COSMETICS / IMPLANTS / ORTHODONTICS - ... Crooked Teeth Worn Teeth Chipped Teeth Spaced Teeth...

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Transcript of COSMETICS / IMPLANTS / ORTHODONTICS - ... Crooked Teeth Worn Teeth Chipped Teeth Spaced Teeth...


  • Welcome Set in the heart of London’s prestigious Harley Street district, Elleven is a dynamic international practice that offers patients exceptional treatment using state of the art equipment and techniques all in a relaxed, stylish and caring environment.

    Our aim is to ensure that everyone we treat experiences exceptional levels of service. We continue to achieve this by bringing together highly experienced specialists coupled with the latest technology and handpicked caring staff.

    Welcome to Elleven and we hope you enjoy your time with us.


    Overall Best Practice, UK Best Practice, London Most Attractive Practice, UK

    Sameer Patel Shivani Patel Anthony Lam

  • 11 Reasons to Choose Elleven

    1. WE’RE HERE FOR YOU. Elleven is proud to offer an incredible patient experience.

    2. WE’RE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL. We offer unique, end-to-end care and treatment.

    3. WE’RE GOOD AT WHAT WE DO. We’ve been awarded Best Practice in London, Best Practice UK, Best Aesthetic Team South and Best Aesthetic Practice South.

    4. WE’VE GOT THE TEAM FOR YOU. Our team includes highly trained, internationally renowned specialist orthodontists and dentists.

    5. ...AND THE RIGHT TOOLS. We have an on-site lab for a quicker turnaround, as well as digital x-ray capability.

    6. WE CAN OFFER YOU SURESMILE. We’re one of the only practices in the UK offering SureSmile - a revolutionary orthodontics treatment. Check our website for full details.

    7. WE’VE GOT FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES. Elleven is currently the practice of choice for some high-profile patients, including Harry Potter star Emma Watson and England’s former rugby captain Lewis Moody as well as the Professional Cricketers Association.

    8. WE’VE GOT A LIFE OUTSIDE THE PRACTICE. Members of our team lecture internationally, undertake important charity work and undertake highly successful community projects.

    9. WE LIKE TO SHOW OFF. We are more than happy to show our lovingly presented portfolio of ‘before and after’ photos.

    10. WE’RE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. Located in London’s world famous Harley Street medical district, we’re within walking distance of four tube stations: Regents Park, Great Portland Street, Baker Street and Bond Street.

    11. WE’LL WORK WITHIN YOUR BUDGET. We offer bespoke payment options to spread the cost of treatment.

  • Our Four Core Values

    PATIENT SATISFACTION Our patients’ happiness is paramount to us. We know that we cannot succeed unless they are completely satisfied with our work.

    PATIENT EXPERIENCE At Elleven, we only recommend necessary treatment for our patients. Whether it is a child or adult, we strive for excellence in outcomes for each individual client.

    INVEST IN OUR PRACTICE We invest our time in our patients, taking the time to answer as many questions as possible before undertaking any procedure. This way they can be completely sure of our techniques.

    HIGH QUALITY TREATMENT We are proud to offer our patients treatments that are research-based, honest and conservative.






    A friendly and world class practice, Elleven offers end-to-end patient care and personal service, covering everything from the most routine of dental check-ups to pioneering orthodontic, dental and surgical treatments.

  • Face-Driven Dentistry Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what the beholder looks for is balance and proportion. A beautiful face is one in which all features exist in harmony according to a natural law called ‘the golden proportion’. Therefore, a beautiful smile should not only be rejuvenated and in relation to itself; it must work in perfect balance with the rest of the face.

    At Elleven we also go one step further and ensure a treatment plan is put together that looks at the whole of the patients face, their profile, lips muscles and bone structure. We call this higher level of care face-driven dentistry.

    Our face-driven treatments look to provide the following additional benefits:

    Easing of mouth directed wrinkling

    Reduction of smile lines

    Lifting and plumping lips for a fuller look

    We just want to help everybody find their smile.

