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  • Canadian Fine ArtAuctionMonday 24 November 2014

  • Canadian Art AuctionMonday 24 November 2014at 7:00 pm

    On ViewSaturday 22 November 2014 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pmSunday 23 November 2014 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pmMonday 24 November 2014 from 10:00 am to 12 Noon

    Select lots may be viewed otherwise by appointment.

    Preview and Auction to be held at Waddingtons275 King Street East, 2nd FloorToronto Ontario CanadaM5A 1K2

    This auction is subject to the Conditions of Sale printed in the back of this catalogue.

    All lots in the auction may be viewed online at

  • All lots in the auction may be viewedonline at

    This catalogue and its contents 2014 Waddington McLean & Company Ltd.

    All rights reserved. Photography by Waddingtons


    Inside Cover Lot 10 MARCELLE FERRON, R.C.A. SANS TITRE

    Title PageLot 55 SYBIL ANDREWS SPEEDWAY, 1934


    Back CoverLot 46 SOREL ETROG, R.C.A. HARBOUR AT NIGHT, 1953-4

    SpecialistLinda Rodeck

    Condition ReportsEileen Reilly

    Fine Art AdministratorErin Rutherford

    Corporate ReceptionistKate Godin 416 504 9100

    Accounts ManagerKaren Sander 416 847 6173

    Absentee and Phone Bidding416 504 0033 (Fax)


    CommunicationsTess McLean416 504

  • It always feels like a steep, steep climb when we embark upon the consignmentgathering process at the start of each auction season. While the AccountsDepartment busies itself sending out invoices and tallying up the revenue fromthe last sale (this spring the total was in excess of $6 million), the SpecialistDepartment can spend more than a few sleepless nights fretting about where thenext sale will come from.

    This summer our climb was made easier by the delivery of our very firstconsignment to the Fall 2014 Canadian Art auction: the exquisite sketch forJ.E.H. MacDonalds Tracks and Traffic, 1912 (lot 58) which arrived while ourSpring sale preview was still in progress. Entrusted to us by an old friend of thefirm, the painting hung above my desk and provided The Team with enormousencouragement particularly on those (albeit rare) days when great picturesseemed to elude us. Slowly at first and then at break-neck speed in the finalweeks leading up to deadline, works started arriving from Halifax, fromMontreal, from Ottawa, from Calgary and Winnipeg and points in between from the U.K. and the U.S. and the sale began to take shape.

    Over the years, weve come to understand that each sale seems to develop its ownpersonality. Some are docile, some unruly, some sprightly, some even ungainly(many of you will remember the 450+ lot sales of old!). This sale, we all agree,has been a joy, and we will be sorry to part with works that have been ourprivilege to research and discuss these past few months. For Erin Rutherford itwill be hard to part with the captivating rhythm of Ray Mead's Image No. 10 andthe fervent passion of Marcelle Ferron's Sans Titre; Eileen Reilly was drawn toJoseph Plaskett's Dans le parc, Paris and Lawren Harris' Batchawana; I, too, havemy favorites but curiously they change as the sale evolves and the result has beenthat, for this sale, there are too many for me to feel as though I can single out justone or two: the Verner Indian encampment? The Etrog Painted Construction?Coughtrys Two Figures XIX from 1964? The Shadbolt Vancouver street scene? Ifind it impossible to decide. And hopefully you, too, will find something in the170 lots we have been entrusted with that will whisper your name, draw you inand compel you to commit.

    This sale has been assembled without strict adherence to dollar value, althoughthe catalogue sales we produce admittedly represent the high end of the market,with more modestly priced works appearing in our regular online auctions.However, we have been quite resolved to offer high-quality works in a selection ofperiods, media, subjects and artists, regardless of price, which should make thesale accessible to all levels of collector.

    As always for those of you who will visit us in person, we look forward towelcoming you to Waddingtons. For those of you who cannot travel to Toronto,we hope we can help you in other ways that will bring the joy of collecting greatCanadian art closer to you, if not right into your home. We look forward to beingof service.

    Linda RodeckSenior Specialist, Canadian Art Vice President, Fine Art

  • Leadership Team

    Waddingtons leadership team brings together threeof the industrys best. The combination of theirexperience, knowledge of market trends and clientnetworks builds on Waddingtons 160 year legacy ofgrowth and dominance.

