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Ref no.: CBPL/ Proj/18/4/ 2012 M/S Chola Turbo Machinery International Pvt Ltd Sub: Quotation for Design, Manufacture, Supply & Performance test of 17 TPH/ 45Kg/cm 2 , 440 + 10 0 C Boiler Dear Sir, With reference to the discussion held with you, we are pleased to offer a quotation according to your enquiry. We hereby submit out lowest offer. We hope that you will find our rates more competitive in the market & will find our offer in line with your requirements. For further clarifications, please feel free to contact us. Detail as under: 1. Scope of work : As per annexure I 2. Scope of supply : As per annexure II 3. Equipments specifications : As per annexure III 4. Design basis : As per annexure IV 5. Operating parameters : As per annexure V 6. Exclusions : As per annexure VI 7. Performance Guarantee : As per annexure VII 8. Erection & commissioning : As per annexure VIII

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Ref no.: CBPL/ Proj/18/4/ 2012

M/S Chola Turbo Machinery International Pvt Ltd

Sub: Quotation for Design, Manufacture, Supply & Performance test of 17 TPH/ 45Kg/cm2,440 + 10 0C Boiler

Dear Sir, With reference to the discussion held with you, we are pleased to offer a quotation

according to your enquiry. We hereby submit out lowest offer. We hope that you will find our rates more competitive in the market & will find our offer in line with your requirements. For further clarifications, please feel free to contact us. Detail as under:

1. Scope of work : As per annexure I

2. Scope of supply : As per annexure II

3. Equipments specifications : As per annexure III

4. Design basis : As per annexure IV

5. Operating parameters : As per annexure V

6. Exclusions : As per annexure VI

7. Performance Guarantee : As per annexure VII

8. Erection & commissioning : As per annexure VIII

9. Price : As per annexure IX

10. General Terms & Conditions : As per annexure X

Rajiv Ranjan


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Annexure- 1Scope of Work

Scope of work

1.1 Complete engineering & preparation of all required data, drawings, calculations etc, as required for boiler & its auxiliaries, which are under our scope.1.2 Co-ordination with director of Boilers for engineering & manufacturing of boiler at Haryana.1.3 Supply & performance test at your site.1.4 Boiler registration, inspection, & steam test with IBR authorities at site in client scope.

Write up on Boiler

A Boiler Pressure Part: The pressure part will consist of the following:

Steam Drum

The boiler will be provided with a steam drum. This is of fusion- welded construction. The drum will be provided with welded ellipsoidal- dished ends, manhole doors fitted with cross bars, studs & nuts at each end. The drum shall be complete with required stubs for mounting valves & fittings. The steam drum shall be provided with drum internals to promote circulation & ensure steam purity.The thickness of the drum design shall be based on the requirement as specified under Indian Boiler Regulations 1950 with latest amendments.

Furnace – Water Wall Tubes

The furnace will be of natural circulation, balanced draft design. The fluidized bed combustor shall be provided with required number of compartments with individual air control system for continuous & nonstop operation of fluidized bed steam generator at varying load conditions. High rate of water circulation in the tubes is maintained so as to ensure the longer tube life. Water wall section shall be fabricated with welded type panel construction. Necessary supporting system shall be provided for expansion of components when the unit is in operation.

Super heater

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The super heater shall be of convective cum radiant design arranged in two stages primary & secondary superheater to achieve the rated steam temperature. Superheater shall be placed inside the membrane wall upper furnace zone. The superheater tubes shall be of ERW tube steel construction & non drainable type. The superheater system shall be complete with required headers, interconnecting piping, vents & drains, support etc. The superheater headers shall be placed outside the furnace, i.e. flue gas path.


Economizer shall be of plain tubular coil type, counter flow & drainable type construction with ERW tube.

General: Required numbers of fire doors is to be provided in the furnace & superheater section at appropriate location to observe the furnace, combustion, inspection & maintenance. Required number of explosion doors shall be provided.

B Fuel Feeding & Firing System

Fuel Feeding System

Boiler will be equipped with fluidized bed combustion chambers consisting of complete system of fuel transportation to fluidized bed furnace.

Fluidized Bed & Ash/ Sand Drain System

The fluidized bed system of proven design capable of continuous & reliable operation suitable for firing the specified fuel. The nozzle design shall permit the fluidsing at lower loads with provision to shut the individual compartments. Fluidizing nozzles shall be suitably sized stem portion extending from the bed plate to the furnace side.

