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CONESTOGA HOLIDAY PARTY Sunday, December 12th, Noon Wellshire Inn & Golf Club 3333 South Colorado Blvd. (On the west side, just north of Hampden) Denver, CO 80222 Choice of Entrees: Chicken Breast Seasoned with Herbs, Grilled and topped with a Chardonnay & Leek Sauce Salmon Filet , Pan Seared with a Citrus Buerre Blanc Penne Pasta with Roasted Red Peppers, Artichoke Hearts, Asparagus Tips & Goat Cheese in a White Wine Sauce Entrees include: salad, rolls w/butter, vegetable, a starch, & dessert Cost: $23.00/adult and $11.50/child (12 & under) includes: coffee, tea, soft drinks Cash Bar RSVP MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 3rd! (cut here and return) ——–————————————————————————————————————————————————— Please send payment payable to: CONESTOGA CHAPTER, SDC c/o Phil Scott, 7144 Fox Paw Trail, Littleton, CO 80125-9073 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Attendee name(s) __ # chicken __# salmon __# vegetarian __#children PLEASE NOTE: NO GIFT EXCHANGE Questions: Christof Kheim 303.859.9966 or Phil Scott 303.972.3575

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    Sunday, December 12th, Noon

    Wellshire Inn & Golf Club

    3333 South Colorado Blvd.

    (On the west side, just north of Hampden)

    Denver, CO 80222

    Choice of Entrees:

    Chicken Breast Seasoned with Herbs, Grilled and toppedwith a Chardonnay & Leek Sauce

    Salmon Filet, Pan Seared with a Citrus Buerre Blanc

    Penne Pasta with Roasted Red Peppers, Artichoke Hearts,Asparagus Tips & Goat Cheese in a White Wine Sauce

    Entrees include: salad, rolls w/butter, vegetable, a starch, & dessert

    Cost: $23.00/adult and $11.50/child (12 & under)

    includes: coffee, tea, soft drinks

    Cash Bar


    (cut here and return)

    Please send payment payable to: CONESTOGA CHAPTER, SDC

    c/o Phil Scott, 7144 Fox Paw Trail, Littleton, CO 80125-9073


    Attendee name(s)

    __ # chicken __# salmon __# vegetarian __#children


    Questions: Christof Kheim 303.859.9966 or Phil Scott 303.972.3575

  • November 2010 Volume 44, No. 11

    Inside This IssueEditors Corner 2 Truisms 5

    Chapter News 2 Looney Luncheon Pics 6

    Looking Ahead 3 The Family Car 7

    Announcing 4 Welcome to Summit Up 8

    Auto Trivia 4 The Phelps Trouble Finder 8

    Bombastic Boris 5 Stude Deals 9

  • EDITORS CORNER . Ou r Looney Lunc heon was ju s t a l ot of f un - ou r

    member s wer e qu i t e cr eat ive in dec or at ing pu mpk in s and wear ing some

    gr eat c ost u mes . See you a l l at t he Thanksg iv ing Lu nc heon at t he LeMay

    Au t o Mu seu m. Marilyn Scott

    Pikes Peak

    Our chapter held a fall cruise to Florence, Colorado toshop the many antique shops and many good bargains werefound; one being a wheel cap for a 1925 Studebaker.Members enjoyed lunch and a meeting at the GooseberryPatch in Penrose.

    Nominations are now due for the 2011 officers for thechapter. This will be the main item of business for theNovember 13th meeting which will be held at the GoldenCorral. The restaurant is located at Woodman and Powers inColorado Springs. Our Thanksgiving dinner and meeting willstart at 12:30pm. The hosts for the Thanksgiving dinner andmeeting are Larry and Nona Powell.

    The final meeting of the 2010 year will be December 11th,@ 1pm which will be held at the International House ofPancakes at 5749 Stetson Hills Blvd. This will be our annualChristmas dinner and gift exchange and election of the 2011officer team. The hosts are John and Barbara Lidberg. Wehope to see all the members at these dinners and meetings.

    Secretary, Chuck Donkle


    On Oct. 24, Marilyn & I hosted the Looney LuncheonHalloween Party at our house. Sixteen Conestoga memberswearing a wide variety of creative costumes had a great timeshowing off another side of our personalities (see pictures onpage 6). After consuming a lunch of dreadfully sounding foodsand drinks (Gastly Gizzard Goup?), we all adjourneddownstairs where four teams of artists decorated pumpkinswith pieces of fruit and vegetables. A short business meetingwrapped up a fun afternoon.



