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Do Now

EDUU 551 Power Point LessonThe Open Door Policy

By Justin NelsonDo NowWhat are the Characteristics of a world power?

Which countries today would you consider to be world powers and why?Open Door PolicyChina was in chaos both politically and economically at the end of the 19th centuryAt this time China was not viewed as a sovereign nationThe world powers of the time, Britain, France, Japan, Prussia, and the United States plotted how to gain the most influence in China

How would you have attempted to gain influence in China if you were the United States?Fall 1898, President McKinley stated his desire for all trading nations to have access to Chinese marketsThis was known as the Open Door PolicyThe next year, Secretary of State John Hay sent diplomatic notes to the other world powers to raise support for the policy

Open Door PolicyVideo LinkThe Open DoorHays Open Door proposal called for: Equal trading rights to all nations in all parts of ChinaThe recognition of Chinese territorial integrity

For more information on Hays Open Door Policy click HERE

What effect do you think this policy would have had on the balance of world powers in the region?

No nations formally agreed with Hays proposalHays announced that an agreement had been reached anywayOnly Russia and Japan voiced displeasure

It appeared as if the United States had advanced a reform viewpointIn reality, the US had no sphere of influence in ChinaIf other nations divided China amongst themselves the US would be unlikely to maintain any trade in ChinaHays was attempting to protect the chance for American businessmen and investors to profit in China

For More InformationVisit These Sites:US Department of State: Office of the HistorianAcademic AmericaEncyclopedia of New American NationPBS Events in the WestCA 11th Grade US History Content Standard:11.4 Students trace the rise of the United States to its role as a world power in the twentieth century. 1. List the purpose and the effects of the Open Door policy.