Overhead FeedersOne nos. of overbed electronic control variable speed feeder are to be provided for feeding the fuel.

Secondary Air System

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Secondary air system consisting of multiple high velocity nozzles with air swirlers is to be provided at required height in the fluidized bed combustor to meet the oxygen requirement & to create the turbulence for proper combustion of fines & volatiles.

Fire DoorsThe boiler is to be provided with required nos. of easy to open hinged type cast iron doors for easy access to the furnace & water walls from inside.

C Continuous Ash Discharge System

This is for the discharge of collected ash from various locations of the boiler plant. Ash collection & discharge out of equipments at different locations. Suitable hoppers are to be provided with various Equipments like APH, Bed ash discharge hopper & will have rotary air lock valves, which shall be mounted at bottom. RALV continuously discharge the collected ash.

D Air Pre- Heater

A shell & tube design air pre- heater is to be provided with the boiler at the downstream of economizer with gas flow inside the tubes & airflow outside the tubes. This will be a multi tubular, counter current flow, self-cleaning design equipment. The air pre- heater shall be complete with casing duly reinforced. Required access doors shall be provided for inspection & maintenance.

E Fans

Forced Draft Fan

The boiler shall be equipped with one centrifugal type FD fans. Each fan is to be designed for a minimum discharge capacity of 20% higher than the theoretical air required at 35% excess air at MCR & head 20% higher than the required. The manually controlled damper is to be provided to regulate the air quantity to the furnace. The impeller will be dynamically balanced for vibration free operation.

Induced Draft Fan

The boiler shall be equipped with one number of centrifugal ID fan. The fan shall be designed for a minimum discharge capacity of 20% higher than the theoretical air

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required at 35% excess air at MCR & head 20% higher than the required. The impeller will be dynamically balanced for vibration free operation. Renewable hard faced wear pads on the impeller blades are to be incorporated.

S.A. Fan

The boiler shall be equipped with one number of centrifugal S.A. fan. The fan shall be designed for a minimum discharge capacity of 20% higher than the theoretical air required at 35% excess air at MCR & head 20% higher than the required. The impeller will be dynamically balanced for vibration free operation. Renewable hard faced wear pads on the impeller blades are to be incorporated.

F Boiler Feed Water pumps

Two no. boiler feed water pumps to be supplied with the boiler. One Pump is for operation & other pump standby. The boiler feed pump is to be operated on a common suction as well as discharge main. Each feed pump is to be capable of meeting 110% of maximum continuous rating of the boiler. The pumps shall be of single suction, multi-stage & centrifugal type complete.

G Motor Control Centre

One set of MCC dust & vermin proof, conforming to IP 54; vertical standing is to be provided with starters for the drives in our scope. Necessary power supply to the incoming of MCC shall be provided by you.

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Annexure – II

Scope of Supply


All the supplied material; specifications are detailed in Annexure – II. Any deviation in Spec. shall be only after due approval from client.

1.0 Boilero Steam drum with internals.o Membrane Water Wall Panelo Down Comers & Riserso Radiation & Convection Superheater with inlet, intermediate & outlet Headers.o Necessary pipe connecting to drum & Superheater.o Forced Flow Economiser section with inlet & outlet headers.

2.0 Feed Water Systemo Boiler Feed Water Pumps (2 Nos.) complete with coupling & base frame

arrangement.o Feed regulating station for maintaining uniform water level in steam drum.o Parallel flow paths for start up & low load as well as higher loads up to 110% MCR

with a stand by flow path of 100% capacity.

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Annexure- II (Contd.)

3.0 Valves & Mountings Air vent valve on sec. SH O/L header 1 No. Auxiliary valve on steam drum 1 No. Air vent valve on steam drum 1 No. Safety valve on steam drums 2 Nos. Gauge Glass cocks Assembly with Drain valve 2Pairs. Level Indicator / controller Isolation valve 2 Nos. Continuous Blow Down on water dram & headers 2 Nos. Blow Down on water drain & headers 1 No.

Drum Internal – Baffle plates, perforated plate, 3 Nos.Dry box tray, Steam Separator etc. Feed check valve on drum 1 SetEconomizer – Air vent valve 1 No.Eco. Instruments conn. Valve- I/L & O/L headers 1 No.

4.0 Set of IBR & Non IBR Valves & Mountings4.1 Main Steam Stop Valve at Secondary SH Outlet 1 No.4.2 Safety Valve on Sec. O/L Header 1 No.

