CV- Binoy Soman, PMP, PMI-RMP, CMQ.OE

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Transcript of CV- Binoy Soman, PMP, PMI-RMP, CMQ.OE

  1. 1. Qualified and Experienced MECHANICAL ENGINEER with 8 years of Middle East experience in Projects/Welding/Quality Bachelor ofTechnology in Mechanical Engineering (with 74% in 2007) Certified Project Management Professional (PMI_PMP- ID No: 1765929) ASQs Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE Cert: 52666) Certified PMI-Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMPID No:1786068) American Welding Society - CWI (certificate number 10014631 in 2010) ISO 9001:2008 QMS Lead Auditor (IRCA course identifier:A7118/Certificate:1670) ASNT Level II in RT, PT, UT & MPT (License Number: 6011405) CAREER OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging, innovative and inspiring career as a PROJECT ENGINEER/ LEAD QUALITY ENGINEER with a reputed organization in Oil & Gas/ Power/ Energy Sector, that provides opportunity to sharpen my skills and shape my values and thus contributing to the achievement of organizational objectives. KEY AREAS OF EXPERTISE Project Management Scope Management Quality Management Procurement Management Power Plants Methodology Risk Management Schedule Management Human Resource Management Stakeholder Management ASME/API Codes, ISO 9001 Team Development Cost Management Communication Management Resource Planning Plan Quality Management Welding Engineering Procedure Qualification Perform Quality Assurance Welding Metallurgy Welder Qualification Control Quality, QMS Welding Technology Non Destructive Examination Quality Audits, Quality Tools Heat Treatment Techniques Welding Inspections Scheduling & Cost Control BINOY SOMAN, PMP, PMI-RMP, CMQ/OE LinkedIn Mob: 0091-9744175651 Land Line: 0091-479-2436834 Email: [email protected]
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SYNOPSIS Execute activities within own area of responsibility, ensuring compliance with the QA/QC requirements which includes Assist and support the QC Manager and/or project teams on all welding matters. Design review of relevant welding standards, joint location with relation to the design requirements, access for welding, materials, weld ability of the parent material, any supplementary requirements in the material purchasing specifications including the type of material certificates, identification, storage and handling of material, traceability. Prepare and issue preliminary Welding Documents for assigned project or bids. Review clients specifications and scopes of work; examine pipe metallurgy and prepare detailed Welding procedures to achieve maximum productivity in accordance with required quality levels. Coordinate and schedule personnel and systems for the qualification of welding procedures and welders, welding inspections, heat treatments & NDE activities Review and approve subcontractors welding submissions tender documents and technical qualifications. Role in assignment and instruction of welders, use or function of equipment and accessories, welding consumables and auxiliaries, application of tack welding, welding process parameters, intermediate testing, method of pre heating and post weld heat treatment. Role in Weld Acceptance, Assessment of Inspection and test results, weld repairs, re- assessment of repaired welds & corrective action. Ensure that welding traceability informations are recorded, maintained and available in the required format for all Welding activities to demonstrate achievement of client requirements. Maintain contact with welding equipment suppliers and consumable vendors to promote advances in welding technology. Role in testing which includes Destructive & Non-Destructive Testing, visual examination, completeness of welding, weld dimensions, shape and tolerance of the welded components, joint appearance. Consumables control by inspection of its Compatibility, delivery conditions, any supplementary requirements in consumable purchasing including the type of consumable certificate, identification, storage and handling of consumables. Role in Production Planning including suitability determination and preparation of WPS, PQR, WPQ and approvals, work instructions, welding jigs and fixtures, suitability and validity of welder approvals, welding and assembly sequence for the structure, production weld test requirements, welding inspection requirements. Role in maintaining calibration records for inspection equipments, baking and drying ovens Expertise in various welding processes- SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW
