Eating Out Versus Cooking In

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Eating Out Versus Cooking In. Laura Astbury, MS, RD Arizona Nutrition Network January 30, 2009. Introduction. Menus Cost and nutrient comparison Resources. Menus. Two types of menus Healthy foods prepared at home Fast foods. Prepared at Home 1 small banana 1 cup oatmeal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Eating Out Versus Cooking In

  • Eating Out Versus Cooking InLaura Astbury, MS, RDArizona Nutrition NetworkJanuary 30, 2009

  • IntroductionMenus

    Cost and nutrient comparison


  • MenusTwo types of menus

    Healthy foods prepared at home

    Fast foods

  • BreakfastPrepared at Home1 small banana1 cup oatmeal cup orange juiceFast FoodSausage, egg and cheese biscuit sandwichSmall order of hashbrownsSmall coffee, 1 cream and 1 sugar

  • SnacksPrepared at HomeSnack # 17 wheat crackers2 ounces low fat cheese

    Snack # 26 ounces fat free fruit yogurt ounce peanuts, no salt added

    Fast FoodSnack # 1Potato chips

    Snack # 2Candy bar

  • LunchPrepared at HomeSandwich2 slices whole wheat bread2 ounces deli turkey tomato, sliced cup lettuce1 Tablespoon light mayonnaise cup baby carrots1 small apple1 cup low fat milkFast FoodCheeseburgerMedium friesMedium soda

  • DinnerPrepared at Home cup peas cup cauliflower4 ounces baked chicken breast1 Tablespoon olive oil cup brown rice1 pat margarineFast FoodFish sandwich (no tartar sauce)Medium friesMedium soda

  • DessertPrepared at HomeFruit Smoothie1 cup low fat milk1 cup strawberriesIce Fast Food1 cup vanilla ice cream

  • Cost ComparisonAverage of food prices from three grocery storesAverage of food prices from three fast food restaurantsCost comparison done in April 2008

  • Cost Comparison

  • Cost Comparison cont.Total cost of food for one dayPrepared at home: $5.14Fast food: $13.23

    Savings of food prepared at home: $8.09One year savings of: $2,952.85

  • Nutrient Comparison

  • Nutrient Comparison cont.Preparing meals at home saved:1881 calories 130.3 g fat2832 mg sodium

    Is this significant?

  • Comparison with 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

  • Food Choices Make a DifferenceDiets higher in calories, sodium and fat lead to increased risk for:High blood pressureCardiovascular diseaseCertain cancersDiabetes

  • Making Healthy Choices When Eating OutMyPyramid tips:Order water, unsweetened tea or other beverage with no added sugarAsk for salad dressing served on the sideOrder grilled instead of fried foodsChoose small or medium portions

  • Making Healthy Choices When Eating Out cont.Healthy Dining restaurant nutrition program

  • Eating at Home Made EasyPlan meals in advanceMake a shopping list to followSave time by cooking enough for two mealsPrepare meals on the weekend and freeze for use during the week

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