5.0 Fuel Feeding

(A) Fluidized Bed/ Traveling Grate, furnace arrangements complete with plenum chamber, air nozzles etc. Over bed fuel feeding system including variable speed rotary feeders with pneumatic spreader for evenly spraying of fuel over the entire bed.

(B) Secondary Air System.

1nos. over bed fuel feeding system including variable speed screw feeders with pneumatic spreader for evenly spraying of fuel over the entire bed.VFDs for above feeders.

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6.0 Air Pre-Heater (APH)

Multitubler air heater shell and tube type assembly.Ash Hoppers at the bottom of air Pre- heater with Rotary Air lock valve for continuously discharge of ash.

7.0 Auxiliaries

One no. FD fan designed for 80%MCR with motor. One no. ID fan designed for 80%MCR with motor. 3 nos. Rotary Air Lock Valve with gearbox and motor for continuous discharge of ash

hopper, economizer, Cyclone etc.

8.0 Interconnecting Piping

Super heater steam piping for boiler to MSSV. Air vent piping Interconnecting piping between, drum, super heater etc. Feed water piping from feed pump to economizer & from economizer to drum.


MCC consists of main incomer, switches/relays, fuses for the following equipments.

A. FD/ ID fan MotorsB. Fuel Feeder DriveC. Rotary Air Lock valves drive.

Annexure – III

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1.0 MECHANICAL EQUIPMENTS1.1 Fuel Feeding System

No. of Feeders : 2 Nos.

Type of drive arrangement : Variable frequency Drive with Gearbox arrangement

Motor rating & Speed : 2KW/1440 RPM

1.2 Steam & Water Drum


Design Code IBR 1950 with latest amendments

Material Specification ASTM A 516 Gr. 70

Design Pressure Kg/cm2 45

Design Temp. 0C 254

1.3 Boiler Tubes

Annexure – III (Contd.)

Particulars Tube OD (mm) Thickness (mm) Material

Furnace Water Wall 50.8 4.06 ERW tube

Boiler Bank 50.8 4.06 ERW tube

Super Heater 44.45 4.06 & 4.5 SA210, T-11 TUBES

Economizer 38.1 4.06 ERW tube

APH 60.3 3.00 ERW TUBES

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1.4 Fans



Type Centrifugal Centrifugal Centrifugal

Total Differential Pr. Develop

Mm/wc 625 225 625

Design Temp. 0C 30 160 30

Fan Speed RPM 1920 1050 1920

No. of Operating Units One One One

1.5 Boiler Feed Water Pumps


TypeHorizontal multistage pump/ Plunger type


Total Differential head m3/hr. 14

No. of Pumps in Operations one

No. of stands by Pumps one One

Speed RPM 2900/80

Operating Temp. 0C 105

Rated Temp of BFW pump 0C 140

Annexure – III (Contd.)

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1.6 Headers

Material ASTM A 106 Gr. B/ Equivalent






1 No.

1 No.

Size Mm X Mm 141.3 OD x Sch .80.


Numbers 4

1. Primary2. Secondary

1 No.

1 No.

Size Mm x Mm 141.3 OD x Sch .80.

MOC of SH outlet Header ASTM A 335 P - 11

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Annexure – III (Contd.)

3.0 Electricals

3.1 Motor Controls Centre


Standard Followed IS 8623

Rated Voltage Volt 412

Material of Bus bar Aluminum

4.0 ATTEMPERATOR (In Client Scope)


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Type Venturi Fixed Nozzles

Position in Steam CircuitIn Btw Intermediate


Pressure at Nozzle Inlet Kg/Cm2 48

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1. Installation Outdoor

2. Steam boiler (Kg/hr) 12,000

3. Steam pressure (Kg/cm2) 45

4. Steam temperature (0 C) 440 + 10

5. Superheater temperature control range 95-105%

6. Outlet flue gas temp. (0C) 140

7. Water temp. at deaerator inlet (0C) 50

8. FuelPalwarised coll / wood


9. Fuel (GCV) 2500 -4000


Start up fuelCharcoal mixed with



Efficiency 85 + 5 %


Relative humidity (%) 58


Ambient temp. (Deg. C)

- Efficiency 30

- Insulation 45

- Electrical 48

12 Electrical Data

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- LT Volt (V) 412±10%

- Control Volt (V) 220± 10%

- Frequency (HZ) 50


Compressed air pressure (Kg/cm2) 6 (Oil and Moisture Free)

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1.1 Gas Temperature (0C) RANGE

