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    The Civil War Collection is a group of resources designed to illustrate St. Lawrence County’s participation in the Civil War. Resources include diaries, memoirs of soldiers, letters home, regimental histories, histories written by participants, and secondary works. We have organized the collection by unit. Any non-unit-specific materials are located in later boxes according to their labels. This finding aid lists each item by box, then alphabetically by the author’s last name. It also includes a list of the units represented in this collection as well as the list of soldiers and their respective units. A list of primary and secondary references is listed alphabetically at the end of the finding aid. Should you like to add any new documents to the collection, we ask that you please make a proper entry for it in the space provided at the end of the finding aid.


    NOTE: Documents are organized by the soldier or author’s last name within each box. If a document concerns a particular soldier, but was not written by that soldier, then the document is ordered under the soldier’s name. Any documents without an author appear at the front of the box and are ordered alphabetically by title.

    Box 1: 16th Regiment New York Infantry. General Documents relating to the 16th NY Infantry Regiment (contained in a single folder):

    List of the members of Company D from Gouverneur List of the members of Company G Newspaper articles concerning the regiment’s return from the war (two articles, one sheet of paper) Notice for a banquet given as the first reunion of the regiment, September 1, 1886

    Unidentified Letter (Likely John A. Vance)

    Letter by JAV, unknown recipient. J.A.V. likely stands for John A. Vance, as the letter describes the life of an officer and spending his free time in the company of a corporal and two lieutenants. Vance enrolled in April of 1861 at Potsdam as a first lieutenant, served two years, and was mustered out in June of 1863.

    Beach, Alvah Letters by Alvah Beach of Russel, who served in the 16 NY Infantry Regiment (1861 –

    1863) and also the 14th NY Heavy Artillery (1863 – 1864). Stayed several times in the hospital between regiments. Beach was killed in action at the battles at Petersburg, June 17th, 1864. His letters were published by Friends of ODY Library and presented to St. Lawrence University.

    Bell, William H. Soldiers Prayer Book issued to William H. Bell. Bell enlisted at Potsdam in October of

    1861, discharged for disability in August of 1862 at Washington D.C. Colon, Adin

  • Pension application of Adin Colon. Colon enlisted at Potsdam in April of 1861, wounded, captured in June 1862 while in hospital.

    Curtis, Newton Martin

    From Bull Run to Chancellorsville, a memoir written by General N.M. Curtis. Curtis enrolled as captain at Ogdensburgh in May 1861. Promoted to brigadier general in October 1864, and again to major general in March of 1865.

    Handwritten document briefly recording the campaigns of the regiment and the joy at Lee’s surrender.

    Applications for pension, pension payments, casualty and other battle records, and documentation of Curtis’s death in 1910.

    General Orders from Camp Morgan Political Information for the People: Tell the Truth, a pamphlet written by gen. Curtis for

    nomination to the state assembly. General Order No. 333 ½ written by Gen. Curtis Documents concerning the awarding of a ceremonial sword to Gen. Curtis. The Capture of Fort Fisher, paper-bound pamphlet by Gen. Curtis.

    Curtis, Thomas W. Five letters from Thomas W. Curtis (aka “Bub”) to his aunt, Lucy Sheppard (aka “Aunt

    Lu”). Curtis enlisted for two years to Company G at De Peyster in May 1861. He was discharged in June of 1863. Three of the letters do not note the year, the other two are dated from 1862.1

    Davies, Thomas Alfred

    Folder contains several photos, slides, and papers concerning Thomas Alfred Davies and his military career both during and prior to the Civil War. Davies enrolled at Albany at the age of 57 and was promoted to brigadier-general in March of 1862. Most documents focus on Davies’s military career prior to the Civil War.

    Gibson, Warren

    Copies of letters written by Warren to various family members. Gibson enrolled at Stockholm in April of 1861, was wounded in June of 1862 and was discharged in October of 1862 from the effects of these wounds. Original letters are filed in the Miscellaneous Letters collection.

    Goodison, Benjamin

    Personal documents of Benjamin Goodison, pension and war records. Goodison enlisted in De Peyster to Company G in May of 1861, discharged in October of 1861. Also enrolled in Heuvelton in July of 1863 to the 14th NY Heavy Artillery.

    Haywood, Eben

    1 Lucy Sheppard actually corresponded with multiple soldiers in both the 16th and the 60th NY infantry regiments. This collection contains correspondence from four of these soldiers, but each soldier mentions two or three others that Lucy knew or corresponded with, totaling between 10 and 12 soldiers with connections to Lucy Sheppard.

