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  • 2018 Programs Bring your class to our outdoor

    classroom! Guided school programs are

    offered spring and fall in Candle Lake

    Provincial Park.


    Accepted year-round on a first come first served basis.

    Complete the attached booking form or phone

    (306) 953-3571. Book early, as limited dates are available.


    $1/student per program, park entry is FREE. No charge for

    teachers and chaperones.

    Program Dates:

    Monday to Friday, mid-May to June 28, mid-Aug to Sept 30.

    Additional program dates and times may be


    Park Quick Facts:

    Located 50 minutes (80 km) N of Prince Albert, off Highway 120.

    Programs are conducted at Fisher Creek, located

    on the west side of the lake. Amenities include walking trail, washrooms, fire pit and group camping set in a beautiful mature spruce forest.

    Programs are also conducted at Minowukaw Beach Campground, located on the east side of the lake. Amenities include walking trail, washrooms, fire pit and group camping.

    Minowukaw Beach is bordered by sand dunes and

    offers access to the Candle Lake fishway and Torch River.

    In the Area:

    Mini-golf and other amenities in the Resort Village of Candle Lake.

    Education Programs Candle Lake Provincial Park

  • Programs Critter Dipping

    PreK K (45 minutes to 1 hour)

    Discover underwater life in the lake by catching critters

    and taking a close-up look at the creepy, cool and

    sometimes slimy water bugs. Rubber boots required,

    spare socks recommended.

    Lake Discovery

    Gr 1-3 (1 hour)

    Explore the lake. Discover the plants and animals that

    live above and below the waters surface. Slip on your

    rubber boots and discover the amazing adaptations of

    dragonflies, leeches and loons. Rubber boots required.

    Gr 4-7 (1 hour)

    Discover the diversity of life in the lake. Complete a

    hands-on study of aquatic organisms and shoreline

    plants to better understand the interrelationships that

    exist within the lake ecosystem. Rubber boots required.

    Curriculum Connections: Critter Dipping, Lake Discovery

    Kindergarten LTK.1, NSK.1

    Grade 1 LT1.1, LT1.2, DS1.2

    Grade 2 AN2.1, AW2.1, AW2.2

    Grade 3 PL3.2

    Grade 4 HC4.1, HC4.2, HC4.3

    Grade 5 RW5.1

    Grade 6 DL6.3

    Grade 7 IE7.2

    Celebration of Plants

    Gr 3 (1 hour)

    Play plant bingo along the trail. Students learn to identify

    plant species and how humans have used these plants

    for generations.

    Curriculum Connections:

    Grade 3 PL3.1, PL3.2, ES3.1, ES3.2, DR1.3

    Curriculum Connections: Camouflage, Boreal Forest Discovery

    Grade 3 PL3.1, PL3.2, ES3.1, ES3.2, DR1.3


    PreK K (45 minutes to 1 hour)

    Whos hiding in the forest? Bugs, animals and birds blend in with their surroundings making them hard to spot. Explore the forest using all your senses and watch for the clues that animals leave behind.

    Boreal Forest Discovery

    Gr 1-6 (1 hour)

    Jump like a fox and hide like a hare. Discover the animals

    that are well adapted to life in the boreal forest. Learn about

    adaptations through games and activities.

    Curriculum Connections: Camouflage, Boreal Forest


    Kindergarten LTK.1, NSK.1

    Grade 1 LT1.1, LT1.2, DS1.2

    Grade 2 AN2.1, AW2.3

    Grade 4 HC4.1, HC4.2

    Grade 6 DL6.3

  • Discover Geocaching

    Gr 5-8 (1 hour)

    Geocaching is a fun, high-tech scavenger hunt using a

    GPS. Learn to navigate and find hidden caches filled with

    clues, questions and treasure. GPS units provided.

    Compass 101

    Gr 5-8 (1 hour)

    Learn to use a compass, take a bearing, follow a bearing

    and complete a short course. Compasses provided.

    Curriculum Connections: Discover Geocaching,

    Compass 101

    Grade 5 PE5.7

    Grade 6 PE6.10

    Grade 7 PE7.9

    Grade 8 PE8.8

    Minowukaw Marvels & Dunes Discovery

    Various grades (1.5 hours)

    Explore the unique features of Minowukaw Beach, both natural and man-made. Learn about the fragile dunes ecosystem, explore the Candle Lake fishway and listen to the legends of Candle Lake. Contact staff to discuss specific learning outcomes.