Bed Temperature 700-750

Post combustion zone 850-900

Superheater inlet 750-800

Superheater outlet 650-700

Boiler outlet 350-375

Economizer outlet 250-275

Air pre-heater outlet 140

1.2 Steam Temperature (0C)

Superheater inlet Saturated

Superheater outlet 440+10

1.3 Water Temperature (0C)

Feed pump inlet (from Feed Tank) 105

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1.4 Air Temperature (0C)

Air pre-heater inlet 30

Air pre-heater outlet 140+5


2.1 Gas velocity

Bed 1.5-2.0

Furnace 2.5-3.0

Superheater 7.0-8.5

Boiler bank 7.0-8.5

Economizer 8.0-10.0

Air Pre heater 12.0-14.0


Steam Drum 51

At the outlet of main steam stop valve 45

Super heater safety valve set pressure 48

Drum safety valve I set pressure 50

Drum safety valve II set pressure 52

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4.0 DRAFT LOSS (mm/wc)

4.1 Gas side

Furnace 5

Superheater 20

Bank tube 35

Economizer 35

Air Pre-heater 40

Dust collector 25

Ducting Bend 25

Total pressure drop 185

4.2 Air Side

Across Fluidized bed 400

Across Nozzles 100

Across Air Pre-heater 40

Across ducting/damper 30

Total 570

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The following are EXCLUDED from CBPL’s scope of supply:

a) All instruments supply, installation & commissioning.

b) Tanks for water storage, water treatment plant & its piping.

c) Earth pit.

d) Fuel storage bunker .

e) Any kind of civil works including main boiler support, furnace support boiler bank

support, concrete pedestals, foundation bolts, base plates and RCC operating platform

covering furnace, boiler economizer, air pre-heater.

f) Chimney

g) RCC control rooms for boiler control panel and MCC, Air conditioners for the control

rooms, CVT/UPS for instruments.

h) Boiler roof and side covering and weather canopy including related structures to

mount the same. Rain water gutter piping. Complete RCC boiler house.

i) All utilizes like DM water, bed material, fuel etc.

j) Spares, other than commissioning.

k) Boiler registration and approval at site. However, CBPL shall provide complete

assistance to the purchaser during boiler registration.

l) Free boarding and lodging facilities including local conveyance for CBPL erection

personnel, as well as Engineers, Communication facilities at free of charge.

Air System

m) Forced draft air header and ducting from FD header to Air Pre Heater.n) Ducting from Air Pre Heater to Main Distribution Header and main air distribution

header to individual compartment.o) Dampers and expansion joints in FD air ducting.

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p) Individual dampers at the suction of each compartment.q) Primary draft air ducting from FD fan header outlet to PA fan and PA fan to under bed

fuel feeding lines.1) Flue Gas ducting up to the inlet of chimney

2) Dampers and expansion joint in flue gas ducting from boiler to chimney.

Blow Down

Boiler drain piping upto blow down tank. Blow down lines from blow off valves to blow down tank.

Refectory & Insulation

Supply of refectory materials. Supply of insulation & cladding materials for CBPL equipments.

Supports & Platforms

Supporting structure for Boiler, Economizer from RCC firing floor (Ist Floor) level, APH from Ist Floor.

Supporting structure for air & flue gas ducting. All commissioning spares will be in Clients scope All P& I with specs will be approved by CBPL


Control Panel comprising basic instruments such as

A. Temp. MonitorsB. Alarm annunicatorsC. AmmetersD. Safety interlock System

Local Field Instruments such as,

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Annexure- VI (Contd.)

Thermocouples and compensating cables to measure:

Bed temperature. Flue gas temperature before &after super heater. Flue gas temperature before economizer. Flue gas temperature before multi tubular air pre heater. Flue gas temperature after multi tubular air pre heater. Air temperature after multi tubular air pre heater. Feed water temperature before economizer. Feed water temperature after economizer. Steam temperature at superheater outlet. Pressure gauge to measure steam pressure at steam drum. Steam pressure at SH outlet header. Feed line pressure before feed control valve. Feed line pressure after feed control valve Inlet and outlet of feed pump pressure.

Draught gauges to measure

Furnace pressure. Air pressure of FD air. Air pressure of secondary air.

The Safety Interlock System

Unless ID fan is On, FD would not operate. Unless FD fan is On, Fuel Feeders would not operate.

The following closed loop complete with field mounted measuring elements, transmitters, i/p converters, pneumatically operated control valve etc. are include in the scope.

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Annexure-VI (Contd.)

