LOS MANDATOS. Call me! ¡Llámame! Dont call me! ¡No me llames!

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Transcript of LOS MANDATOS. Call me! ¡Llámame! Dont call me! ¡No me llames!

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LOS MANDATOS Slide 2 Call me! Llmame! Slide 3 Dont call me! No me llames! Slide 4 Eat the cheese! Cmelo! Slide 5 Dont eat the cheese! No lo comas! Slide 6 Use the markers! salos! Slide 7 Dont use the markers! No los uses! Slide 8 Help us! Aydanos! Slide 9 Dont help us! No nos ayudes! Slide 10 Look at her! Mrala! Slide 11 Dont look at her! No la mires! Slide 12 Play the guitar! Tcala! Slide 13 Dont play the guitar! No la toques! Slide 14 Make the beds! Hazlas! Slide 15 Dont make the beds! No las hagas! Slide 16 Study the vocabulary! Estdialo! Slide 17 Dont study the vocabulary! No lo estudies! Slide 18 Cut the grass! Crtalo! Slide 19 Dont cut the grass! No lo cortes! Slide 20 Look up the word! Bscala! Slide 21 Dont look up the word! No la busques! Slide 22 Play soccer! Jugalo! Slide 23 Dont play soccer! No lo juegues! Slide 24 Hug me! Abrzame! Slide 25 Dont hug me! No me abraces! Slide 26 Say the word! Dila! Slide 27 Dont say the word! No la digas! Slide 28 Buy the books! Cmpralos! Slide 29 Dont buy the books! No los compres! Slide 30 Read the magazines! Lelas! Slide 31 Dont read the magazines! No las leas!