  3. 3. KEY CAREER HIGHLIGHTS/ACHIEVEMENTS As a Welding Engineer in Daelim Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd, Jeddah, KSA for Shoaiba II Combined Cycle Power Plant Project: Client- Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Leaded the QC Team for preparing and attaining ASME S Stamp for 10 HRSG Boilers Successfully prepared the PQR & WPS for the whole Project- Shoaiba II CCPP Successfully conducted the Welder Qualification Tests (WQT) for the whole project Successfully controlled all sub-contractor welders (Around 900 active welders) Successfully monitored and controlled all heat treatment activities in site Prepared the Weld map & NDE mapping for the 10 HRSG units in compliance with ASME B31.1/ASME Section I and SEC contract requirements Successfully monitored and controlled critical welding of alloys like SA 355 Gr.P91 Successfully monitored and controlled all welding Inspectors in Daelim and all other subcontractors (SUNGDO, SUNGCHANG, SAMYOUNG, NCC, PSCL,SARCO) As a QA/QC Engineer-Welding in Saudi Archirodon Co. Ltd, Jeddah, KSA for Shoaiba Steam Power Plant Project (Stage III) : Client- Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Successfully monitored and controlled all NDE activities in site Successfully monitored and controlled all heat treatment activities in site Successfully prepared many PQR & WPS Successfully conducted many Welder Qualification Tests (WQT) Successfully monitored various vendors Successfully prepared Turn over documents As a Welding Engineer in Nasser. S. Al-Hajri Corporation, Doha, Qatar for Qatar Gas 3&4 LNG onshore Project (QCS-SRU Train 6& 7) : Client- Qatar Gas (QG) Successfully prepared ITP & Method statements for welding activities Successfully assisted QCM in preparing the PQR & WPS for the whole Project Successfully assisted QCM for many Welder Qualification Tests (WQT) Successfully assisted QC Engineer in preparing Quality Control Plan (QCP) Successfully reviewed and cleared all Test Packages Successfully monitored and controlled all NDE activities in site Successfully monitored and controlled all heat treatment activities in site Successfully controlled all welding activities in site
  4. 4. EXECUTED PROJECTS & FUNCTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES SHOAIBA II COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT (1240MW) Client: Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Company: Daelim Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd, Jeddah, KSA Period of duty:Nov 2012- Jan 2015 Designation: Welding Engineer Welding & Quality Assurance Conduct Welding procedure qualification test, recording all the actual values and preparing the Procedure Qualification Record (PQR). Coordinating the Mechanical Test(Tensile test & Bend Test) of test specimen with the third party testing company (Al-Hoty, Jeddah) Preparation of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) from qualified PQR in compliance with ASME Sec. IX and clients specification. Conducting Welder Qualification (WQT) with qualified welding procedure specification as per ASME Section IX and relevant clients specification. Selection of proper welding consumables after considering the base material characteristics, grades and ASME Section II Part C Selection of proper heating temperature, holding time for heat treatment operations as per ASME B31.1 Table 132 ( For BEP/NBEP) & ASME Section I /PW-39 (For BP) Determining the NDE requirement for Boiler External Piping and Non Boiler External piping (ASME B31.1 Table 136.4) & Boiler Proper (ASME Section I) Prepared Quality procedures & got approval from Client ( SEC )/ OE(Poyry) To name a few: Procedure Qualification Test Procedure Welding visual inspection procedure Welder Qualification Test Procedure Welding consumable control procedure Site welder control procedure Alloy Welding Procedure (P91,P22,P11) Repair procedure Heat Treatment Procedure Reviewed NDE procedures submitted by third party (APN ), received approval from Client ( SEC )/ OE(Poyry) Radiography Test procedure Ultrasound Test Procedure Magnetic Particle Test Procedure Penetrant Test Procedure Positive Material Identification (PMI) Hardness Test Procedure Attending Weekly meeting with Client ( SEC )/ OE(Poyry) Preparing Weekly Welding & NDE status for Client ( SEC )/ OE(Poyry) Conducting Internal Quality Audits & tri-monthly Audit for all Subcontractors
  5. 5. Welding & Quality Control Conducting weld visual inspection of various diameters of pipes as per ASME B31.1& Section I, structural welding as per structural welding code AWS D1.1 and in compliance with project Weld Visual Inspection Procedure Inspecting the joint fit-up prior to root pass, monitoring and controlling the subcontractor welding inspectors in performing fit-up inspections and welding inspections Performing Consumable receiving inspection, Verification of batch numbers and review of certificates Periodic inspection in Consumable store of all sub-contractors. Verification of weld defects with Nondestructive examination Reviewing NDE Reports- RT,PT,MPT,UT Reviewing Radiographic films Checking whether all repairs are performed correctly & nondestructive tests are appropriately repeated as per project requirement. Closely monitoring site activities fully coordinate with discipline engineers on a daily basis, Issuing NCRs in case of non-compliance and reporting to Project Manager in case of shortage of skilled laborers and/or site supervision staff. Monitored and controlled all welding activities in site, all welding inspectors in site. Co-ordinated the