Cursive Handwriting MANUAL - Letter-join .MANUAL Cursive Handwriting Everything you need to teach

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Transcript of Cursive Handwriting MANUAL - Letter-join .MANUAL Cursive Handwriting Everything you need to teach


    Cursive Handwriting

    Everything you need to teach handwriting at primary level using Letter-join. Now includes Lesson Planners.


    Green and Tempest Ltd 2018

    Joined-up handwriting made easy

  • New on-line Word Processor 36Create instant cursive spelling lists and other worksheets

    Handwriting Policy Template 39Personalise your handwriting policy from our MS Word template*Sitting, Posture and Pencil Grip 40Ensuring a comfortable handwriting position and warm-up exercisesLetter-join for pupils to use at home 42How your children can use Letter-join at home

    Key Stage 1Material to teach other character sets and to reinforce and practise handwriting


    Key Stage 2Exercises and practical methods to help reach National Curriculum expectations


    Letter-join Extra Resources Worksheets, handouts and interactive resources:Dictation Exercises 32 Word Animator 35

    Worksheet Generator 34 Magic Words 38


    Whether youre starting a Letter-join free trial or youre already a regular Letter-join user, this updated guide will take you through all you need to know about teaching handwriting.

    Weve included all the information and ideas youll need to use Letter-join, whether using a flexible approach to teach cursive handwriting, or whether you choose our new Lesson Planners for a more structured method.

    At Letter-join we regularly add new resources to make cursive handwriting more fun and easy to teach. For example, our new online Word Processor find-out more details on page 36.

    Welcome to Letter-join

    You can download and print further copies of this manual at

    LETTER-JOIN HANDWRITING MANUAL 4th EDITION 2018 * School subscribers only

    14EYFSResources to introduce cursive handwriting to early years pupils

    13Lesson Planners*Modules for schools wishing to follow a structured handwriting programme


    6Setting-up Letter-joinInstalling fonts* 10

    Set-up fonts for MS Word 11

    Changing the class font 12

    School subscription set-up 6

    Teachers Information Panel 8

    The five Letter-join fonts 9


  • The Letter-join cursive handwriting style includes alternative letterforms that are used on all cursive

    resources including animations, the Worksheet Generator, Magic Words, Word Animator, online Word Processor and all cursive worksheets. Designed to look and feel like natural handwriting, it is easy to learn to write.

    Handwriting Lesson PlannersLetter-join now includes Lesson Planners for teachers wishing to follow a structured handwriting teaching plan. See page 13 for details how to use.

    Handwriting policy documentLetter-join includes a curriculum-based handwriting policy. It is supplied in MS Word format to school subscribers and can be easily edited to quickly produce a personalised handwriting policy for your school. See page 39 for details.

    Simple internet compatibilityLetter-join is compatible with most internet browsers on desktop computers and on iPads, Windows and Android tablets and LearnPads. See page 43 for LearnPad log-in and recommended browsers.

    Letter-join on school tabletsLetter-join in the classroom

    Introducing Letter-join

    Animation with spoken instructions

    Touch-screen activities for IWBs, iPads and tablets

    Practice worksheets accompany all sections



    Worksheet generator






    At a glance the Letter-join menu

    Letter-join fonts for MS Word Letter-join includes free access for pupils to practise at home on their PCs and tablets. Password details are sent to schools at time of purchase.

    Letter-join is an online handwriting resource which can be used to teach handwriting on classroom interactive whiteboards. It includes animations, touch-screen activities, cursive fonts, lesson planners and access to hundreds of practice worksheets.

    Letter-join access on iPads and tablets is included with school subscriptions. Letter-joins fun touch-screen activities are designed to encourage pupils to practise handwriting and is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows tablets.

    Alternative letterforms

    Free home access for your children

    School staff can create homework sheets, newsletters, posters and labels using Letter-join fonts in MS Word. See pages 9, 10 and 11 for details.

