Dirt Bike Riding

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Dirt Bike Riding. By. Alex G unde. Dirt Bike R iding. By. Alex Gunde. There was a sad boy named B ob. He loved watching his dad ride his dirt bike. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dirt Bike Riding By. Alex Gunde

Dirt Bike Riding By. Alex Gunde

There was a sad boy named Bob. He loved watching his dad ride his dirt bike.

Sometimes, Bobs dad lets him take his dirt bike around the house. So his dad got him a dirt bike for his birthday. This gift will be a dream come true for Bob.

Bob unwrapped all his presents. All of his presents were dirt bike gear. Then, his dad made him close his eyes. When Bob opened his eyes, there was a gift with a lot of wrapping.

Bob unwrapped the huge gift, and he was so happy to see a dirt bike! Bob was as happy as a horse running in a field.

Bob and his dad went dirt bike riding. Bob was doing well until he climbed a hill. He roared and roared and made it up the hill. Next, Bob and his went down a hill and saw a deer.

There was a big buck just standing. Then Bob chased the buck on his dirt bike and almost hit it.

The buck jumped over a huge rock. Bob turned around on his bike and went back to his dad.

Down the road, Bob and his dad saw a hunter. The hunter was looking for a rabbits.

The hunters dog was chasing the rabbit. The dog ran in front of their dirt bikes. The dog almost got hit by the bikes.

Bob and his dad drove off. They went back to the truck and put the bikes back. On the way home, his dads bike almost tipped over. They pulled over and fixed the problem. Bob and his dad went home. They were both tired, so they relaxed on the sofa. Alex Gunde is a sophomore at the Lawrence County Career & Technical Center. He is enrolled in the masonry program, and his home school is Laurel Area School District.