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  • 1. Our identity : a century-oldfrench bookstore group since1907, located in the Rhne-Alpes region.>>Decitre : 8 bookstores>>Decitrepro : delivering booksto all professionals>> : the first Frenchbookstore online>>Decitre Foundation : developactivities to promote reading

2. Decitre FoundationDecitre Foundation wasfounded in 2011 to developactivities to promotereading all over the world. 3. Decitre FoundationDecitre Foundation support different organizations :, Restos du coeur, French RedCross, Mrieux Foundation, Sport dans la ville , Lire et faire lire , KarunaShechen, Libraries without borders. 4. ContextCrowdfunding, as its namesuggests, is a funding methodwhere common people,henceforth the crowd, fundpersonal or organizations projectwith their own money. 5. What we do ?"Crowdfunding for books"= connections betweenlibraries projectsassociations and donorspassionate aboutreading.With crowdfunding forbooks, DecitreFoundation providesaccess to books for allkinds of people such as :prisoners, children,homeless people, etc. 6. How it works