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Featuring a fantastic review of The Alternative and Burlesque Fair we spoke about last month. Then there is a fantastic article on the science behind tattoos plus all the greatest music, fashion and film reviews!

Transcript of Culture Bomb Magazine, January Issue

  • Latex and Christmas at the aLternative and BurLesque Fair

    Cultimate looks at New Years evil

    All the best

    film and music reviews

    the sCienCe in


  • Georgi BombEditor

    Gregor CrawfordTattoos Writer

    Robert J BayleyFilm Writer

    Michael LongDesigner

    Michelle ButterworthFashion Writer

    Culture Bomb 03

  • Happy New Year to you all! I hope you havent over indulged this year and if you have, so what? Come and let us know your New Years Resolutions @Culturebombnews on Twitter. This issue is quite an exciting one, with a follow up feature to The Alternative and Burlesque Fair with a lovely review. Then things take a darker twist with Cultimates New Years Evil piece.

    One of my personal favourites is the tattoo feature with Gregor Crawford this month, looking into the science behind the art.

    Hope you enjoy the magazine anyway and have a wonderful New Year!

    Georgi B

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    Music10 Devil Townsend, Fear Factory, Tesseract Live Review12 Music Reviews

    Film16 Cultimate Edition New Years Evil18 Film Reviews

    Fashion22 Christmas and Latex

    Tattoo30 Tattoo Science

    Street Fashion

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  • 10 Culture Bomb


    Devin Townsend, Fear Factory, TesseracT

    A rather packed venue before the opening band even begun led people to believe this was going to be a rather memorable evening. TesseracTs unrivaled groove and stunning grace shone through while vocalist, Ashe OHaras perfect voice rung out without competing.

    Fear Factory up next, and they waste no time in getting things moving. It seems most of the crowd are here to see FF tonight, with Dino back on bass; these guys are pros on all counts of musicianship. There are all the classics here, Edgecrusher, Replica, Linchpin and others from Obsolete, Demanufacture and Digimortal. There were some impressive tracks from their new album, The Industrialist, including Recharger, which showcases that classic FF sound of classic, pummeling metal mixed with industrial beats and sounds.

    live review

    14/12/2012, ABC Glasgow

    One, rather unfortunate, turn of events was when front man, Burton C. Bell, tried to sing the melodies from the back catalogue, clearly the years have not been kind as it went beyond awkward hearing him sing completely off key and could barely muster enough power to get the sound out. The backing track behind him was clear as a bell and the two combined sounded like sewage being mixed up with dirty bath water. Truly a shame though, as Bell knows how to approach the crowd and give a stellar performance, while Dino Cazares and Matt DeVries switch sides throughout, showing off their old school approach in performance.

    Only Devin Townsend would be able to entertain the crowd before he even gets on stage. A backdrop of videos plays during the changeover. Featuring our good friend, Ziltoid along with classic YouTube viral videos like the Badger and Mushroom, feat Ziltoid of course and a personal favourite, Techno Viking. The videos continue throughout the show, playing out official videos such as during the addictive Juular. Another catchy number, Lucky Animals is accompanied by audience participation, Devin instructs jazz hands throughout the number and about 97% of the crowd complies.

    No one can compete with Devin Townsends banter and crowd interaction, and the people love it. His music has groove, comedy and everything is completely light hearted, which always makes for a refreshing change in the serious world of metal. The set compromises of covers too, Vampira, War, Truth and the whole set is brought to a sad close with Liberation, an electrifying rock tune from his new material on Epicloud. Devin bids a farewell and never fails to impress his audience.

    by Georgi B

    Only Devin Townsend would be able to entertain the crowd before he even gets on stage.

    It seems most of the crowd are here to see FF tonight, with Dino back on bass; these guys are pros on all counts of musicianship

    Culture Bomb 11

  • A real classic acoustic EP here, with the majority of its profits going towards the Make A Wish Foundation. The opening track has a real stadium feel with a cheesy piano and layers up slowly. Filled with emotional lyrics, powerful chords and something quite delicate is hidden away somewhere in there. What cant be avoided is the cheesiness and starts to feel like something Scorpions would have produced, particularly on Edge of a Broken Heart. There is a nice Spanish quality here with harmonies and a few solos but remains dated.

