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SETTLE IN DENMARK Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Vizag, Ireland, UK, USA
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Opulentus Overseas Careers is a best Denmark immigration consultant having expertise in providing quality solutions in visa processing. We are World's Super Visa Specialist and are assisting people in fulfilling their dreams of going and settling in Denmark for more than a decade. Our services are designed and categorized on the basis of immigration needs of an individual. Ranging from starting a new life in a country to just visiting abroad for a short duration; our service categories cater to all broad aspects of moving Denmark.

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  • 1. SETTLE IN DENMARKBangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Vizag, Ireland, UK, USA

2. OI>UL~NTUSOVERSEAS CAREERS About Denmark ,/ Lowest crime in the world ,/ Happiest country ,/ Denmark ranks second in Europe to do Business ,/ No red tape and bureaucracy ,/ Denmark is one of the top locations in the world for ICT activities and investments and is praised as the best test market in the world ,/ Spouse can also work along with the main applicant, edu- IMMIGRATE TO DENMARK UNDER DANISH GREEN CARD AND LIVE YOUR DREAMcation and health are free for themWith so many benefits one can easily think of immigrating toDenmark in briefsuch a developed business oriented country throughDenmark is based in Northern Europe and is the smallest ofOPULENTUS OVERSEAS CARRERS the No.1 Immigrationthe Scandinavian countries. The Kingdom of Denmark also Consultant in India.has 2 autonomous provinces - the Faroe Islands and Green-land. The latter is over 500 times larger than Denmark but has100 times less people. Denmark is well known for its strongwelfare state, mixed market capitalist economy and has one ofthe most egalitarian societies in the world. In 2010 it was votedyet again the happiest country in the world.For more informationLogin to our website Here youwill be able to get a better insight of Denmark and the DanesFacts about DenmarkPopulation 5.564.219 (2011) Area43.098 square kilometers Population Density 126,4 pro square kilometer Geographic region Scandinavia Gross domestic productDKK 1.658 billion (2009) GDP pro inhabitant300.241 DKK (2009) Capital 1.702.388 (2011)Other major cities Arhus 311.235, Odense 190.448, Aalborg 199.437 (2011) Form of state 5.564 Monarchy.219 (2011)Government Coalition of The Social Democrats, The Social Liberals & The Socialist Peoples Party Head of state Queen Margrethe II (since 14 January 1972) Head of governmentHelle Thorning-Schmidt (since 3 October 2011)Ethnic distribution4.996.980 Danes. Immigrants and their descendants constitute 567.932 (2011)Life expectancyWomen 81, 2 years, men 77,1 (2011) LanguageDanish Religion90% ProtestantCurrency Danish Kroner, DKK. 1 Krone= 100 0re (5, 3 DKK= 1 USD, 2011)Member of UN, OECD, EU, Nato, Schengen, OSCE, IMF, WTO and othersBangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Vizag, Ireland, UK, USA 3. OI>UL~NTUSOVERSEAS CAREERSWork In DenmarkEmployment Benefits in DenmarkEvery move abroad is associated with surprises- both good Danish workers are among the most highly organized in theand bad. The key factor behind the successful stay in the world - 75% belong to a union. As the employers are highlycountry is to learn as much as possible about settling in your organized, the labor market enters into agreements withoutnew country not least when it comes to working state involvement. It also disciplines itself through a speciallyDenmark provides an attractive working environment free and developed labour law system. This ensures robust agree-development-focused working conditions in a relaxed and ments which moreover cover several years and few workingparticipatory environment. Danish company culture is charac- days are lost due to conflicts.terized by a non-hierarchical structure and open dialogue Denmark is therefore the ideal place to do so, as the popula-between management and employees. Denmarks most tion also has purchasing power. The great mobility of labour isimportant competition parameter is knowledge and this is also demonstrated by the average length of service inreflected in both the working facilities and the orientation Denmark which is just 4.8 years - the lowest in OECD. Thosetowards personal and professional development. losing their jobs do not suffer either as the state suddenlyDanish companies also offer good working conditions, appears - now with unemployment benefit, which is not asmodern conveniences and technical equipments of high stan- much as wages, but enough to live on.dards. Development of qualifications is a high priority andmost workplaces offer continuing education to their employ-ees. The unemployed have a goodchance of finding anotherjob quickly.Denmark invests heavily in further educationand retraining. The good retraining opportunities -probably the best in the world - also mean that industrieswhich are short of labour or new industries do not have towait a long time for the necessary workers. Unions are aware of Denmarks position as an exportnation. Their wage demands on