    To be held at the Harold E. LeMay Museum & Club

    Auto Colorado in 11,100 W. 8th Ave., Lakewood. Phone No.

    303-238-5040. We will meet SATURDAY Nov. 20th at 12-

    Noon for our traditional potluck meal, followed by our

    monthly meeting & nomination of 2010 club officers. We will

    be dining among Packard's, Corvette's, Ferrari's and many

    other interesting and exotic cars.


    Potluck Assignments: A-G = dessert, H-P = salads,

    Q-Z = hot side dishes.

    Hosts are Jodee Studebaker & James Klein. They arebringing ham, mashed potatoes / gravy and scallopedpotatoes. The club will provide tableware and drinks. MarilynScott will bring rolls & butter. Shirley Zaner will bring the turkey& gravy.

    Please refer to the enclosed flyer concerning ourDecember 12 Christmas Luncheon (please note the need foryou to RSVP this important event!).

    By the way, its not too soon to start thinking aboutpossible candidates for our 2011 officers.

    Phil Scott, President

    Western Wheels

    Our chapter met at the Scottsbluff Pizza Hut on Saturday,October 9th for pizza and a short business meeting. Thoseattending were: Wanda Mowry, Dallas & Lucille Whiiting, GeneSell, Stuart Tritt, Mary Miller, Harry, Bonita and CharleneCase, and Don and Betty Steinwart.

    The November 13th meeting will be hosted by theWhitings at the Gaslight Restaurant and Lounge.

    Don and Betty Steinwart will host the December meeting.Don Steinwart

    Chapter News

    Page 2November 2010 THE WESTERN OUTLOOK

  • THE WESTERN OUTLOOK Page 3November 2010


    13 NovSATURDAY Pikes Peak ChapterThanksgiving Dinner at the Golden Corral,Woodman & Powers @ 12:30pm. (see Chapter News).Hosts: Larry &Nona Powell 719-495-0572.

    13 NovSATURDAY Western Wheels ChapterGaslight Restaurant and Lounge. Hostedby Dallas and Lucille Whiting. (see Chapter News).

    20 NovSATURDAY Conestoga ChapterThanksgiving Dinner at The LeMay Museum.Directions & details in Chapter News. Hosts: JoDee Studebaker &James Klein.

    Dec Western Wheels ChapterHosts: Don and Betty Steinwart

    11 DecSATURDAY Pikes Peak ChapterAnnual Christmas Dinner, gift exchange, & elec-tion of officers. International House of Pancakes, 5749 Stetson Hills [email protected] 1pm. Hosts are John & Barbara Lidberg 719-637-3624.(see Chapter News).

    12 DecSUNDAY Conestoga ChapterChristmas Luncheon at Wellshire Country Club.(Please see attached flyer).





    47th SDC Int. Meet, Springfield, MO. Hosted by Ozark Trails (DTBD)

    48th SDC Int. Meet, South Bend, IN. (DTBD)

    49th SDC Int. Meet, Colorado Springs, CO, Hosted by Pikes Peak Chapter.

    50th SDC Int. Meet, Dover, Delaware, Hosted by DelMarVa Chapter.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

    I wish you a very special day as you get together with your family and

    loved ones this year, We do have so much to be thankful for.

    Marilyn Scott, Editor

  • A N N O U N C I N G


    4 Stuart Tritt

    Jill Mitcham

    5 Christof Kheim

    13 Irene Ligrani

    19 Glenn Shull

    20 Maury Schuddinck

    21 Frank Nekvasil

    29 Wanda Mowry

    30 Al Crisi

    31 Steve Wylie


    2 Brian & Amy Emerson

    3 Ron & Jean Sobieck

    13 Bill & Gertie Davis

    Fred & Irene Ligrani

    19 Ray & Catherine Petros

    Note: If your birthday or anniversary is not

    listed above, we dont have your informa-

    tion. Please contact Marilyn Scott @

    303.972.3575 if you wish to be included.