Steam Temperature Control (Attemperator)For turbine near constant steam temp. is desirable for good operation. Also upper & lower limits are very critical. This system is to monitor the operation of Attemperator precisely. Temperature of steam going to turbine is to be measured & signaled to master controller. Master controller will regulate the pneumatically operated water flow control valve. Attemperator will be situated between the Primary superheater & Secondary superheater. Required quantity of water is to be sprayed and mixed with the SH steam coming out from Primary SH. Then it will go to secondary SH.The temperature of SH steam out going from secondary SH, thus precisely maintained.

Single elements drum level control

Feed water Inlet of Feed Tank level control station.

Steam At the outlet of main steam stop valve.

Blow down/drains Outlet of blow down tank

Vent.exhaustUp to safe elevation of 2 m above the

boiler house roof

Cooling/ service water At one point

Instrument air At one point

Fuel Inlet of fuel feeder hopper

AshOutlet of ash hopper rotary air lock


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Outlet flange of rotary air lock valve

below furnace, boiler bank,

economizer, air pre-heater

Combustion Air At the inlet of FD fan

Flue gas At the inlet of chimney



1. Maximum Continuous Rating of the boiler at 12TPH

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with feed water temp. of 105 0C at deaerator inlet and Superheater outlet conditions of 45 Kg/cm2 and 440 +10 0C steam temperature.

Fuel Palwarised coll / wood chips

2. Boiler efficiency 85 + 5%

3. SH Steam temp. control range MCR 95-105%

4. Auxiliary power consumption As specified in Annexure-III


1. The boiler and its auxiliaries will give the performance as per the guaranteed figures given above subject to the following condition. Ambient temperature - 30 Deg. C Relative humidity - 58%

2. Performance guarantee tests and calculation will be made by the indirect method in accordance with ASME PTC 4.1.

3. Performance test run shall be for 72 hours at MCR.4. Feed water quality should be adhered to the recommended quality below.

Annexure- VII (Contd.)

WATER QUALITY REQUIREMENTExtract from IS 10392 – 1982, “Specification for feed water and Boiler water for low and medium land boilers.”

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Characteristics Pressure 45-50 Kg/cm2

Feed Water

Total hardness (as CaCO3) mg/ltr., max. Not detectable

pH value 8.5 to 9.5

Dissolved oxygen mg/ltr. Max 0.01

Silica (as SiO2) mg/ltr., max. 0.02

Boiler Water

Total hardness (of filtered sample) (as CaCO3 mg/ltr.) Not detectable

Total alkalinity (as CaCO3), mg/ltr., max. 300

Caustic alkalinity (as CaCO3), mg/ltr., max. 60

pH valve 10.0 to 10.5

*Residual sodium sulphite (as Na2SO3), mg/ltr., max. -

Residual hydrazine as (N2H4), mg/ltr. 0.05 to 0.3

Ratio Na2SO4/caustic Alkalinity (as NaOH)Applicable for riveted

boilers only.

Phosphates (as PO4), mg/ltr. (if added) 5 to 20

**TDS (DDM)., max. 110

Silica (as SiO2). Mg/ltr. 0.02

* Total alkalinity should preferably be about 20% of total dissolved salts.

** Shall not apply if reducing agents other than sodium sulphite are used.

Steam characteristic

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TDS 0.1 ppm

pH 8-8.5 ppm

Silica <0.02

Economizer 8.0-10.0

Page 27: Chola Turbo




The erection of the items supplied by CLIENT under this specification is the responsibility of

CLIENT. Erection shall be carried out according to well-established practices by Vendors

1.0 providing erection tools tackles, Hoists, derricks, slings scaffolding, rigging tools,

welding sets, instruments, appliances, consumables etc. required for erection,

inspection, testing and commissioning to accomplish the work.

2.0 arranging necessary inspection and IBR approval of all site related activities by the IBR

authorities. However, IBR statutory fees to be borne by client.

3.0 Providing complete supervisory personnel.

4.0 Ensuring pre-commissioning checks mass flushing alkali boil out, trail run of all rotating

equipment, calibration of instruments, controls etc., checking up of instrument

accuracy, under supervision of CBPL.

5.0 Providing all instruments for the above testing, checking, as well as for performance

testing of equipments and systems.

6.0 Conducting performance test after the satisfactory completion of trail operations and

on completion of satisfactory unit performance.

7.0 Strainer at the suction of feed water pump.

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1. Price : Rs 110 Lac.

