHF Lecturer/s EHF Coaching Licence / Level 3

    Level 2 / Upgrade chance via EHF coursesLevel 1

  • Added Value for National Federations and EHF Licensed CoachesEHF Coaches DatabaseEHF Coaching Web Portal

  • Thank you very much for your kind attention ! Helmut