    Page 4November 2010 THE WESTERN OUTLOOK


    Pikes Peak Chapter

    Mike and Dotty Way

    1000 University Dr.

    Clearwater, FL 33764

    Phone: 727-580-7797

    Auto Trivia created and submitted by 'V8 Vic,

    Mesa, AZ

    1) The 'Mayflower' Ship hood ornament & logo identified which car?

    A) Hudson B) DeSoto C) Plymouth

    2) Idler & Pitman arms are part of the:

    A) Manual gearbox B) Brake system C) Steering front sus-pension

    3) The 'RAPTOR' is an off-road, high performance pickup by:

    A) Ford B) Jeep C) Nissan

    4) In the early 50s, the STARLIGHT with its 4-piece wrap-aroundrear window was unique to the:

    A) Mercury B) Studebaker C) Olds

    5) Since founded in 1903 by Henry Leland, STANDARD OF EXCEL-LENCE was a slogan for:

    A) Cadillac B) Packard C) Lincoln

    6) In 1957, the CABALLERO was a 4-door hardtop station wagon by:

    A) Nash B) Buick C) Dodge

    7) In the TV series 'CHEERS,' bartender Sam Malone often braggedabout his:

    A) BMW B) Motorcycle C) Corvette

    8) In the 50's, he was G.M.'s chief designer and introduced the Cor-vette:

    A) Harley Earl B) Duke of Earl C) Harley Davidson

    9) Which model beIow was not a Mercury?

    A) Caliente B) Cyclone C) Shadow

    10) Have you heard? July 9,2010 marked the last day of productionfor this car:

    A) Impala B) PT Cruiser C) Ford Ranger pickup

    11) From 1970 - '81 the 'ESPIRIT was a model by:

    A) Dodge B) Firebird C) Olds

    12) Remember the Tucker? What was Mr. Tucker's first name?

    A) Henry B) Charles C) Preston

    Answers 1)C 2)C 3)A 4)B 5)A 6)B 7)C 8)A 9)C 10)B 11)B 12)C

    DID YOU KNOW? After the demise of the Tucker, the design pat-ents were purchased by attorney Jay Darlington, who suedStudebaker in 1950 for patent infringements on their 'spinner' grilldesign. The court ruled that on the Tucker, it was a headlight,not a grill. Darlington lost the case, much to the relief of Stude-baker and also Ford, who used a similar design.

    (Source: The Copper Starlight, November/December 2010, Editor: JuneKaiser).

  • THE WESTERN OUTLOOK Page 5November 2010


    Evening news

    is where the


    person begins

    with Good

    Evening and

    then proceeds

    to tell you why

    it isnt.

    To steal ideas

    from one

    person is

    plagiarism, but

    to steal from

    many is


    Smile and

    have a great




    Pres: Phil Scott 303.972.3575

    VP: Roger Zaner 303.426.8843

    Sec: Ruthanne Nekvasil 303.619.6005

    Treas: Sheila Rink 303.986.6478

    Sunshine Fund: Kay Murray 303.452.3029

    OCCC: Shirley Zaner 303.426.8843

    Event Coordinator: Roger Zaner 303.426.8843

    Editor: Marilyn Scott 303.972.3575

    (e-mail): [email protected]


    Pikes Peak

    Pres: Dave Batchelor 719.784.6140

    VP: James Harness 303.933.8421

    Sec: Chuck Donkle 719.456.2707

    Treas: Norm Gieseker 719.596.0314

    Tour Masters: Pete Tetley 719.630.1562

    Earl Chase 719.683.5579

    OCCC Roger Zaner 303.426.8843

    Western Wheels

    Pres: Don Steinwart 308.436.5461

    VP: Bonita Case 308.632.5116

    Sec: Stuart Tritt 308.235.3386

    Treas: Perry Meyers 308.783.5144

    Tour Masters: Maury & Becky 308.235.3148


    The following Truisms were written by the preeminent Automotive Journalist, Tom McCahill at various times during his 30 year career with

    Mechanics Illustrated.

    On the 1952 DeSoto: Rugged, tough, and reliable as the Rock of Gibraltarand just about as fast.

    Of the XL-120 Jaguar: It would have been better if they had just shoveled the unassembled parts into an old bag

    and shipped them parcel post.

    On the handling of the 1952 Nash: Like steering a three acre lot.

    On the 1959 T-Bird: It went over like a keg of brandy in a prison camp...but rolls like the Queen Mary in a full gale.

