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  • 1. CSR Frameworks & Systems Measuring CSR MBA 292C-1 Professor McElhaney 2.07.07
  • 2. Class Agenda
    • Lloyd Kurtz next week (?)
    • Key Learnings on CSR Reporting
    • Current Events
    • Project Learnings from your GSI
    • CSR Challenge & Solution
    • CSR Frameworks
    • CSR Metrics
  • 3. Current Events
    • The Oprah Winfrey Show is looking for families that are changing their lifestyles to reduce their global warming impact. That can mean saving energy in various ways, recycling, using public transportation, or xeriscape landscaping. They're looking for families to share their stories and creative ideas on television.
  • 4. Cool Job
    • Energy & Climate Change Position
    • Job Responsibilities
    • 2/6/07
    • Position Summary:
    • This position will drive Yahoo!s overall environmental strategy for our global facility operations with a specific focus on decreasing impacts on climate change. Will specialize in decreasing energy use and climate impacts of the offices and datacenters worldwide. Responsibilities will include analysis of energy choices and technologies, green power selection, carbon offsets, and utilization of clean technologies.
    • Reports To:
    • This position will report into corporate development but will work closely with the Yahoo! for Good team (Yahoo!s social responsibility department).
    • Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Oversee the climate change strategy to ensure Yahoo! is making the best choices given our environmental and business objectives
    • Evaluate options for decreasing climate impacts, make recommendations, and implement programs
    • Manage Yahoo!s carbon offset portfolio, interfacing with vendors, consultants, and offset project developers
    • Work closely with the facilities, real estate, and operations staff in our datacenters and offices
    • Update our greenhouse gas inventory on a quarterly basis
    • Set energy efficiency goals that position Yahoo! as a leader and oversee tactics to reach those goals
    • Gain recognition for leadership practices
    • Evaluate and respond to suggestions made by employees on how to improve office and datacenter environmental performance
    • Represent Yahoo! at industry-wide consortiums focused on energy and climate change
    • Skills, Characteristics, and Experience Preferred:
    • Requires BS in Engineering, science, or other technical field. Masters degree a plus
    • 7-10 years experience in energy efficiency and clean technology as it relates to facilities
    • Technical experience in power generation, renewable power, and energy sources
    • Experience with private corporate investment in voluntary offsets. Extensive knowledge of carbon offsets and other mechanisms for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    • Thorough understanding of programs such as Energy Star, LEED certification, and other standards for leadership
    • Experience managing datacenters a plus
    • Strategic thinker as well as detail oriented, organized, and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
    • Self-motivated. Makes decisions independently and involves higher management when appropriate
    • Thrives in a fast-paced and unstructured environment
    • Innovative, entrepreneurial, and thinks creatively
    • Resourceful, excellent written and verbal communication, and strong interpersonal skills
  • 5. The CSR Dilemma
    • The Student Club
    • The Company
    • The Conference
      • http://berc.berkeley.edu/index.html
    • T he Bill (Fall 2004)
      • The ASUC calls upon the Chancellor, the University, and the Deans of Schools and Colleges who receive funding from Dow Chemical, urging the University to reject all donations from Dow or its directly associated foundations in excess of that which the corporation spends to clean up the Bhopal site on an annual basis, until such time as the site has been cleaned to United States Superfund standards.
      • http:// www.asuc.org/documentation/view.php?type = bills&id =366
    • The Solution
      • What would you do if you were the student leadership team?
      • Come back with your solutions
  • 6. CSR Frameworks
  • 7. Changing the Game Risk Mitigation Value Creation Mitigate long term business risks Improved Business Performance Employee Relations Competitive Advantage & Market Positioning Build Stakeholder Trust Reputation Insurance Investor Relations The Landscape of the Business Case for CSR
  • 8. Changing the Game
  • 9.
    • Shifting From Defensive to Offensive CSR
    Offensive CSR can distinguish a companys reputation but cannot protect it; defensive CSR can protect a reputation but cannot distinguish it. Both are necessary to succeed in todays business climate. 1 - Mark Kramer & John Kania, Changing the Game BP: Beyond Petroleum Citigroup: Commits $100m to microfinance Gap: PRODUCT (RED) Interface: Mission Zero Stonyfield Farm: Bid With Your Lid Timberland: Partnership with City Year
  • 10. Stages of CSR
    • Defensive
      • Company faced with pain, criticism, reacts defensively
    • Compliance
      • Cost of doing business, do just as much as need to
    • Managerial
      • Moves CSR to core business managers & functions
    • Strategic
      • Realigns strategy to use CSR as competitive advantage
    • Civil
      • Need to involve all in sector, collective action
  • 11. Stages of CSR Sweet Spot Civil Strategic Managerial Compliance Defensive Current Trend Historical Focus Risk Mitigation Value Creation
  • 12. Implementing CSR
    • Make business case (relevance)
    • Engage stakeholders (internal & external)
    • Map potential vulnerabilities/ risks
    • Develop CSR strategy
    • Align with organizational culture/ change
    • Monitor, measure, report
    • Communicate to ALL stakeholder groups
  • 13. Designing a CSR Structure: Big Picture
    • Build Senior Vision & Support
    • Examine Current CSR Systems & Activities
    • Design a CSR Structure
    • Implement CSR Management Systems
  • 14. Designing a CSR Structure: Nine Steps
    • Understand Drivers (internal & external)
    • Identify Key CSR Issues
    • Identify & Evaluate Stakeholders
    • Identify Current Functions Supporting CSR
    • Analyze Current CSR Systems, Culture
    • Design CSR Structure
    • Develop Effective Staffing Plan
    • Create Cross-Functional System
    • Match Budget to Best Framework
  • 15. A CSR Continuum Philanthropic Transactional Integrative Growth stage: Adapted from The Collaboration Challenge, James E. Austin EXAMPLES ACTIONS: Strategic value Managerial complexity Interaction level Scope of activities Magnitude of resources Importance to mission Level of engagement Big Small Broad Narrow Intensive Simple Complex Infrequent Major Modest
    • Joint-advocacy
    • Joint-action
    • Deep partnerships
    • Financing principles
    • Event sponsorship
    • Cause-related marketing
    • Employee volunteerism
    • Donation
    • Grants
    Strategic Peripheral High Low
  • 16. CSR Landscape: Plot Goal Take responsibility for our full impact (social, environmental, economic). Take responsibility for adjacent industries. Take responsibility for global conditions (climate change, global inter-dependence, etc.). COMPANY COMPANY COMMUNITY INDUSTRY WORLD WORLD INDUSTRY COMMUNITY Provide access to tools/ product. Disaster relief. Run a good business. Support local communities (corporate philan., direct programs, employee matching & voluntring.) Reduce waste, consumption and emissions. Give something