Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine

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Transcript of Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine

  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine


    C O N D E N S E DC H A O S

    a n i n t r o d u c t i o nt o c h a o s m a g icb y p h i l h i n e

  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine


    O c c u l t / R e l i g i o n U.S. Pr ice $14.95C O N D E N S E D C H A O SA n In t roduc t ion t o C h a o s M a g i c

    W illi am S. Bur r oughs , au thor of Naked Lunch says:" Ph il H in e ' s book is the m ost conc ise s ta tem ent . . . o f the log ic ofm o d e r n m a g i c. M a g i c, in t h e li gh t o f m o d e r n p h y s ic s, q u a n t u mthe or y a nd p r oba b i l i t y the o r y i s now a ppr oa c h ing sc i e nc e . We hopeth a t a r e su l t o f th is will be a synth es is so th a t sc ien ce wi ll b ecom em or e m agica l an d m agic mor e sc ien t if ic ."" Ph il Hine i s one of the lead ing expon ents of what is l ikely the fastestg r owing sc hool of tha u m a tu r gy : C ha os M a g ic k ."

    J a m e s M a r t in , Abrasax Magazine"Mos t m ode r n books on m a g ic a r e no t wor th r e a d ing . To h i s c r e d i t ,P h i l H ine ha s p r oduc e d a tour de force whic h shou ld be studied." I a n R e a d , E d i t or , Chaos In ternational" P h il H ine shows h im se lf t o be one of the le a d ing th ink e r s in th efie ld , an d one of the leas t dogm at ic ." Steve M oore , Fortean Times" T h e a u t h o r is one of the r i sing s ta r s of Ch aos M agic ."

    P e te r J . C a r r o ll, a u tho r o f Liber Kaos a n d PsyberMagickP h il H ine is a fo r m er e d i to r of the in t e r na t iona l ly a c c la im e d m a ga -z ine Chaos International. He d iv ide s h i s t im e a m ong do ing m a g ic ,r e c ove r ing a nd the n wr i t ing a bou t i t a f t e r wa r ds . He ha s f a c i l i t a t e dw o r k s h o p s a n d s e m i n a r s o n m o d e r n m a g i c a l p r a c t i c e i n A m e r i c aa n d E u r o p e . H e i s t h e a u t h o r of Prime Chaos, The Pseudonomicon,a n d Chaos Servitors: A Users Guide. H e lives in Lon don , E n glan d .

    ISBN 1-56184-117-X


  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine



  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine


    O t h e r T i t l e s F r o m N e w F a l c o n P u b l i c a t i o n sRebels & Devils: The Psychology of Liberat ionEdited by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. with contributions byWm. S. Burroughs, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson et al.PsyberMagickBy Peter J. CarrollSecrets of Western Tantra: The Sexuality of the Middle PathThe Tree of Lies: Become Who You AreBy Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.The Pathworkings of Aleister CrowleyBy Aleister Crowley, D. Cherubim, L. M. DuQuette, and C. S. HyattPacts With the Devil: A Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy and LiberationUrban Voodoo: A Beginner's Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic

    By S. Jason Black and Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.Buddhism a nd Jungian PsychologyBy J. Marvin Spiegelman, Ph.D.Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the llluminatiReality Is What You Can Get Away WithThe Walls Came Tumbling DownBy Robert Anton W ilsonEquinox of the GodsEight Lectures on YogaGems From the EquinoxTemple of Solomon the KingBy Aleister CrowleyNeuropolitiqueGame of LifeThe Intelligence AgentsBy Timothy L eary, Ph.D.Zen Without Zen MastersBy Camd en BenaresThe Complete Golden Dawn System of Ma gicWhat You Should Know About The Golden DawnBy Israel RegardieThe Mysteries RevealedBy Andrew SchneiderBeyond Duality: The Art of TranscendenceBy Laurence GalianAstrology & ConsciousnessBy Rio Olesky

    A nd to get your free catalog of all of our titles, write to:New Falcon Publicat ions (Catalog Dept .)1739 East Bro ad w ay Road , Suite 1-277Te m pe, A Z 85282 U.S.A

  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine


  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine


    Copyr igh t 1995 Phil H ineAl l r ights reserved. No par t of this book, in par t or in whole, maybe r ep rod uce d , t r ansm i t t ed , o r u t i li zed , in any fo rm or by anym e a n s , e l e c t r o n i c o r m e c h a n i c a l , i n c l u d i n g p h o t o c o p y i n g ,r ecord ing , o r by any in format ion s to rage and r e tr i eva l sys tem ,w i thou t pe rmiss ion in wr i t ing f rom the pub l i sher , excep t for briefqu otat io ns in cri tical ar ticles, boo ks an d review s.