    Duncan McLean, President, is Waddingtonscorporate leader, responsible for strategicdevelopment and innovation realization. Under hisdirection Waddingtons strives to not onlycontinuously evolve to meet the needs of ourclients and address the demands of the market, butto push the boundaries, with integrity, creativityand passion.

    Mr. McLean has been involved in the auctionindustry for 35 years, as art specialist, appraiser,auctioneer and corporate leader. His knowledgebase spans the diversity of Waddingtons offerings,with internationally-recognized expertise in InuitArt.

    As Vice President Business Development, StephenRanger is focused on identifying new markets, newclients and new ways to do business. For example,Mr. Ranger launched Waddingtons ContemporaryArt venture, Concrete Contemporary, to reach anexciting new sector of art enthusiasts and artists.Under Mr. Rangers guidance, new partnerships arealso being created resulting in edgy new offeringslike our Pop-Up Gallery series debuting in 2013.

    Mr. Ranger brings over 25 years of diverseexperience as an auctioneer, appraiser andconsultant in the art auction industry with specificexpertise in Canadian Fine Art.

    Linda Rodeck, Vice President Fine Art, is one ofCanadas most trusted and respected Canadian Artspecialists. Her impressive career of 25+ yearsincludes leadership roles in the countrys mostdistinguished auction houses. Ms. Rodecks keenunderstanding of the market and her extensivenetwork are invaluable in her role of sourcing thebest works and providing the best service to ourclients.

    As Vice President of Waddingtons Fine Art, Ms. Rodeck plays a critical role in developing newbusiness leveraging her success in the Canadian artmarket.

    Waddingtons is Canadas most diverse andsignificant provider of fine art auction and appraisalservices. Based on a rich legacy in the industry,Waddingtons actively seeks to redefine ourbusiness to ensure we remain fresh and reactive towhat our clients are seeking. Through our appraisal,auction, private sale and downsizing expertise, weare pleased to provide a complete range of services.

    Waddingtons is Canadas original auction house,with a history of conducting auctions since 1850.We are also an international auction house,providing access to world markets.

    Waddingtons is an innovative leader. We enjoypushing the limits, exploring new territory andcreating new partnerships. From the marathonauction of Maple Leaf Gardens, our partnershipwith the LCBO to auction fine wine, to the launchof Concrete Contemporary and our new Pop-UpGallery series, we are driven to find whats new,whats exciting, and what you want to buy or sell.

    Waddingtons by Department

    Asian ArtCanadian Fine ArtContemporary Art Auctions and ProjectsDecorative ArtsInternational ArtInuit ArtJewellery, Watches & NumismaticsOff the Wall ArtTransitionsPhilanthropy and Community


  • Waddingtons has been a major force inthe Canadian art sector for over fivedecades, beginning with our first auctionof Canadian Fine Art held at the QueenElizabeth Building at the CNE in 1967.Since that historic event, Waddingtons hasoffered some of the most importantCanadian works, set record prices, and hasbeen an integral part of driving theCanadian art market.

    Linda RodeckSenior Specialist, Canadian ArtVice President, Fine Art

    Canadian Fine Art

    Waddingtons is internationally recognizedas one of the leading authorities inmarketing Inuit Art. No other auctionhouse has been as intrinsically linked tothe development of a market for this artform. Inuit Art is a proud part of ourDNA. From our first landmark auction in1978 of the William Eccles Collection,Waddingtons has offered thousands ofworks, set record prices, and expanded themarket well beyond Canadas borders.

    Our legacy of successful Inuit Art auctions,our ability to achieve continually increasingvalues and our creation of an internationalmarket have been key factors in validatingInuit art as a whole and establishing it asan integral part of the Canadian Art scene.

    Duncan McLeanSenior Specialist, Inuit Art

    Christa OuimetSpecialist, Inuit Art

    Inuit Art

  • Jewellery, Watches andNumismatics

    Waddington's has conducted auctions ofFine Jewellery and Numismatics for closeto three decades. Highly respectedexpertise and in-depth knowledge of bothdomestic and international markets are theanchors of the ongoing success andpopularity of our auctions.

    Our auctions are composed of a widespectrum of contemporary and periodjewellery featuring examples by some ofthe most desired names in jewelleryincluding Tiffany, Cartier, Faberg, Jensen,Yurman and Van Cleef & Arpels. Alsofeatured in our auctions are fine wrist andpocket watches,