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This presentation was for a very cool group of artists and arts organizations who came together for a workshop co-facilitated by ArtSpark and Aspiration Tech at Working Classroom in Albuquerque, NM, on July 27th.

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  • 1. Crowdfunding for Artists, Artisans and Arts Organizations July 27, 2013

2. http- // http-// http-// 3. http-// 4. http-// 5. 6. Crowdfunding 2013 Infographic! Crowdfunding for Non Profits Infographic! 7. Crowdfunding as PART of an Artists Overall Fundraising for Sustainability Crowdfunding is meant to be just a kickstart Crowdfunding for short-term projects work best $$ for operating expenses (your long-term funding) as an artist doesnt work BIG crowdfunding successes come to celebrities or projects with good timing Crowdfunding works best if your online presence is large and engaged (some say min of 500 online community members, >100 true blue fans) Crowdfunding as one part of your overall fundraising strategy dont forget cultivating patrons/donors, grants, etc. Keep an eye out for new wave of equity crowdfunding may be very important landscape for artist entrepreneurs 8. Favorite Crowdfunding Resources WEB SEARCHES and BLOGS Other peoples BLOGS CASE STUDIES,, Forbes, Huffington Post, The Economist Fractured Atlas for independent artists (fiscal sponsorship, blog, other resources) posts incl. Resource ThuRsdays nding_101:_The_Basics 9. 10.