    Blackened death metallers from Canada certainly set a high bar with their debut. Intense grind noise and black metal cries flitter amongst the tranquil and contrasting breakdowns. Structured without structure, this album is sure to take a few listens to really absorb it in its entirety.

    Eerie and persistent and in nature. The blast beats hit extreme speeds while the guitars acceleration is admirable. Its not all chaos though. Slaves To A Flame Undying sure has a decent hook and Dregs of sanity may raise the BPM but that underlying catch still remains. One thing that refuses to change is the albums energy, may this remain for the foreseeable future.

    auroch,From Forgotten Worlds, Hellthrasher Productions

    A rather scary intro leads into some Children of Bodom style power. The vocals kick in with pure aggression and theres a decent edge to the album. The riffs sound sweet as sugar and the drums physically demand attention, the vocals have a great range too. Its impossible to categorize this with the mix up of power, thrash, black and death metal in places, it refuses to give up.

    The Amon Amarth sounding track, Nightfall is a definite highlight and Silent Through The Screaming Crowd creates atmosphere, building gradually and unsuspecting. It gives a different side with clean vocals and more rock like.Nothing remains tranquil for long, does appear to get lighter as the album progresses.

    Lahmia, Into The Abyss, Bakerteam Records

    Music reviews

    When BTD decided to release a live album, they wouldnt do it the normal way. No airbrushing or ironing out mistakes, this is recorded from start to finish and has been left untouched. Blasting through the two opening tracks from their Xes and Strokes album as soon as they walk on stage. Their live performance seems to be captured perfectly. Manic, intense and above all, insane.

    This is a chance to hear some new offerings too, Vinni Butterfly sounds brutal as hell, a total down tuned and unrelenting noise bucket. Krepsekamp is much the same but with more of a hardcore edge rather than death metal. Whatever emerges from their second album, this is prove it is bound to be all things immense.

    Beaten to death,Live at Rockefeller, Mas Kina Recordings

    Overture is quite sweet sounding and feels like a film score. Nothing compared to the monster that is waiting to be unleashed. Ferocious riffs and classic metal vocals. Drums blasting out the speed and blasts and the guitars giving it a chunky edge whilst maintains some harmony.

    Hatebreed hardcore edge but throws in the melody. Definitely an innovative sound amongst a sea of similar sounds. Chariots of the Gods definitely seem to offer something that little bit different. Taking the generic metal sound and throwing in delicious guitar solos with a conflicting vocal.Upbeat without being cheesy.

    Chariots of the Gods,Tides of War, Self released, Released 29.01.2013

    True and honest are two words used to describe the themes in ALDs new offering. There aim is to hit you at the part where your deepest emotions hide, trying to urge you to break free from your daily monotony. Lyrically, this definitely comes across with hooks like, We are the lost in Lost, and then theres Game Over and Feel. Team this with a musical accompaniment of gothic, industrial sounds. Nothing too challenging but oh so very catchy, then you have The Great Escape.

    Its an enjoyable album, for those times when you want to sit back and listen to something that doesnt make your ears bleed. No hidden messages or cries to Satan, just tantalizing electronic metal, perfect for dancing like an idiot to.

    a Life divided,The Great Escape, AFM Records, released 18.01.2013

    12 Culture Bomb Culture Bomb 13

    Music reviews

    rob mancini,United We Stand, GMG Records

  • Center Of The Great Unknown

    Melodic Metal meets enchanting female vocals.

    For fans of old Nightwish, Kamelot & Epica

    a high-class, rich and varied album that will appeal to music lovers from Power Metal to Classic Rock!

    Mixed and mastered by Markus Teske

    (Vanden Plas, Saga)

    as CD, ltd. digipak and ltd. vinyl

    Out on October 26th

    The Latin Metal pioneers return with their outstanding new album!

    Strong, characteristic songs

    in best ILL NIO tradition!

    first edition comes as digipak!

    Out on October 26th






  • Film

    Cultimate edition New Years Evil

    16 Culture Bomb

    This obscure slasher/thriller is at the deep, dark corners of the cult film dungeon where only the hardiest Cultist dares tread. To those who have seen this, my respect.New Ye