Cursive Handwriting Introduction

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Introduction to cursive handwriting

Transcript of Cursive Handwriting Introduction

  • 1. By Paula Fehlinger Introduction to Cursive Handwriting for Grade 2
  • 2. Handwriting Curriculum Write numbers and letters left to right Print legibly Appropriate space CHANGE: cursive letters
  • 3. Helpful Information Teach letters in isolation One letter a day Lower case then capitals Zaner Bloser Loops and other Groups
  • 4. Lower Case Order Clock Climbers a d g q c o
  • 5. Lower Case Order Kite Strings i u w t j p r s o
  • 6. Lower Case Order Loop Group l e h k b f
  • 7. Lower Case Order Hills and Valleys n m v y x z
  • 8. Upper Case Order Slim 7s P R B H K W N M C Curves A C E O
  • 9. Upper Case Order Tall Kite Strings G S
  • 10. Upper Case Order Deep Valleys U V Y
  • 11. Upper Case Order Top Starters D L F T X Z Bottom Starters I J Q
  • 12. Materials Cursive wall strips Individual desk plates Master copies of letters Reference sheets
  • 13. Useful Websites word_handwriting_worksheet_maker.html handwriting.htm abet_worksheets.html 756555
  • 14. Resources Used in/63/3-5HandwritingGuide.pdf Kinesthetic-Writing-System-P321435C307785.aspx sheets.html word_handwriting_worksheet_maker.html
  • 15. Images Used