behalf of the membersare reasonable, so as not to jeopardise the exceptionalcompetitiveness of Danish goods. Employment rate for women is exceptionally high,perhaps the highest in the world: 73.7% in 2007 asagainst 79.8% for men. In other words, as a rule bothhusband and wife have full-time jobs in Denmark. Thisenriches the labour market with a lot of talent and initia-tive, which would otherwise have remained in the kitchenand nursery. The massive female employment hasbecome possible through the equality of the sexes andAbout the Green Card Scheme the public childcare system which allows both parents toGreen Card Scheme grants a residence permit for the work for the entire week of 37 hours without worryingpurpose of seeking work and subsequently working in about who will look after their children.Denmark. A residence and work permit under the Green CardScheme is issued on the basis of an individual evaluationusing a point system designed to assess the likelihood thatForeigners who find work in Denmark say that with this system it is possible to "be a complete person" and "makethe applicant will be able to find qualified work in Denmark. ones family life cohere". Denmark is regarded as a goodAs per the requirement in Denmark a positive list has been employer. Concepts such as flextime are common.introduced for very qualified foreigner, with special qualifica-tion a foreign who can meet the points system is eligible toapply under Green Card Scheme. Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Vizag, Ireland, UK, USA 4. OI>UL~NTUS OVERSEAS CAREERS Benefits of the Green Card Scheme Our Branches If you obtain a residence permit under the Denmark Green Card Scheme; ,/ Your spouse, common law partner, in addition to your children under the age of 18 who are Bangalore215-A, KHB Colony living at home with you are also entitled for residence permits5th Block, Koramangala Layout ,/ Your spouse or common law partner is allowed to work full-time for the whole period in his Near Ganesh Temple, Behind VLCC Bangalore, Karnataka - 560095 or her permit is valid+91 - 80-40997779, 40927879 ,/ Within 4 years of stay in Denmark you can apply for Permanent Residence permit and then [email protected] for a citizenship in Denmark if you stay for 9 years in Denmark Chennai ,/ Education and health system is good8.H 8th floor Gee Gee Emerald 312 Valluvarkottam High Road ,/ Initially 3 years of visa is given which can be extended for 4 years in green card scheme Nungambakkam ,/ You can visit to 25 Schengen countries with the Green Card Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600034+91 - 44-30589171 Highly qualified workers in fields such as IT, healthcare and engineering have the [email protected] to seek work in Denmark either by means of a Green Card or a special scheme where foreign Hyderabad workers can obtain a Job Card. Suite: 301 Babu Khan Mall Eligibility for Green Card SomajigudaHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500 082~ Age should be less than 40 years +91 -40 [email protected]::pllti!!!,]M Masters degree Himayathnagar( Computers, Engineering, Technology, Pharmacy preferred)# 301, Swetha Apts Opp : Minerva,hii!Ei!lWBasic information on Danish and completion of studies HimayatnagarHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500 029& work in English +91 -40 [email protected] More than 3 years of work experience for occupations listed in [email protected] list 1-3 yearsMumbaiSuite 401,402, D- Wing~ 7 Lakhs for applicants more than 25 years of age and 6 Crystal PlazaLakhs for applicants less than 25 years of ageOpp - Infinity MallAndheri WestMumbai, Maharashtra - 400053 Embassy Visa Fee: Opulentus Fee:+91 - 9819087586 ApplicanUDependants: Rs. 8230/-(each) Processing fees: Rs. 55000/[email protected] Verification charges: Rs. 7170/-(Applicant) Process time: 4 weeks afterNew Delhi Verification charges Dependants: Rs. 2068/- (each)receiving of the documents Suite: 806, 8th floor Service charges: Rs.11 00/- (each applicant and dependants) International Trade Tower Additional fee for Danish Immigration Service: DKK 6100 Nehru Place, Delhi - 110019 +91 -11-49565355 (Applicant) DKK 1975 (Dependants) [email protected] Process Time: 8-10 months (discretion of the embassy) PuneAll the above fees are subjected to change at any point of time by the Denmark Immigration.1st Floor - 143 & 144Connaught Place Bund Garden Road Positive List OccupationsPune, Maharashtra - 411 001 ,/ Academic Work,/Sales and Marketing+91 -20 -41020400 ,/ Engineers/Education and tuition [email protected] /Doctors ,/ IT and telecommunications Vizag ,/ Health care 47-10-11/10First Floor-2 Rednam manor Dwaraka Nagar Second LaneGeneral Contact National Processing Center International Network Vizag, Andhra Pradesh - 530016Call: 1800-103-1555 # 567, Road No.19USA :001 - 7326239712Near AircelEmail: [email protected]+91-891-6455556, 6462355Email : [email protected] .comJubilee HillsUK:[email protected] .opulentuz .comSMS : VISA to 56263 HyderabadEmail: [email protected] 9 :30 am to 6:30 pm Andhra Pradesh - 500033Ireland :00353-831026569+91 - 40-40665555Email: [email protected] .comOpening [email protected] .comAhmedabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Vizag, Ireland, UK, USA