Co education by Bilal Khan Durrani

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Transcript of Co education by Bilal Khan Durrani


By: Bilal Khan DurraniQuestion is:^Does it affect the academic performance of student(s)?

Introduction of Co-educa.Co-education:

Coeducation is to educate both boys and girls together.Most of the countries in the world have adopted this form of education.Pakistan too adopted this system, but it remained a controversial issue.

Origin of Co-education:

Its origin in Greece.There was no distinction between boys and girls.


Education in Islam:

The first word revealed was Iqra translated as To Read.

According to Hadees: Acquisition of knowledge is binding on all Muslims (both men and women without any discrimination)

Research Objectives

To find out effects regarding students academic performance.


To find out co-education can be successful when there is a proper atmosphere for studies.

Hypothesis If institute provides positive/proper environment for female students then number of female students are more likely to be join coeducation system.

If institute provides negative environment (like hooting & harassment) for female students then number of female students are less likely to be join coeducation system.

Significance of Research Socialize environment

Healthy competition

Equal opportunity

Good understanding b/w both sexes (Gender)

It shows equality of both sexes (Gender)

More economical

Significance of Research contExposure to different viewpoints and people.

Building confidence.

Preparation of real world.

It is good platform to exchange ideas.

Respect for opposite sex.

Effective division of work.

Review of Literature

What we gain from article?

Co-education is the healthy systems for the overalldevelopment of students.

Students from co-educational institutions had a positive attitude towards opposite-sex .


Research was conducted:

At Baha-ud-din Zakariya University, Lahore, Campus #1

Methodology contQuestioners method technique:

Total no. of correspondence=70

No. of male correspondence=35

No. of female correspondence=35


Its the demographic representation of the correspondents:

AgeRural/urbanSurvey Questioners

Analysis contAge

RATE2. Rural/Urban:

Rural correspondents 2%

Urban correspondents 98%

Graphical representation

Survey Questioners Q1. Will it promote healthy completion among boys and girls?

Survey Question Cont..Q2. Does co-education helps in developing confidence in their professional life?

Survey Questions Cont..Q3. Do you think co education is a appropriate education system?

Survey Question ContQ4. Do you think co-education badly affect on youth?

Survey QuestionQ5. Are you satisfied with Co-education?



Conclusions Achieved our objective

The effects regarding students life

Students academic performance

Proper atmosphere for co-education.

Co-education helps in developing confidence level

More economical

Presentation by: Bilal Khan Durrani BBA 4A