Designing Control System for Front End Electronics of EMCal Detectors

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Designing Control System for Front End Electronics of EMCal Detectors for ALICE at CERN by Subhashis Hazarika

Transcript of Designing Control System for Front End Electronics of EMCal Detectors

  • 1. Design of Control System for ALICE EMCal readoutelectronics--- Subhashis Hazarika

2. Project Aim:1. To program an intermediate server in between ALICE EMCal readout and trigger hardware and SCADA control software used by the DCS (Detector Control System).2. Developing high-level control software in the SCADA environment (PVSS). 3. Overview: 4. Intermediate Server: It has been programmed in C language based on the standard DIM library. Various DIM functionalities like DIS_ADD_SERVICE, DIS_UPDATE_SERVICE etc. have been used. The server program continuously readout the current registry values and also keeps checking if there is any new commands in queue to be executed. For most of the TRU controllers registry values are read twice in a row as a double proof measure. If the values are different in each read, updates are not published by the server. Command of the form ONOFF 0x11 will set the 0th and 4th bits of the RCUs onoff register. 5. PVSS DIM LibraryC code for serverRcu-sh scriptsThere is double readout formost of the TRU controllersHardware 6. compare()Readback structcmnd structContains ContainstheDIM servicethe Does value of the structure element match ? registry DIM commandregistryNO: cmnd executed values tovalues readYES: cmnd not executedbe set. from theSend viahardware command readfrom h/w write to h/wHardware 7. High-High-level software in PVSS: The aim is to create core objects in SCADA, link those to DIM commands and services provided by the low-level intermediate server And to build intuitive user interface above those objects. The JCOP (Joint Controls Project) Framework has been used to hook up the PVSS with the intermediate DIM server to transport commands and services from it.The PVSS system acts as the DIM client by subscribing to the services and commands published by the intermediate low-level server 8. PVSS Data-Points where created to store the actual dataand used to develop various front-end features.The data-points are created maintaining a hierarchicalrelation among the different hardware elements. Super-Module RCUsTRUsFEEs 9. PVSS panel development: PVSS panel development involves building friendly graphical user interfaces to display the status of the different hardware of the Super Module and also to monitor them with ease. Two panels have been made, one to display information of the RCU and the other one for TRU 10. RCU panel: 11. TRU panel: 12. Thank You