Develop a business plan to boost your sales and profits

Develop a Business Plan to Boost Your Sales & Profits 1 We’ll start soon


How to develop a business plan for your small business

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  • 1. Develop aBusiness Plan to Boost YourSales & ProfitsWell start soon 1

2. Develop a Business Vision What is your vision for your business?If you could see into the futurewhat will your business looklike?2 3. Write it down What will your businessbecome in 3,5,10 years? Are you going to operatelocally, nationally,internationally?Developing a clearbusiness vision makes Are you going to operate your developing a business plan more business from home? relevant What is your exit strategy?3 4. Presentation Your business name andlogo Contact details Date A clear contents page Ensure it looksprofessional4 5. Executive SummaryNo longer than 2 pages. Most important part of your business plan Interesting and engagingInclude only relevant information: A description of your business and industry Why you believe your business is viable Your growth strategyAfter reading the executive summary the5 very busy reader must want to read more 6. Executive Summary Summarized sales andmarketing strategy Expected gross margin and netprofit How much money you require Key management andemployees Your business vision6 7. 7 8. Legal Stuff Business ownership Trademarks Patents Licenses8 9. Marketing Plan Include Primary & secondary research Industry, economic information and market trends Target market Projected sales & assumptions made9 10. Marketing Plan Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities - Threats Who are your competitors? What are their strengths andweaknesses? What makes you unique,different, special, better?10 Why should people buy from you? 11. Marketing Plan Detailed promotional plan How are you going to generate sales? Marketing budget Include a map if relevant11 12. Human Resources How many people do youintend employing? Include an org chart Write brief job descriptions Include short resumes Have a training planIt takes good people to Board of directors build a good business12 Board of advisors 13. Financials What prices will you charge? Gross margins Record keeping Financial assumptions Income & expense projections 3 yrs Monthly & annual break-even13 Cash flow 3 yrs 14. Financials Look at different scenarios How much money do you need? Whats your exit strategy? Historical financial statements14 15. Operations Location Premises Key processes and techniques Outsourcing strategy Key suppliers Business operations model15 16. Technology Plan Hardware Software Cloud What special technology do you have access to? Internet strategy16 17. Include Evidence of relationships Letters of intent from customers Industry quotes Layout plans Relevant newspaper and magazine articles, photographs17 18. Business Plan for Bankers or Investors About 10 20 pages Use font about 11 and 1.5 spacing Make it look professional Only include relevant stuff Your own business plan can be as long as you like18 19. Join Our 19