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Overview of collage. Covers history, surfaces, glues, and basic "how to" information.

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  • 1. Mixed Media and CollageMy background Brief history of collage Compared to other mediums Surfaces and how to prepare them Types of paper and where to get it Glue and finishes Demo

2. My BackgroundMagazine cutouts Making paper in California Collage workshop I was hooked 3. History of Collage Paper was invented in China around 200 BC Japanese calligraphers prepared surfaces with bits of paper 13th century: artists enhanced religious images 15th and 16th centuries: Craftsmen used decorative papers in bookbinding 17th and 18th centuries: Nuns trimmed bookmarks used in their prayer books 19th century: collage developed as a popular art 4. Collage Compared to Other MediumsMisconceptions Same basic elements of composition Allows people who cant draw to still be creative Collage is accepted formally in the art world; people respond visually to art that appeals to them regardless of medium 5. SurfacesCollage (flat) vs Decoupage (3-D) Canvas Wood, masonite Glass Anything! 6. Preparing SurfacesCanvas: use as is Recycled canvas Wood: sand, prime Collage is forgiving and covers imperfections 7. Types of PaperHand-made vs machine made Thickness and consistency is the key Earth-friendly paper: lotka, sugar cane, elephant dung, mango leaf, banana tree bark, coconut fiber,, 8. Glues and FinishesUtrecht Acrylic Matte Medium High Solid Gel Water-based polyurethane Epoxy resin 9. Examples 10. Badlands 11. Factory 12. Stormy Sunset 13. Secret Garden 14. Brilliant Disguise 15. DEMO