    On the 427 c.i. equipped Mercury Marauder: It has more hair on its chest than a middle aged yak.

    The swivel seats in a 59 Imperial: easy to get into as a floating crap game.

    The handling of the 1957 Buick: a fat matron trying to get out of a slippery bath tub.

    On the early 30s classic Imperials: These long hooded brutes had more sex appeal than a boat load of starlets

    anchored off Alcatraz.

    (source: The Antique Studebaker Review, November/December 2004, by Richard Quinn)

  • Page 6November 2010 THE WESTERN OUTLOOK

    Whats For Lunch:

    Freeze Dried Bugs

    Batty Brown Brew

    Ghoulish Witches Brew

    Day Old Bath Water

    Ghastly Gizzard Goop

    Twisted Intestines

    Garbage Dump Left-overs

    Bone Marrow Squares

    Frozen Yucky Pucky

    Brewed Brown Sludge

    Hosts: Phil & Marilyn Scott

    Roger Zaner



    Sheila Rink

    Left: Shirley Zaner,

    Ruthanne Nekvasil

    Joe Rink,

    Larry Ramsdell

    Carey Dietz, Mary Miller

    Gertie Davis

    Left: Bill Davis,

    Margie Grauberger

    Peggy Dietz

    Photos by Carey dietz

  • THE WESTERN OUTLOOK Page 7November 2010

    Four years

    later (1914)

    Studebaker was

    promoting that

    your wife or


    could safely

    and easily


    Clothing styles



  • Page 8November 2010 THE WESTERN OUTLOOK

    (source: Summit Daily News in Frisco,

    Colorado and by Save Us, Earl Scheib)

    Good morning and welcome to Sum-

    mit Up, the worlds only daily column thats won-

    dering what wed name a car company if we were

    to somehow (probably by accident) start our own

    car company. One name we definitely would not

    use is Studebaker. For one, its already taken,

    and two, it sounds so old-timey. It makes us won-

    der what the folks who started Studebaker were

    thinking even way back whenwhen they were

    living in old-timey times (of course, kind of like

    being a jerk, you dont realize youre an old-timer

    when youre in those old times).

    Of course, the old Studebaker automo-

    bilesome of which were pictured in the Summit

    Daily News articlewas named after a guy name

    Studebaker. Its not like someone came up with

    name because they thought it sounded cool (like,

    say, Elantra or LeCar or Gremlin). In fact, a

    quick look at reveals

    the fact that Studebaker actually started out as a

    company that made stuff like stagecoaches and

    carriages (the best part is the one of the original

    Studebaker dudes was actually named Clem

    Studebaker, which may well be the best name of

    all time).

    Anyway, the last Studebaker rolled off

    the assembly line in 1966, so its been a while

    since you could get your hands on one of these

    bad boys. Could it have been, we wonder, the

    ghastly green paint they used? Should they have

    stuck with traditional black and the sooper old

    timey look such as a 1917 model? After all, if youre going to call yourself Studebaker, youre going to have a hard time convincing

    young bucks to fork over for a set of wheels with a nameand a looklike that.

    Speaking of..what do you think the worst car name of all time is? Our personal favorite has and always will be the

    Daewoo Leganza, which of a few years in the 1990s was known as the Official Car of Summit Up. Of course, you cant buy

    Daewood vehicles anymore, either...mostly because in Korean Daewood means roughly, Studebaker, and just didnt stand the

    test of time. We out.

    (editors note: Tom & Beverly Wheeler sent me this article. They hosted a color tour and BBQ at their house in September. Tom invited

    Earl to stop by and take photos of the cars that were at his house).

  • THE WESTERN OUTLOOK Page 9November 2010


    For Sale: 1960 Lark 4-door, with only 43K miles on it. It has a 259-V8, power steering, power brakes, automatic, air conditioning, brandnew front bumper. It is a western NE local car. As far as I can see,has no visible rust. I have licensed & ins. To check out further. Instorage for some time, but runs very well. Price $6,000-$7,000range.

