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Background Care Essentials Pty Ltd is a robust company existing since 1996 in Melbourne, Australia.20 production staff.Semi automated production unit.Innovative and focused on forced air warming.Never had any problem or claim on patents.High level of QA systems and audited by TGA(Therapautic Goods Administration), Govt of Australia.Capacity to produce 1 M blankets.

Facts & Certifications

Factory based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.Warming blankets & Warming Blowers including the PCB is made in Australia.TGA approved, TGA audited, CE marked. ISO 13485. 510K (FDA).UL Lab approved for 60601-1 3rd edition for warming units20,000 blankets in stock.



Blankets have Micro-porous holes which gives:Controlled, even distribution of airflow throughout the blankets.minimum disruption of laminar flow, directly onto surface of patient and minimise debris entering surgical field. Micro pores eliminates the chance of red-spots or burn marks on children.

WHY USE COCOON BLANKETSBlankets have universal tie system, thus, the same Cocoon blanket can be used during pre/intra/post operation . Cocoon blankets can be used with any other blower because of universal tie system.The fabric touching the skin is spunlace nonwoven polyester soothing and safe.The fabric on the other layer is poly propylene spun-bond nonwoven, which is safe and strong.

WHY USE COCOON BLANKETSBlanket doesnt tear (top layer is strong and made up of fabric) when drape is removed and the same blankets can be used both in operation and recovery. In fact pre warming, intra and post warming can be done with just one blanket.Tie system adds to ease of reusing on same patient.More than one port for flexibility.Ports from side ensures that hose doesnt obstruct clinicians, also easy to manage the hose weight.Two different clips to manage the weight of the hose.Extra fabric cover on the sides better warming, protection from disrupting the laminar flow.We have about 20 different blankets and we can make blankets as per your request.Seven Under body blankets.

Infrared Image Showing Full Torso Patient Warming Blanket Positioned on Polystyrene Model and L101 & L102 line scan position

CSIRO study shows our blankets warms better in terms of heat distribution. CSIRO is Australias national scientific agency.THERMAL IMAGE TAKEN BY CSIRO

WHY USE COCOON WARMERS?Warming Machine is light, compact and sturdy.Designed to protect from fluid.Protective hose cover delivers thermal insulation and ease of cleaning. Helps in infection control.Low noise (Approx 50 db as compared to 55db)Use of one type of blower for all blankets.Has boost button of 46 degC for 10 minutes.Has extra bed mount hook to hang the unit against bed without any stand.

WHY USE COCOON WARMERS?Better Infection control: 0.2 micron Hepa Filters-1000hrs.Filter placed closest to outlet - Ensures only the cleanest air is delivered to patient.Filter not on the bottom- doesnt suck dust from the floor.Vents designed for protection from fluid ingress.

SAFETY FEATURESDouble safety protective thermostats inside the main equipment.Single shot thermal cut out near the heating coil an additional safety feature!!Never had history of patient injury.

Reference for clinical feedbackVictoria: Alfred, Austin, Frankston, St Vincents, The Womens, Royal Vic Eye and Ear, Cabrini, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong etc.NSW : RPA, PoW, Women's, Children, St George, Concord, Fairfield, Campbelltown, Wollongong, Coffs Harbour, Lismore, Tweed, Sydney Private, St Vincent's Private Lismore etc. QLD : Mater, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Redlands, Redcliff, Nambour, Logan, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, SA Royal Adelaide, At Andrew, Womens and ChildrenWA and Tasmania Royal Perth used Cocoon. NT -Royal DarwinExport to over 35 countries NZ, Europe, Asia, South America.

Knox 04- 10Northwest priv- 10-11North park 04-1012

COCOON Disposable Lithotomy and Laparoscopy, CLM 0125Developed with the help of an Australian hospitalThe CocoonLithotomy and Laparoscopyfeatures:

Cut out section over the chest and abdomen for easy access while allowing flexible movement of legs.

Ties on arms and legs to secure blanket once in position.

Ample dimensions to accommodate all patients and positions.

Ample tape (latex free) around fenestration to secure blanket to torso.

Universal inlet port ties ensure the hose remains firmly in the blanket.

ReferencesHi Abhay,We have just used the Lithotomy and Laparoscopy blanket with a colorectal surgeon. It's brilliant. I'm going to gently try to drive change from the surgical side. I've passed on the details to the surgeon and his regular anesthetist.Cheers,MurrayDr Murray StokanAnaesthetistStaff Specialist Westmead PublicHospitalVMO Westmead Private HospitalMobile: 0410 623516 PO Box 47 Westmead [email protected]

ReferencesGood afternoon Abhay,I just wanted to thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the extra machine for our endoscopy unit and for the box of Lithotomy blankets for trial.I used one of the blankets yesterday for a patient having a laparotomy and it was superb. I wanted to let you and Robert both know that the blanket can be utilised for laparotomy patients with great success. You may wish to let other users know of my success using it this way.I will continue to trial the blanket and will let you know how we go.Once again thank you for the prompt response and I look forward to continuing our business with you and Robert.Enjoy the festive season.Kind regards,JodieJodie SheehanNurse Unit Manager | AnaestheticsLoftus Street, Level 2 Block A, Operating Theatres, Wollongong Hospital. Tel. 02 4222 5390 | Pager No 629|Fax. 02 4222 5468 | [email protected]