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Cowboys of the far west by Amaia and Josu

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Cowboys of the far west by Amaia and Josu

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CowboysCowboys take part in rodeos and they work on the ranch. They are part of American life.

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CampingCowboys work on big ranches and if they are far from home, they need to camp and sleep next to a campfire. They cook beans in tomato sauce, it is their traditional food. This food is very easy to cook.

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ClothesCowboys wear boots.Their boots have lots of colours and styles and in Texas the businessmen wear them too. Cowboys also wear hats and bandanas. The hats protect cowboys from the sun and they also use the hats to take water from the river. They wear bandanas over their noses and mouths to protect them from the dust.

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The guitar and the harmonica are the traditional instruments of cowboys´ music. Country and western music are very popular today.

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Toy Story

Cowboys´ films were very popular in the 1950s and 60s. For example, nowadays Woody, from Toy Story.

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Cowboys and horses at work

The cowboys work with his horses and they are real partners. Their job is to round up cattle. Cowboys use the Lasso to catch animals and they use saddles to ride horses. They use saddles to be comfortable because they have to ride horses all day. But today they use jeeps.

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