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Overview of VAN Training and outline of our targets for 2012

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  • 1. +Civic EngagementNAACP Statesville Branch #5454 December 2011 Retreat

2. +VAN TrainingPlan WritingVoter RegistrationToolkit and ReportingVoter Turnout Get Out the Vote 3. +Days to 2012 Election 338 days 4. +Why? 5. +RememberVoter Registration Efforts and votereducation material is nonpartisanand is in no way intended to reflectan endorsement for, or oppositionto, any candidate, political party, orPAC 6. +NAACP units CANNOT Make oral or written statements supporting oropposing a political candidate, party or PAC. Tell individuals, communities or voters which candidatesthey should vote for. Contribute money to, or provide services for, a politicalcandidate, party or PAC. Work with a political candidate, party or PAC in planning orcarrying out nonpartisan voter registration, education or turnoutactivity. 7. +10 Steps to Empowering Voters1. They Hear & Heed2. They Receive3. They Hear4. They Attend5. They Participate 8. +10 Steps [Continued]6They Volunteer to Organize7They Recruit and Encourage8They Cast a Vote9They Organize10 They Become Active 9. + 216,551Unreg AA9.6 millionA Look at the Numbers3,522 Unreg AA inStatesville 10. +Plan OutlineTimeFrame Jan. 16th State LaunchDate [42 weeks] Unregistered Statesville MinorityVoters = 3,522Target= 352 registrationsApprox.5/hour; our plan will need toaccount for about 72 hours 11. +Five Steps to Register a New Voter1. Approach & get attention2. Give them a reason3. Ask their name4. Check form for common errors5. Ask everyone to volunteer 12. +Feedback NeededCoalition PartnersEvents??? Locations????Volunteers / Civic Engagement Committee 13. +ResourcesUrbanomics Consulting Groupwww.naacpvan.comTheLawyers Committee for Civil Rights website: Shame.pdf