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Information about the Adam Lipman and Hugh John Noble album 'Drinkin' and Jawin'.

Transcript of Drinkin' and Jawin' Onesheet

  • The Story

    In Half Moon Bay CA, in the autumn of 2011, indie-folk heart-throb Adam Lipman heard his girlfriends grandma fondly recall a time when her and some friends were sitting around drinkin and jawin and was struck that this could only be interpreted as a message from god, demanding he make a country album. For an upcoming tour of the west coast, Adam was going to be joined by his old limey pal Hugh John Noble, and called upon him to join forces in fulfilling the duty that the merciless creator had foisted upon him. Hugh, having no experience writing or playing country music, instantly agreed and set about diligently researching the field by buying a load of Famous Country Music Makers CDs from Deptford flea-market and asking his dad what country songs are about (You know; dogs and trains and being sorry and stuff). Thus armed, the two were ready to begin. The ensuing tour (a litany of misery, sickness, festering sexual tension, bad wine and inept musicianship, played out to an audience of none) gave the boys a chance to make their first forays into country songwriting. In a frat house in Corvallis, in a crusty activist centre in Olympia, and in a desolate feminist bookstore in Portland, the creative juices began to flow and, as Hank Williams puked in his grave, the songs for the album began to take shape. Over the following weeks, with Hugh huddled with his guitar by his dads wood burning stove in Wymeswold and Adam strumming away back at Grammas house, and with much passive-aggressive bickering on the internet, the songs were ready to be laid to tape. Recognising that the country zeitgeist abandoned Nashville many years ago, the pair, after much searching, tracked it down to Darren Haymans living room in Walthamstow, East London. Here, over a meticulous and gruelling series of auditions, they whittled down the citys legion of elite country musicians until they had isolated the select few who possessed the chops, the outlaw attitude and, crucially, the willingness to work for nothing more than eternal glory and a few cans of Polish lager. Thus, over three June days of triumph and despair, oven pizza and bourbon, first-takes and seventeenth-takes, fluffed notes and transcendent shredding, festering sexual tension and passive-aggressive bickering, Drinkin and Jawin was born.

    The Players

    Adam Lipman (vocals, acoustic guitar)Bay area indie-folk kingpin, with records out on thelegendary Shrimper label. Hugh John Noble (vocals, acoustic guitars)Lo-fi try-hard with a string of heroically ignored DIYreleases and tours under his belt.

    Darren Hayman (piano, wurlitzer, b-bender andtenor guitars, recording)Leader of Peel favourites Hefner and acclaimedsolo artist. David Tattersall (electric guitar)Childhood friend of Hughs from Wymeswold, and singer/guitarist for hit London rock combo The Wave Pictures (Moshi Moshi Records)

    Franic Rozycki (bass)Another old Wymeswoldian friend and Wave Picturesstalwart Jonny Huddersfield Helm (drums)Third (controversially non-Wymeswoldian) Wave Picture.

    Jack Hayter (pedal steel guitar)Another Hefner alumnus and solo recording artist.

    Dave Watkins (banjo).Member of various bands including East Londons #1 bluegrass act, Hayman, Watkins, Trout and Lee.

    Dan Mayfield (violin)Main man of Londons indie-folk darlings Enderbys Room and another former HWTL player.


    DRINKIN AND JAWINA sort of country album

    featuring The Wave Pictures and Darren Hayman.

    Contact Hugh John Noble - hughjnoble@hotmail.com - 0771 5552229 (UK)