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  • Transform the way your restaurant does business

    EntErprisE tablEt kiosk systEmsEvolutions in line busting, on-table and in-hand deployments

    Restaurants are looking for ways to drive profitability and improve their guest experience. Long lines, server wait times and less than stellar service can negatively impact your business. Finding ways to adapt, operate and support customers can pose an ongoing challenge.

    Lilitab enterprise tablet kiosk systems are leading the evolution towards self-service tablet ordering and the sharing of tablets in restaurant environments. Tablets are transforming the way restaurants engage with customers and manage their businesses. From busting lines and decreasing table turnover to boosting ticket size and building your brand, tablets are driving greater efficiencies and defining a competitive advantage.

    the line-busting power of lilitab kiosks

    Lilitab kiosk solutions provide flexibility and convenience by reducing lines and enabling guests to order and pay at the entry or counter. Tablets can be mounted securely to the wall, counter or be free standing. Compact and low-cost tablet kiosks can transform long lines into efficient, self-service hubs that remove wait times and greatly improve throughput at busy times like the lunch rush. By reducing the number of cashiers needed they can free your staff to manage and deliver excellent customer service.

    Self-service puts the power of the internet in the hands of your customer, delivering rich information on how their meal is prepared, dietary elements, available options or sides, enabling them to customize their orders to taste.

    Ticket size is often higher, attributable to the comfort level of ordering at their own discretion. Whether indicating their entre and choice of sides or making a dessert selection, putting these controls in the hands of customers has been shown to lift sales 10-20% higher.

    Empower guests with on-table ordering

    Lilitab tablet kiosks may also be delivered tableside to customers or mounted at each table for faster ordering, reduced table turnover and improved customer relations. Guests are free to review menu items, preparation methods, ingredients, and more. Because they are not reliant on busy servers, self-service not only time shifts orders in this environment, but often translates to greater ticket sizes as guests put more thought into their order. Order errors are thereby reduced creating an efficiency between the customer and back of house. Tablet ordering also provides a new channel to extend special offers or entertainment while freeing staff to focus on great service. In this manner, lilitab enables you to increase revenues without increasing the size of your restaurant.

    Our tablet systems stand up to heavy all-day use, and provide a number of valuable ways to interact with customers.

  • about lilitab

    What do you stand for? Lilitab stands for innovation and possibility. For defining the edge that serves as your competitive advantage, and for redefining a more dynamic customer experience. Our technology delivers a powerful combination of timing and opportunity that has proven effective in making brick-and-mortar businesses more competitive with low-cost online retailers.

    At a time and place where your customers expect more, lilitab kiosks make new forms of customer engagement possible. We free your business to enrich their in-store experience, forge stronger customer relationships, and save time and money while deploying the most original, fun and effective uses for tablets in the marketplace.

    Enriched customer experience with engaging, durable self-service tablet kiosks

    Share and display interactive content with current technologies including audio/video, animations, infographics, documentary shorts, and more

    Endless aisle, in-store ordering and fulfill-to-home shopping

    Increase revenue and reduce costs in the same-store footprint without adding staff

    Reduce lines and process more sales realizing faster ROI

    We invite you to see how our interactive technology enables self-service experiences that reduce lines and increase revenues in stores, restaurants, hospitals and many other environments worldwide. Affordable and easily deployable, lilitab kiosk systems translate to an achievable competitive advantage.

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    Equip staff with tablets in-hand

    The advantages of deploying lilitab in restaurants can be realized in the dining room and back of house. Servers can deliver tablet menus to guests, especially in the event of more complex custom orders. With tablet ordering, guests enjoy a greater degree of comfort, control and customization. Whether choosing side items, a decadent dessert, or a complementary wine pairing, customers can easily tailor to taste. Menus with photographs and detailed descriptions help guests feel well informed with a higher comfort level. Putting these controls and information in the hands of customers has been shown to lift sales 10-20% higher, especially with more specialized, high-value items such as wine or sushi. Servers are then able to focus on providing the rich service experience customers expect.

    Additionally, placing mobile tablets in the hands of restaurant managers gets them out of the back office and frees them to provide greater direction on the floor and in the kitchen. With mobile reporting, managers can readily respond to any need anywhere in the restaurant.

    mobile management and reporting

    Lilitabs SmartDOCK provides enterprise-grade intelligence and security with audit trails via our web dashboard on how your tablet kiosks are performing, wherever they are in the world. Restaurant operators and managers receive live reports and statistics for a finger-on-the-pulse read of your business. Lilitab enables insight into use, performance and functionality per restaurant kiosk, location or geography. Track inventory, number of transactions, volume of sales per tablet kiosk and quantity of unique users. Know how individual locations are performing, or confirm that your staff is following correct procedures. Grant or revoke staff access as needed. Lilitab simply frees you to run your restaurant business better.

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