    1960 Lark Convertible. It has a 259-V8 that runs w/3-speed &overdrive transmission and a twin-traction rear-end. It is a restorableprject car that is 95+% complete ( needs new top, carpet & TLC). Ithas normal rust for a Lark, however most of the body panels are ingreat shape. No rust on the floorboard. All glass is good. Price is$6,000-$7,000range. Have more photos, please call and I will e-mailyou all of them.Leonard Holler, 1289 Sweetwater Court, Douglas, WY 82633Phone (307) 358-3092 (1)*******************************************************************************For Sale: A 1960-2 door Station Wagon, 6cyl, 3/od. This is an AZ carwith a rust free body, but needs restored. Have a V8 wagon (nomotor/trans) parts car that goes with it. Asking $1500.A 1960 1/2 ton pickup, V8, 3/od. Body has rust, but I have most of theparts to replace the bad parts. Has flat bed on it with oak racks. Runswith no smoke, but needs water pump. Asking $2000.Have a one-ton two speed axel for an M truck. Five hole bolt patternand ratio are 6.??/8.?? Sorry do not remember the exact ratios . Hasbeen rebuilt just before I got it, but I never used it and sold the truck.Asking $350. Contact Dave Batchelor @ 719-784-6140E-mail @ [email protected] (3)******************************************************************************For Sale: Pressure box and carburetor for 1957 Golden Hawk.$35.00. Contact George Krem @ 970- 532-4422 (4)******************************************************************************For Sale: 1949 Commander Starlight Coupe. An excellent example ofthis beautiful classic. Fully restored to showroom condition. Frame offrestoration. All numbers match. Cream color. Was on display atForney Museum. Invested over $30,000 in restoration.LOWERED PRICE TO $12,500.RetiringMark Edwards @ 303-750-2234

    For Sale: Transmission1963 Lark V8, 3-speed (no overdrive) numberR1oF 1QWQDIV IF5262 107. $50.00.Contact Mary Miller @ 308-436-5359or e-mail @ [email protected] (2)********************************************************************************For Sale: 1960 Lark Regal Convertible is SHOW READY.VIN: 60V29609; Body Tag: 60V-L6 3297; Odometer: 96,350; bright redw/black & white interior & black power top; flight-O-Matic 3spd.Automatic transmission; powering steering, 289-V8 (#PH38) w/2bbl.Stromberg carb; chrome valve covers; non-stock alternator in place oforiginal generator; fully carpeted trunk; after market AM/FM/cassettestero w/2 speakers (this radio was sold by Studebaker vendors to fit intothe original dash bezel w/NOS-style knobs).; American RacingEquipment Brand 5-spoke alloy wheels w/like-new Road Hugger G/Tradial tires; new battery; brake system rebuild (relined shoes, turneddrums, rebuilt wheel & master cylinders, DOT5 brake fluid, greaseseals, etc); no rust or body damage; excellent over-all condition.Price $16,000 (reasonable offers to be considered). (2)Serious buyers contact Christof Kheim @ 303-859-9966 orE-mail: [email protected] to set up an appointment to see the car.

    *******************************************************************************For Sale: 1962 STUDEBAKER LARK with 26,712 actual miles. Myparents have a 1962 Studebaker Lark with 26,712 actual miles and theyare interested in finding someone to purchase this vehicle. It has beensitting in a dirt floor garage for a few years. However there is only minordamage, all the glass is complete with no cracks and the interior is inexcellent condition. My father had it running only two years ago and theengine is in good shape but needs tuned up. The master cylinder for thebrakes leak and needs repairs. My father said that he drove around theblock a few times just a couple of years ago. I did not see any signs ofmice inhabiting the vehicle. This vehicle is located in Livingston,Montana and I live in Bismarck, ND you can reach me by phone oremail at your convenience. Please call Tim Tracy @701-223-2908(H)or 701-391-1113(C) or e-mail @ [email protected] (5)********************************************************************************Wanted: Im in the process of restoring a 1948 StudebakerCommander Coupe, and I am having difficulty finding parts. If you couldassist in any way, I would certainly appreciate the help.Clark Gardener, 1475 Maple Street, Chadron, NE 69337308-432-3013 (5)********************************************************************************For Sale: 51 Studebaker Commander V-8, 3 speed w/OD. All glass andtrim. Great project car. $2500 OBO.Tom Vogy @ (970) 209-3555 (cell) or (970) 249-1321Montrose, CO (2)

  • THE WESTERN OUTOOKConestoga Chapter S.D.C.Marilyn Scott, Editor7144 Fox Paw TrailLittleton, CO 80125-9073