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You know that maintaining your website plus the addition of customized features gets more visitors to land on your site, but what can you do to now turn those visitors into buyers?

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CUSTOMIZE AND CAPTIVATESTEP 2 to Maximizing Your Website

There are more ways than you may have imagined to attract and connect with your website visitors.

Customize and Captivate

This series will dive into the many options you have to take your website from simple existence to a site that offers impressive technology to connect with, and drive customers to buy.

Customize and Captivate

1. START YOUR OWN LOOK AT THE TOP.Customize your website from the very top of the page, using easy assets that capture the eye.

Engaging Your Viewers from the TopRunning a special or have involvement in a charity event? Place this information in a banner image to capture each visitors attention.

Engaging Your Viewers from the TopUtilize DADS (Fords Dealer Asset Delivery System) for images, including those for OEM campaigns like the Built Ford Tough Sales Event. To access DADS, click here.

DealerConnection Elite Dealers sites are updated regularly with current DADS assets, plus get added to the latest campaigns because of Elites white glove service.Consumers are shopping online at growing rates, so be prepared.2. OFFER A MOBILE SITE.

Drawing the Mobile AudienceForty percent of customers are visiting your website from mobile devices.

Learn how you can get a customizable and optimized mobile site here.Shoppers often want to see before they believe, and your site can provide confidence.3. Include visuals on your site.

Featuring Your Products with VisualsShow actual photos of your new and used vehicles, so your customer knows what their vehicle would look like.

Featuring Your Products with VisualsCreate walk-around videos of your entire inventory.

DealerConnection Premier Advanced Inventory Service (DCPAIS) can help with video creation of your inventory. Learn more here.An organized message will resonate with visitors.4. Build your own custom pages.

Creating Custom PagesAvoid cramming all of what your dealership offers on your homepage. Instead, build custom pages for each area of your business to present organized, concise messaging.

Valuable information not only attracts customers, but also attracts the attention of web crawlers, which is an excellent way to add customer value while building strong SEO.Consistency is KeyIt is crucial to cerate a consistent user experience from in-store to online. A stores community activities, pricing, inventory and values should be accurately represented everywhere customers are, including your website, in social media and in each consumer interaction.Generating leads on your site will grow your business.5. Create action on your site.

Building Call-to-Action ItemsIncorporate call-to-action items like Schedule Service or Value Your Trade to drive customers to submit information for lead generation.

See an example of these custom features here.

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