[Critica] Facebook colectivism

Online Colectivism German Teran Understandig of Digital Society 2009950120 Based on “Digital Maoism” by Jaron Lanier

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Online Colectivism

German TeranUnderstandig of Digital Society


Based on “Digital Maoism” by Jaron Lanier

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“Hive Mind”

• “…remove the scent of people, so as to come as close as possible to simulating the appearance of content emerging out of the Web as if it were speaking to us as a supernatural oracle.”

• Algorithm information• No human author

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Internet’s value is the PEOPLE


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• Use SNS to create Online activism groups will connect people.

• The author writes about my space (2006).

• But nowadays Facebook is bigger and has

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Facebook Colectivism

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Support The Monk’s protest in Burma

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Support The Monk’s protest in Burma

• In the first 10 days, 19-year-old Alex Bookbinder's Facebook group, "Support the Monks' protest in Burma," has amassed more than 160,000 members.

• The social networking page has become a newswire on happenings in the governing junta's violent crackdown, a mouthpiece for nearly 200 discussion topics and a planning space for demonstrations from Vancouver to Hong Kong.

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Help Fouad

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Help Fouad

• A Moroccan computer engineer, Fouad Mourtada, has been sentenced to three years in jail for setting up a Facebook profile in the name of a member of the royal family.

• A member of the facebook group, writing a message on the wall, suggested organizing a protest in Paris in solidarity with Fouad. In 5 hours five cities around the world were ready for demostration.

• Fouad was released by a royal pardon, on the evening of March 18, 2008. After 2 months of creating the group.

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Free Kareem

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Free Kareem

• Kareem Amer is an Egyptian blogger who challenged the regimen of president Hosni Murabak and critized islamic extremism and violence.

• On november 2006 he was arrested and on February 2007 he was senteced to three years in prison.

• They created the facebook account to organize strikes in Germany, USA, France, etc.

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Pros & cons

• Pros:– Lots of people use facebook– Low price

• Cons:– Disorganized content– Low detication level

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• Online activism can be a way to avoid “Hive minds” but low dedication level is a problem.

• SNS can connect people to fight for an objective.

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Thank you


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