    Guided hikes focus on natural and cultural history of the park. Topics include: cultural history of Minowukaw Beach and Candle Lake; the dunes ecosystem; the importance of the fishway; plant identification; animal track and scat identification; bird identification; and the forest ecosystem.

    Self-Use Kits

    Book a self-use kit for your field trip. Kits are free to

    borrow. Contact park staff to discuss availability.

    Take a Hike

    Explore Candle Lake Provincial Park with your group. Pack

    includes trail maps, binoculars, magnifying glasses,

    activities and references guides (tracks, plants and insects).

    Activities include: Plant bingo, paint chip match, nature art,

    match the scat, tree quest. A GPS can also be included to

    assist in finding park geocaches.

    Geocaching Adventure

    Explore Minowukaw Beach or Sandy Bay Campgrounds on

    your own with the Geocaching discovery pack. Pre-

    programmed GPS unit is provided, complete with

    instructions on how to find each photo geocache.

  • Know Before You Go

    Be Prepared for the Weather:

    Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, warm and water proof

    clothing. Take note, if rubber boots are required for your


    Teachers and Chaperones:

    Are required to participate in all programs.

    Cell Coverage:

    There is good cell service at Candle Lake.


    Programs are not usually cancelled due to weather

    unless requested by the school or in extreme/unsafe



    Are allowed in the park. Please bring matches, paper,

    roasting sticks and axe. Wood is provided on-site. Please

    discuss campfire needs during your booking. In the case

    of a fire ban, campfires are prohibited.

    Running Water:

    May not be available at your program location. Plan

    ahead and bring bottled water and hand sanitizer.


    In case of medical or other emergencies, all groups must

    maintain their own transportation while visiting the park.

    In the Classroom:

    Discuss with students ways that they can reduce their

    impact reduce packaging on food items, recycle

    materials and respect the natural environment during

    your visit.

    Further Information:

    Learn more about Candle Lake Provincial Park at

    Booking Information

    Program Times:

    To be discussed during the booking. Usual start times are 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. Bus departure time is usually 2:00 p.m.

    Group Size:

    Each program can accommodate 25-30 students. For larger groups, contact the park staff to discuss program options.


    Cash, cheque or credit card payment is accepted. Payment is due on the day of the program. A receipt will be issued. We cannot invoice for services at a later date.

    Group Camping:

    Group sites are available by contacting the park, (306) 929-8400. Cost is $12 non-refundable reservation fee, plus $1/person per night. This special rate only applies to school and youth groups during May/June and September/October.

  • Candle Lake Provincial Park Education Program Booking Form

    You will receive a response within 2-3 business days. Bookings will be finalized in May, once Park Interpreters are hired. Group camping must be booked separately, by contacting the park office at (306) 929-8400

    Todays Date: __________________________________________

    School Name: __________________________________________ Phone: _____________________ Mailing address: ______________________________________________________________________________ Email address: _________________________________________ Fax: _______________________ Contact person: _________________________ Cell phone: _______________________________________ Name(s) of other teachers who will be attending trip (if different than above): _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Grade(s): _____________ # of students: ____________ # of chaperones: ________ Is your group camping overnight? Y N Preferred Program Date: 1

    st Choice: ___________ 2

    nd Choice: ___________ 3

    rd Choice: _____________

    Planned Arrival Time: ______________ Planned Departure Time: _________________

    Select desired program(s):

    Critter Dipping (PreK-K) Camouflage Hike (PreK-K) Lake Discovery (Gr1-3) Lake Field Study (Gr4-7) Boreal Forest Discovery (Gr1-6) Celebration of Plants (Gr 3) Discover Geocaching (Gr 5-8) Compass 101 (Gr 5-8) Self-Use Kit (please list) Minowukaw Marvels & Dunes Discovery _____________________

    Please list any other curriculum-based themes or inquiry-based learning questions that would help interpretive staff tailor the program to your group.

    Are there any special considerations that your interpreter should be aware of? (ie) mobility issues, special needs, allergies, etc. Y N In most cases, programs can be adapted to better suit your group. Please discuss any special needs with a Park Interpreter ahead of time. Return complet