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SOC containers, second hand containers, special containers, accommodation units, CHS Container Group, Asia, transport.

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2. Index 1. The CHS Container Group 2. CHS Container Trading 3. CHS Special Containers 4. CHS Accommodation Containers 5.CHS Trade Fairs and Events 6. CHS ASIA Joint Venture: Melchers 3. The CHS Container Group Customized containers Accommodation Units Storage Units Renting and Leasing of Containers Sale of new/used containers Innovative Customized SolutionsContainer 4. 1.THE CHS CONTAINER GROUP: Bremen HQ Founded 1978 220 Employees worldwide Turnover: approx. 38 million in 2013 5. References As well as multiple logistic companies 6. 2. CHS ASIA: Container trade locations Our containers are available in all major ports and depots in: Hong Kong, China, Japan,Phillippines,Russia, Singapore, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh, Thailand 7. 2.CHS Trading: Buy back contracts and leasing CHS provides the container at origin (ASIA) Customer uses them for transport and keeps them for the duration of their project Accept redelivery of the containers or devanning at destination. 8. 3. CHS Special Containers Long experience in production of military and special industrial containers Know-How Several Manufacture partners worldwide to multiply our capabilities Independent Organization and implementation of transport and assembly at the destination One Stop Solution 9. 4. CHS: Accommodation units 10. One Stop Solutions Provider /We assist mobile accommodation projects from A - Z /Shipping, customs clearance, delivery to the construction site and assembly of accommodation container. Logistics centre of German army container plant consisting of Office building with sanitary area - 191 x 20units - Total size of 2,807 m Daimler AG container plant consisting of Office building 16 x 20units - total size 235 m EURO GATE container terminal container facility consisting of Wilhelmshaven GmbH & Co. KG 24 x 20units - total size 900 m -Office building with kitchen and sanitary area - Reference projects: 11. Sample photos 12. Example: The QBOX comes packed and has been conceived to make a container modification quickly, without skilled staff and make them become a safe and insulated accommodation container. 13. 5. CHS: Trade Fair and Event Containers 14. Sample projects: 15. More samples: 16. 6. CHS ASIA: Joint venture with Melchers /Company with global operations. /150 years of market knowhow in Asia and more than 50 subsidiaries and branches worldwide. /Global, flexibly organized network. /Our CHS Asia staff is located in the Melchers Trading branch in Taipei. More info at 17. Melchers major customers/principals 18. CHS ASIA: Contact Frank Mittermueller Tel: +886 (0)2 2551 3264 EXT:404 Mob: +886 (0)970 135 434 Email: .tw Wendy Zhang Tel: +886 (0)2 2551 3264 EXT: 202 Mob: +886 (0)927 338 128 Email: We are at your service, for more details info please contact us!