Dont Scare Me

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How Internet marketing changes once we rehumanize the web.

Transcript of Dont Scare Me

  • 1. Dont Scare Me!!!chris brogan social media and how it alignspresident with business strategy New Marketing Labs twitter hashtag: #iabcseattle

2. who is this strange man and why should you listen? [email protected] 3. social media 4. communication the real difference 5. communication the real difference 6. Cafe-Shaped Conversations 7. social media stuff blogs | podcasts | video wikis | social networks | etc. 8. inside | outside inside: collaboration outside: communication 9. communication really, social media is about new tools and strategies 10. communication ads nding context 11. communication ads nding context 12. communication really, social media is about re-humanizing business 13. communication make our own meaning 14. communication our own business voice 15. communication connects brands to people 16. communication your phone isnt a strategy. its a tool. 17. why all the fuss? two-way, interactive, diy, crowdsourced, 1-1, async 18. why all the fuss? two-way, interactive, diy, crowdsourced, 1-1, async 19. why all the fuss? two-way, interactive, diy, crowdsourced, 1-1, async 20. dell blog | community site | content blog | presence 21. gm gmnext | podcasts | blogs 22. whole foods blogs | podcasts | presence 23. comcast presence 24. ibm blogs | podcasts | networks virtual worlds | presence 25. about brandinghow the web changes thevoice of your product/svc 26. about branding how the web changes the voice of your product/svc 27. my brand story my take on the future of brands, plus personal branding 28. put our toe in the strategy behind the tools 29. a sample strategy goal: warm up prospective buyers strategy: home base / outposts / passports step: build a home base step: build outposts step: build passports and presence step: LISTEN step: make a distribution chain of helpful 30. getting the boss on board goal: get this through the budget strategy: bridges and needles step: align everything with traditional comms step: nd simple needles. NOT common step: chunk, chunk, chunk (3 mos) concept: the beauty of pirate ships 31. strategies lead gen | awareness customer service | diy 32. Listen rst stepslistening | commentingpassports 33. second steps community | conversation | participation | DIY 34. third steps build armies 35. third steps build armies 36. advice take small bites. nd new roi. follow the lab rats. 37. sample projects sales or lead gen blog. 38. sample projects sales or lead gen blog. 39. the most words on any of my slides. awareness / attention / reputation / trust be there before the sale be helpful be one of us connect, connect, connect share as much and as often as you can dont be afraid to sell ; be afraid to sell impersonally build cafe-shaped conversations give your ideas handles build armies 40. questions? this is where I can be really helpful. 41. chris [email protected]