  • Orthodontics Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality orthodontic care in a family-based, state-of-the-art technology practice to enhance your experience as a patient. We maintain the most advanced procedures and equipment (including digital radiography, digital photography and advanced orthodontic scanning technology), ensuring that every patient achieves a healthy and beautiful smile that exceeds their expectations.

    For most people, a spectacular smile is the most obvious benefit of orthodontics. Nobody can deny that straight teeth are visually appealing. A beautiful smile leads to enhanced self-esteem, and a universally accepted sign of long term health and beauty.

    After your braces come off, you’ll definitely feel more self-confident!

    Treatment Plans Invisalign Metallic Ceramic Invisible (Lingual)


    Inside/Outside Outside Outside Outside Inside

    SureSmile 40% Acceleration


    Fixed/Removable Removable Fixed Fixed Fixed

    Jaw Surgery

    Guarantee Period* 1 year 5 years 5 years 5 years

    Approximate Treatment Time 5-15 months 6-18 months 6-18 months 9-18 months

    Damon System Available

    *terms and conditions apply

  • Cosmetic Dentistry A smile that perfectly suits your face and makes you look youthful, happy and confident. Who would think that going to the dentist could get your friends and family asking why you look so great? We offer a range of treatments geared specifically towards perfecting and boosting the beautiful smiles of our patients.

    You are a great candidate for a Cosmetic Smile Makeover if you feel self conscious because of:

    Crooked Teeth

    Worn Teeth

    Chipped Teeth

    Spaced Teeth


    There is a myriad of techniques that can be used to craft your new smile including:

    Tooth Whitening

    White Fillings




    Invisible Orthodontics

  • Implants Missing teeth can cause a range of problems, from lack of confidence associated with a gap in your smile, drifting, movement of adjacent teeth and speech problems. Luckily, implants are now relatively easy and can look indistinguishable from your real teeth.

    We implant teeth within the bone, making them structurally identical to their natural counterparts. This can protect your bone, maintain tooth alignment and avoid facial changes. Dental implants at Elleven are a fixed permanent solution to the replacement of:

    A Single Tooth

    Several Teeth

    Complete Set of Teeth

  • Other Specialist Treatments At Elleven, we have all the experts and a fantastic team under one roof. People who above all care about their work and their patients. We are very proud that our work and team has been recognised through the many awards we have won.








  • We want you to have a smile you can be proud of. If you’d like to book an appointment or find out more about the treatments we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    11 Devonshire Place London W1G 6HT t. +44 (0) 207 487 2711 e. [email protected]

    Baker Street

    M A R Y L E B O N E R O A D E U S T O N R O A D

    R E

    G E

    N T


    T R

    E E


    H I

    G H


    T R

    E E


    W E Y M O U T H S T R E E T

    D E V O N S H I R E S T R E E T

    W I G M O R E S T R E E T C A V E N D I S H P L

    N E W C A V E N D I S H S T

    H E N R I E T T A P L

    N E

    W B

    O N

    D S

    T R

    E E


    C A V E N D I S H S Q

    N E W C A V E N D I S H S T

    P A D D I N G T O N S T

    H A

    R L

    E Y

    S T

    R E

    E T

    B E

    A U

    M O

    N T


    T R

    E E


    D E

    V O

    N S

    H IR

    E P

    L A

    C E

    U P

    P E

    R W

    IM P

    O L

    E S


    H A

    R L

    E Y


    T R

    E E


    O X F O R D S T R E E T

    B A

    K E

    R S

    T R

    E E


    P O

    R T

    L A

    N D

    P L

    A C


    W IM

    P O

    L E

    S T

    R E

    E T

    G R

    E A

    T P

    O R

    T L

    A N

    D S

    T R

    E E


    Regents Park

    Oxford CircusBond Street

    Great Portland Street


  • W W W . E L L E V E N D E N T A L . C O M

    We cannot change the world, but we can definitely transform ourselves. Self-transformation is essential, not the transformation of the