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  • 1.Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. Bill Gates Your company's most valuable asset is how it is known to its customers. Brian Tracy Transforming a brand into a socially responsible leader doesn't happen overnight by simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies. It takes effort to identify a vision that your customers will find credible and aligned with their values. Simon Mainwaring

2. Personal Experience 3. Personal Experience 4. Personal Experience 5. Personal Experience 6. Piyanuch Kangwankijwanich (Tu), Thitirat Jetaramwong (Annie) MKT 338 Consumer Behavior Instructor: Michal Strahilevitz Fall 2013 Mariam Benmoussa, Olga Levkina, Kohki Seimiya 7. Current Situation 8. Product Contemporary BikesMobile AppCustomer Service 24/7 9. Price Unlimited 30-minute trips $88 Annual $22 3-Day $9 24-Hours 10. Place Crowded strategic locations Transportation hubsoCalTrain, BART, MUNI, FerryFinancial districts Downtowns 11. Promotions 12. Target Market Demographics18+ Males & females Working professionals GeographicsPsychographicsActive Sportive Looking for fast commuteDo not live and work in the same area 13. Competitors No direct competitors BABS is unique in its product categoryIndirect competitors 19 bicycle rentals 14. Our Research 15. Research Interviews 10 males & 10 females 12 BABS users vs. 8 Non users 16 Working professionals vs. 4 Students 7 Living in the city and working in the city 9 Living outside the city and working in the city Social media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (27 comments) 16. Insight Heavy users: Living outside the city and working in the city 17. Insight (Cont.) Limited number of stations vs. smaller stations 18. Insight (Cont.) Empty stations in morning peak hoursCaltrain Station, Weekday, Morning 8 - 10 am 19. Insight (Cont.) Full stations in evening peak hoursCaltrain Station, Weekday, Evening 5 - 8 pm 20. Insight (Cont.) Inconvenient time limit (30 min) 21. Insight (Cont.) Peace of mind 22. Insight (Cont.) What is Ride Mint? 23. Experiment: Day 1 WalkingTime: 25 min Price: $0 24. Experiment: Day 2 MUNITime: 14 min (MUNI) + 6 min (walk) Price: $2 25. Experiment: Day 3 Bay Area Bike ShareTime: 12 min (bike) + 3 min (walk) Price: $9 vs. 24 cents/day Enjoyable 26. Product BenefitsSave your health, time, and money! 27. People Do Not Know How to Use 28. People Are Struggling with Usage 29. Inconvenient Payment System 30. List of Problems People do not know how to use People are struggling with usage Empty/full stations in peak hours Inconvenient payment system 31. Recommendations 32. BABS Racing Challenge 33. BABS Racing ChallengeFind Sponsors to make this event be talk of the town topic and catch medias attention 34. BABS Racing ChallengePair upFind and follow hintsFirst pair that reaches the destination gets the prize 35. BABS Racing Challenge Pre-Launch: Create awareness Online 36. BABS Racing Challenge BABS Racing ChallengePre-Launch: Create awareness On-ground Print media & Broadcast 37. BABS Racing Challenge Pre-Launch: Recruiting Methods Step 1: Duo prospect racers create videos telling how can they change SF to be a greener placeStep 2: Post those videos on BABSs FB - This is the way we could drive traffic to BABSs FB 38. BABS Racing Challenge Pre-Launch: Recruiting MethodsStep 3: 10 videos that get most likes on BABSs FB will be candidate racersStep 4: Announce 10 pairs of candidates (20 people in total) on BABSs mediaSupport the winners idea by donating money online 39. BABS Racing Challenge Launch: Given AccesoriesExperience BABS AppCreate awareness when racers bike around the city 40. BABS Racing Challenge Launch: How to play 41. BABS Racing Challenge Post- Launch: Share the experience through media 42. Video Contest Share you best experience on Instagram, YouTube Winner: Number of likes Prize: Annual memberships 43. Proactive Bikes Rotation 44. Payment System 45. Facebook Gift Cards 46. Our Conclusion 47. Conclusion If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful. Jeff Bezos 48. References Bay Area Bike Share. (2013). Bay Area Bike Share. Retrieved from Bay Area Bike Share Facebook. (2013). Bay Area Bike Share. Retrieved from Bay Area Bike Share Twitter. (2013). Bay Area Bike Share. Retrieved from Bay Area Bike Share Tumblr. (2013). Bay Area Bike Share. Retrieved from Bay Area Bike Share Instagram. (2013). Bay Area Bike Share. Retrieved from SFMTA. (2013). City Bike Count Up 71 Percent Since 2006. Retrieved from 49. Q&A 50. Backup Slides 51. Bike 52. Example of Indirect Competitor 53. Founder: BAAQMD