    Air No-lead

    Print Air Plus


    Letter-join Plus


  • School details Please check all details are current and update if necessary.

    Log in to Letter-join with your Administrator details (sent to you by email) to access your schools Administrator Page, shown below. The page acts as a gateway to core Letter-join preferences for your school and classroom accounts.

    School Classroom Accounts and free trial users can access Teachers Information Panel and classroom preferences via the information button present on every page, see page 8.

    Letter-join School Administrator Page

    School subscription set-upLeft hand menuContent here can only be accessed by logging in as School Administrator.

    The Administrator can choose preferred letterforms, download the fonts, the Handwriting Policy and other useful information as shown below.

    Handwriting Policy School subscribers to Letter-join can download an editable Microsoft Word document of the Letter-join Handwriting Policy. See page 39 for more information.

    Back to Letter-joinClick here to go to the Letter-join School Edition opening page where you can access all of Letter-joins resources.

    This is where to choose your preferred letterforms for cursive f, k, w, x, and z. Your choices will be used across all of your classroom and home accounts, and other Letter-join resources.

    Account Information

    The five fonts you download will use the alternative letterforms, chosen by your school.

    See page 10 for more information.

    Download Letter-join fonts

    How to distribute passwords for your

    pupils to use Letter-join at home

    See page 42

    (School subscriptions only)




    School Administrator log-in details

    For lost School Administrator details please contact us from a school email address:

    Classroom Account log in details

    Staff requiring classroom log-in details should contact their schools Letter-join Administrator.

    Help for lost Letter-join usernames and passwords

    Tablet Edition Log-in details for use at school and at home.

    Classroom Accounts Default passwords and class names are inserted ready for use.

    We recommend schools personalise class names so that children can identify their class when logging in.

    You can also choose to change the passwords.

    Home-School AccountPC log-in details for children to use at school and at home. See page 42 for more details.

    Choose alternative letterforms

    Left hand menuPlease see page 7, opposite.


  • When logged in to a classroom account, click the Info button at the bottom left hand corner of any Letter-join page to access the Teachers Information Panel.

    Here you can: Access instruction guides, fact sheets and downloads. Choose which Letter-join fonts to use on a classroom basis (Classroom Options tab).

    Teachers Information PanelInstruction guides and classroom options

    The five Letter-join fonts

    the big dog

    the big dog

    the big dog

    the big dog

    the big dog

    Letter-join Air Plus

    Letter-join Air Plus is used when wanting to teach continuous cursive letters that are not joined.

    Letter-join Air No-lead

    Letter-join Air No-lead does not include a lead-in line and the letters are not joined.

    Letter-join Print

    Letter-join Print matches the letter style used in Letter-join to teach printed letters.

    Letter-join No-lead

    Letter-join No-lead does not include the lead-in line at the start of each letter but has a lead-out line that joins to the following letter.

    Letter-join Plus

    Letter-join Plus is the font most widely used by Letter-join school subscribers. It is a continuous cursive font with lead-in and lead-out lines.

    The five Letter-join fonts included in school subscriptions can be downloaded from a schools Letter-join Administration page to use in MS Word. See page 10 for how to install.

    All users can also choose which of the five fonts to use for on-line activities; Magic Words, Worksheet Generator and Word Animator via the Information panel.

    Fonts will use the alternative letterforms that have been chosen for the letters f, k, w, x and z.


    How to distribute

    passwords for your pupils to use Letter-join

    at home

    See page 42

    Classroom Options


    Instruction Guides

    l Handwriting Lesson Planners

    l Cursive Handwriting Manual for teachers

    l Handwriting Policy

    l Fonts description guide

    l Fonts in Microsoft Word

    l Online Word Processor

    l Setting up tablets (school)

    l Word Animator guide

    l Worksheet Generator guide

    l Instructions for pupils to use Letter-join at home

    l Handwriting Manual