CCC CIO Fall Conference CCC Chancellor’s Office Operations Update Hits, Runs, Errors & Changes...

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CCC CIO Fall Conference CCC Chancellor’s Office Operations Update Hits, Runs, Errors & Changes Sally Montemayor Lenz October 30, 2013
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Transcript of CCC CIO Fall Conference CCC Chancellor’s Office Operations Update Hits, Runs, Errors & Changes...

Fall 2012

CCC CIO Fall Conference

CCC Chancellors OfficeOperations Update

Hits, Runs, Errors& Changes Sally Montemayor LenzOctober 30, 2013Curriculum and InstructionHits!

CCC Curriculum Inventory

Program and Course Approval Handbook

Legislation SB 1440 & SB 440

CCC Curriculum InventoryEnhancementsAction-driven vs. Proposal FormsPortal Format with User-driven Alias System CIO Manage all College AccountsLocal Data Quality ReportsPublic Search Tool & Inventory ReportsMIS Edit Tables to reconcile with statewide data reporting3CCC Curriculum InventoryData Source to Complement CCCCO MISStatewide Reporting: Find a Program, Salary Surfer, Launch Board Beginning August 2013 l ClosureAligns with MIS 4CCC Curriculum InventoryRuns!Colleges should run:Periodic Data Quality ReportsAmend and Correction CCC CI DataAssess when to inactivate a course or programReview CCCCO Statewide ReportsPrepare for August ClosureAligns with MIS 5Program and Course Approval HandbookPCAH


200920122012-2013 Draft for Vetting20136PCAH: Only 2 Years Later!CCC Curriculum Inventory2 Editions of the New Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH) have been issued:The 4th Edition integrated the forms processThe 5th Edition integrated the CCC Curriculum Inventory and the Proposal Development Guides

7PCAH: New Proposal Development GuidesAppendices A- G (Proposal Development Submission Guides)A: Credit CourseB: Associate Degree for TransferC: Associate Degree (A.A or A.S.)D: Certificate of Achievement (Credit)E: Noncredit Course F: Certificate of Competency (Noncredit)G: Certificate of Completion (Noncredit)H: Adult High School Diploma (Noncredit)CTE in Red Text8CCC Curriculum InventoryPCAH: List of Tables

9CCC CI Errors & PCAH RevisionsCCC CI Errors can be corrected Refer to Table 7. Amend Action Definitions for more information.

PCAH RevisionsArticulation of 3 to 1Using a P for the major preparation for ADTSubmit comments and suggestion to All proposed changes vetted through CO and SACC10SB 1440Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT)Total of 969 ADT Report run at the end of every monthReal time data available at any time using the CCC CI Public Site or Sign In viewADT Certification yes! It can be amended

11SB 440SB 440Codifies practices of SB 1440 Specifically states, A CCC shall create an ADT in every major and area of emphasis offered by that collegeLikely to use the same process:Intersegmental Oversight Committee & Intersegmental Coordinating WorkgroupDiscipline Input Group (DIG) & Faculty Discipline Review Group (FDRG)C-ID ProcessWill existing degrees be inactivated?12ADT Status Report 2013

100% Goal Certification

100% Goal Certification

ADT Degrees Offered & In Development by Discipline

TMC Templates

C-ID Review Process

System Advisory Committee On CurriculumChangesComprised of CCCCO, CIO, ASCCC, CTE, Student RepsAgenda Items:Noncredit Student Success Course IndicatorsThe use and MIS reporting of grades for all Career Development and College Preparation Courses A new grading symbol of Satisfactory Progress (SP) Curriculum & Instruction UnitManaging ExpectationsServing 112 California Community CollegesManaging ExpectationsChancellors Office Staffing Curriculum and Instruction 4.0 FTE devoted to all curriculum reviewsCredit coursesADT proposalsAA and AS proposalsCertificatesNoncredit courses and programsResponsibilities are beyond proposal review 0.5 FTE devoted to technical assistance and CI functionality

A sincere thank you for your ongoing collegiality and support.