2. Payment Terms : 40% as advance along with Purchase order.60% against Performa Invoice.

3. Taxes : VAT/CST As applicable from the time of delivery.

4. Transportation : Will be extra as per actual.

5. Insurance : Extra as per actual, will be arranged by you.

6. General terms & conditions : As per annexure IX

7. Others : In the event of the any dispute of arising as result of Contacting to supply against this offer & Quotation the Place ofJurisdiction will be KARNAL and not any Other place.

8. Addn. Levies : Octroi will be charged extra as & if applicable at the time of dispatch as per

govt. rule.9. Force Majeure : We shall not be liable for any delay in

delivery by govt., Legislation, war, national defense activity, fire, strikes,Work stop page, transport delay, material scarcity, act of God or any other reason beyond our control.

We hope our offer meets your requirement & waiting for your valued purchase order. If you have any query please get in touch with us. We assure our best service to you at all time.

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Annexure-XGeneral Terms & Conditions:

Delivery period:

The equipment will be started of delivery within 120 days from the date of confirmed order along with advance. The delivery period shall commence from the date of receipt of your fully confirmed technically/commercially clear order/approval of drawings if any whichever is later.

Warrantee:The Boiler is warranted against any manufacturing defect or against malfunction arising out of faulty design; material and /or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months from date of invoice whichever is earlier. However warranty will not cover the normal wear & tear or damage caused by accident wrong handling & improper maintenance. This clause will be applicable only if the purchaser strictly follows the operational & maintenance guidelines & manufacturer recommendations on feed water quality & fuel quality.

Arbitration Clause:

In the event of any dispute in the interpretation of the terms of contract or difference of opinion between the parties on ay point of contract arising out of, or in connection with the agreement/accepted purchase order or with regard to performance of any obligation here under by either party, the parties here to shall use their best efforts to settle such disputes or difference of opinion amicably by mutual negotiations.In case of non settlement the matter shall be referred to independent Arbitrator mutually acceptable to both parties for arbitration for resolving the dispute as per provision of The Arbitration & Reconciliation Act 1998 or any statutory modification or re enactment there of from time to time.

Force Majeure Clause:

The terms & condition mutually agreed upon shall be subject to Force Majeure Clause as given below:Neither the Purchaser nor the Supplier shall be considered in default in performance of its obligation hereunder, if such performance is prevented or delayed because of war, hostilities revolution, civil commotion ,strike, earthquake, epidemic, fire, wind, flood or because of any

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law & order proclamation regulation or ordinance of any Govt. or any act of God or of any other cause whether of similar nature beyond the reasonable control of party affected .Should one or both parties be prevented from fulfilling his/their contractual obligations by state of Force Majeure lasting continuously for a period of six months the two parties should consult each other & decide regarding the future implementation of contract .

Project Management:

We have developed separate teams for undertaking the extra jobs not covered in our scope of supply for the installation of Boiler & its accessories essentially required for smooth commissioning of Boiler along with steam pipe line jobs, Condensate recovery system, insulation jobs etc.Insurance charges shall be extra & shall be arranged by you.CST/VAT as applicable against relevant sales tax form shall be charged extra. Similarly Excise duty as applicable shall be charged extra.Installation job will be got done through separate agency, However we shall be responsible for proper installation & commissioning of Equipment.In case our offer is accepted then we shall request you to give separate order for supply job & separate order for installation job to our sister concern.

Price Escalation Clause:

The above quoted prices are based on the prevailing market price of structural steel / IBR approved Boiler plates as on date of making offer. In case of increase in price of these materials beyond 5% while executing the contract prices will increase based upon the overall increase in cost by considering differential cost of price increase & its overall impact on manufacturing cost on account of escalation in steel prices.

Design & engineering:

We are well equipped with in house design facilities for the complete design & engineering of Boiler & associated accessories /equipment by a team of well qualified experienced & sufficiently trained staff.Manufacturing:We are well equipped with various fabrication facilities like sheet bending, welding, drilling etc & have a team of highly trained & skilled manpower for undertaking the jobs as per IBR norms. We are in an expansion mode & in a process of building more in house capabilities to cope with order requirement.

Page 31: Chola Turbo


Up gradation of Design:

We reserve the right to amend the design of equipment while making supply of equipment as development up gradation in design of the equipment offered for better efficiency & performance shall be the main criterion.We hope that you will find our offer quite competitive & place your valuable order with us.Thanking you & assuring of our best services,

Yours Sincerely,

Rajiv Ranjan