  • Pension records and casualty report for Eben Haywood. Haywood enlisted in April of 1861 to Company H, died of typhoid in September 1861.

    Livingston, James R.

    Personal records of James R. Livingston, including marriage certificate. Livingston enlisted in September 1861 at Gouverneur, Co. D. Mustered out with company in May, 1863 at Albany. Also served in the 20th NY Cavalry.

    Marsh, Washington

    Letter from Washington Marsh (“Wash”) to his aunt, Lucy Sheppard (“Aunt Lu”). Marsh enlisted in Company B in April of 1861 at Potsdam. Promoted to first sergeant in February 1863, mustered out with company in May of 1863.2

    Partridge, Luther Lee

    Personal records of Luther Lee Partridge. Partridge enlisted in May of 1861 at De Peyster to Company G. Promoted to first sergeant in October of 1862, wounded in May of 1863, mustered out June of 1863.

    Walling, William Henry

    The Civil War Letters of William Henry Walling, compiled by Philip B. Allen. Walling enlisted in April 1861 at Gouverneur to Company D. Mustered out with company May 1863 as first lieutenant. Also born William N. Walling.

    Wilson, Julia (sister of Captain Robert P Wilson)

    Letter to Eliza Howland, wife of Brigadier-general Joseph Howland. Robert P. Wilson enrolled in April of 1861 at Gouverneur, was promoted to second lieutenant in July of 1861. No mention of being mustered out, but continued to serve at the time of the letter (1864). Joseph Howland enrolled in May of 1861 at Albany, promoted to brigadier-general in March of 1862, and was mustered out in September of 1862.

    Box 2: 60th Regiment New York Infantry. General Documents relating to the 60th NY Infantry Regiment (located in front, multiple

    folders): Muster Roll, Company D of the 60th NY Infantry Images of the soldiers of the 60th NY Infantry Regiment Image of the 60th NY Volunteer Band Reunion Invitation, 1904

    Ashworth, Thomas

    Letters from Thomas Ashworth. Ashworth enlisted in February of 1864 at Depeyster, died in Savannah, Georgia, February of 1864 from acute dysentery.

    Brown, Donald 2 See footnote 1.

  • Reminiscenses of a Civil War Veteran. Compilation of stories, papers, and other documents by Donald Brown. Brown enlisted in October of 1861 at Ogdensburg, transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps in June 1864.

    Civil War Memoirs of Donald Brown. Newspaper clippings of his stories of the war. Bursee, Allen (also listed as Allen Burser or Allen Barsee)

    Letters from Allen Bursee to Lucy Sheppard3. Bursee enlisted in September 1861 at Ogdensburg, Co. C. Reenlisted as a veteran in December of 1863, deserted in February 1864.

    Delaney, John Letters from John Delaney to his cousin. Delaney enrolled in September 1861 at

    Heuvelton, Co. F. Mustered in as first lieutenant, promoted to captain of Co. E in April, 1863. Mustered out in October 1864.

    Dunn, Henry R. (also listed as Henry Drum) Letter from Henry W. Dunn to sister Amanda. Dunn enlisted in Spetember 1861 at

    Morristown, Co. C. Died of typhoid fever at Baltimore, December 1861. Eddy, Richard

    History of the 60th Regiment, NY State Volunteers, by Richard Eddy. Eddy enrolled at Albany in September 1861, discharged in February 1863. (2 copies)

    Elderkin, George E. Letter from George E. Elderkin to Stewart Allen.4 Elderkin enlisted in September 1861

    at Hammond, Co. C. He was discharged for disability in March 1863. Gale, Rollin C.

    Listing of photograph of Rollin C. Gale. Gale enrolled at Ogdensburg in October 1861, discharged January 1863.

    Goodrich, William B. Papers of William B. Goodrich, predominantly casualty papers. Goodrich enrolled as

    captain in September 1861 at Canton, Co. A. Promoted to lieutenant-colonel in October 1861 and colonel in May 1862. Killed in action at Antietam, Maryland, September 17, 1862.

    Houghton, Charles H. Personal records of Charles H. Houghton, including nomination for Congressional Medal

    of Honor. Houghton enrolled in September 1861 at Ogdensburg, Co. B. Promoted to second lieutenant in August 1862, discharged in March 1863.

    Johnson, Follett Personal records of Fo