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Por: Samara Moreno PalaciosCdigo: 1045521096Curso: 900004_9

Tutora: Mara Fernanda Nieto

Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia



Phrasal verbs or phrasal Verbs are " phrasal verbs " or " Idioms " which are formed by two or three words. The first word is always a common verb and the second can be an adverb or a preposition. The latter component is also called the particle.

In many cases the phrasal verb may be composed of three words as a verb followed by an adverb and a preposition

Get over: Saltar por encima, recobrarse

Example: We couldn't get over the river because of the floods.

Ask out: Invitar a alguien a salir

Example: Why don't you ask her out? Por qu no la invitas a salir?

Give up: entregarse, rendirse

Example: My doctor told me I should give up eating sweet desserts or I will have a problem related to diabetes.

Knock out: dejar fuera de combate

Example: It was a hard fight, but the famous boxer knocked his opponent out.

Look forward to: anhelar

Example: I always look forward to seeing my parents.

Pass away: fallecer

Example: My mother has just told me that aunt Sylvia has passed away.

Put back: poner en su sitio

Example: You can take the book, but then put it back on the shelf.

Try on: probarse una prenda

Example: If you are not sure about the size you should try the trousers on.

Write down: anotar

Example: Please write down what I am going to tell you.

See off: despedir

Example: All the family came to the airport with me to see me off.