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Edwards Aquifer OWLS '14 Presentation

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  • 1. A Case Study of the Edwards Aquifer Nathan Pence Executive Director Endangered Species Programs Edwards Aquifer Authority
  • 2. Edwards Aquifer
  • 3. Edwards Aquifer Balcones Fault Zone Limestone and Artesian Aquifer Aquifer responds directly to pumping or recharge 4350 square miles Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio Headwaters to San Marcos and Comal Springs
  • 4. Edwards Aquifer cont. Guadalupe River baseflow Home to Endangered Species Comal Springs Dryopid Beetle Comal Springs Riffle Beetle Fountain Darter Pecks Cave Amphipod San Marcos Salamander San Marcos Gambusia Texas Blind Salamander Texas Wild Rice
  • 5. Demands on Edwards Aquifer Municipal Water Agriculture Use Industrial Use Recreational Biological Spring Flow Pumping vs. Springflow Pumping vs Springflow
  • 6. Limitations of the Edwards Aquifer 1956 Drought of Record Comal Springs ceased to flow for 6 months Increased demand San Antonio: population of 2 million Surrounding communities Increased Development / Reduced Recharge Drought magnifies all Endangered Species Act of 1973
  • 7. Legal Challenges Sierra Club v USFWS 1991 Sierra Club alleged that unrestricted withdrawals from the aquifer would cause take of Endangered Species. Courts agreed and established take and jeopardy flow rates; water supply restrictions 2012 Deadline for Continuous Minimum Springflows for the species Senate Bill 1477 - 1993 Established EAA and set withdrawal limits