    Internat ion al S tand ard Book N um be r: 1-56184-117-XLibrary of Con gress Cata log Card N um be r : 94-69291First Edition 1995Second Printing 1996

    The author m ay be reached by w r i t ing to :Phi l Hine, c /o BM GrasshopperL ondon WC1N 3XX, EnglandBook design by Nicholas TharcherCover design by S. Jason Black

    The paper used in th i s pub l i ca t ion mee t s the min imum requ i re -m en t s of the Am er i can Na t i ona l S t and a r d for P e r m anen ce ofP ape r for Printed Library Materials Z39.48-1984

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  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine


    With thanks toChristopher Hyatt,Robert & Stepha nie Williams,Ian Read,Ed Wallis,Hannibal the Cannibal ,Vishvanath,Maria Strutz,Barry Walkera nd

    Rodney Orpheus

  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine


    Table of ContentsForewordBy Pete Car roll 9

    Chapter OneIs Chaos Magick? 11

    Chapter TwoMag ick In The Material World 26

    Chapter ThreeBecoming A Magician 39

    Chapter FourAnother Crack In The Wall 58

    Chapter FiveP laying With Chaos 80

    Chapter SixChaos Servitors 105

    Chapter SevenEgo Magick 125

    Chapter EightKali In The Disco 143

    Chapter NineConquering Demons 160hapter Tenre You Il luminated? 176urther Reading 191or Further Information 192

  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine


  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine


    Forewordby Pete Carroll

    The paradigm shift now occurring at the cutting edge o fmagic has m any roots. The symbolic syncretism of the G oldenDawn a century ago, whichfiased renaissance Hermeticism withoriental esoterics drawn from the European imperial experience,only fully flowered when Aleister Crowley added a battery ofgnostic power techniques culled from diverse cultural sources.Then along came Austin Spare, who identified the basic sleightof mind techniques underlying all forms of magic, and showedus that we could treat the whole baroque symbolism of magic asentirely optional. Spare invented the Postmodernist approach tomagic well before the cultural advent of Existentialism orPostmodernism.The theories of Special and General Relativity added little toesoteric theory although the idea of cultural relativismmanifested in syncretic occultism long before it found generalsocial acceptance. However, that other main pillar of tw entiethcentury science, Quantum Physics, provides enormous supportfor many areas of metaphysical theory and,, indeed, suggestsconsiderable scope for its extension. So far, only Chaos Magicseems to have welcomed it on board. Shortly after the launch ofthe Chaos Magic paradigm, Chaos Mathematics developed fromCatastrophe T heory and confirmed the Chaoist hypo thesis thatsome mechanism must exit to scale up subatomic indeterminacyinto the macroscopic world of our experience.So much of w hat magicians have taken for granted thiscentury stems from the work of the G olden Dawn and AleisterCrowley. Much of what will constitute standard magical theoryand practice in the next century will derive from the state-of-the-art ideas and techniques currently under development in ChaosMagic. This book, by a rising star of the new tradition, representsan outstanding contribution to the revolution now occurring.

  • 8/6/2019 Condensed Chaos, An Introduction to Chaos Magic - Phil Hine



    WHAT IS MAGIC?The world is magical; we might get a sense of this after climbinga mountain and looking down upon the landscape below, or inthe quiet satisfaction at the end of one of those days wheneverything has gone right for us. Magic is a doorway throughwhich we step into mystery, wildness, and immanence. We livein a world subject to extensive and seemingly, all-embracingsystems of social and personal control that continually feed usthe lie that we are each alone, helpless, and powerless to effectchange. Magic is about change. Changing your circumstances sothat you strive to live according to a developing sense ofpersonal responsibility; that you can effect change around you ifyou choose; that we are not helpless cogs in some clockworkuniverse. All acts of personal/collective liberation are magicalacts. Magic leads us into exhilaration and ecstasy; into insightand understanding; into changing ourselves and the world inwhich we participate. Through magic we may come to explorethe possibilities of freedom.Surely this is simple enough? But no, magic has becomeobfuscated under a weight of words, a welter of technical termswhich exclude the uninitiated and serve those who are eager for a'scientific' jargo n with which to legitimise their enterprise intosomething self-important and pompous. Abstract spiritual spaceshave been created in the mids