Characterstics of Historical Revelation

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My class presentation on a article on Faith and revelation.

Transcript of Characterstics of Historical Revelation

  • CharaCteristiCs of Christian revelation
  • Three Characteristics1.Historical Character2. Experiential Character3.Communitarian and Interpersonal Character
  • Historical CharacterWe cant reduce Christian revelation to mere collection of truths--- DV 2 A. Revelation In the OT is Historical Expose , Manifest, Unveil oneself God discloses his will in History God is known to people as God of .. History A process Different stages of the process
  • B.Revelation in the NT is HistoricalLong ago God spoke to our ancestors in many and various ways by the prophets, but in these days he has spokento us by a son, whom he appointed heir of all things,through whom he also created the worlds.-Hb 1,1-2
  • God SpokeIn many and varied waysTo our ancestorsIn these dayscreated the worlds
  • What is Historical Revelation???Revelation in historyRevelation through historyImplications of Revelation in and through history
  • istorical Revelation-Indian Context Changing reality cant communicate anything divine Historical facts are transitory To arrive at the diving, we need to go beyond the transitory Historical Revelation is not Possib
  • 2.Experientaial Character OfChristian Revelation
  • A. Revelation in OT - Experiential Experience of God in the cosmic events Experience of God in and through the historical events
  • Revelation in NT - ExperientialRevelation as experience in the person of Christ Christ is the self revelation of God Christ is the recipient of revelation Glorified Xt is the perfect sharer of the experience ofGodApostles share the consciousness of Xt thus share hisexperienceChurch shares the experience of apostles
  • Experience of Revelation in the Indian ContextIn India, reality is conceived as one.Revelatory process= awakening our consciousnessContact with the Supreme RealityMeans of awakening Hearing of the word-OM Bhakti(Jnana)Marga Hindu Experience of God is not historically mediated, as in the case of biblical experience of God
  • Christian Revelation Inter Personal and
  • Historical and experiential Character of revelation makes it an event of Personal relationshipThrough this revelation, therefore the invisible God, out of the abundance of his love, speaks to men as friends and live among themDV 2
  • nterpersonal Character of Christian Revelatio A. Revelation in the OT is Interpersonal YHWH enters into personal relation with Human Perso YHWH makes covenant with humanity Inter personal relation progressively grows
  • B. Revelation in NT is an inter personal union of the human person with God in Christ C. Revelation in the Church is InterpersonalD. Characteristics of Revelation that is interpersonal 1.Dialogical 2. It is knowledge, that is life 3.Realized in the midst of tension
  • Communitarian Nature of Christian RevelationRevelation in OT is CommunitarianRevelation in NT is CommunitarianImplications of Revelation that is Communitarian
  • My Views and Reflections
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