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  • Business Internet Banking / USER GUIDE 1


    Business Internet Banking

    user guide

  • Business Internet Banking / USER GUIDE2 Business Internet Banking / USER GUIDE 3

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for choosing Business Internet Banking (BIB) from HSBC to conduct your

    business banking online. BIB is a safe and a secure service that will allow you to bank

    with us from anywhere at anytime. You will enjoy a lot of benefits including the advantage

    of saving 25% of transaction charges when you choose to bank with us through BIB.

    In this user guide, you will find useful information on BIB, new features and a step by

    step guide on how to set up and start banking with us online. We hope this guide will be

    of great help to allow you unleash the advantages of BIB by optimizing it to match the

    key policies and procedures within your company.

    In case you need any help or additional information on BIB, our dedicated helpline will be

    more than happy to assist you, please call us on 800 4525 (from within UAE) or +971800

    4525 (from outside UAE) or visit us at

    Should you have any comments or feedback on this guide or BIB, please feel free to let

    us know.

    Best Regards,

    HSBC Bank Middle East Limited

    Table of Contents

    I. Introduction 4

    II. Features, Functionalities and Benefits of BIB 4

    III. Key concepts of BIB. 5

    a. Accounts Accessible on BIB 5

    b. Primary Users and Secondary users 6

    c. Daily Transaction Limits 7

    d. Admin Control - Single Authorisation and Dual Authorisation 7

    e. Account Control: Signature Groups and Transaction Authorisation matrix 8

    IV. Getting Started 11

    a. Online Registration 11

    b. First time Logon 15

    V. Mandatory Steps for Primary Users 19

    a. Change Signature Group 19

    b. Account Control 20

    VI. Secondary Users 23

    a. Create Secondary Users 23

    b. Delete existing Secondary user 26

    c. Modify profile of existing Secondary user 28

    VII. Authorisation (for Dual Admin control only) 35

    a. Authorisation for Adding, Deleting or Amending Secondary user 35

    b. Authorisation for Financial Transactions 39

  • Business Internet Banking / USER GUIDE4 Business Internet Banking / USER GUIDE 5

    Cashiers Orders for local payments: Delivered to the beneficiary or to any HSBC branch of your choice Utility Bill Payments: Allows you to pay all your utility bills online Standing Instructions: You can set up regular standing instruction for your regular payments in a easy and flexible manner

    Payment templates: You dont have to re-enter information on your regular payments every time. You can choose to save your payment details as a template and retrieve it any time to make your payment with minimum clicks

    Statement Information Download: This allows you to download and save your statement info in a variety of formats including common spread sheets and text Security: We offer you the benefits of two factor authentication using a combination of One time password tokens and security questions

    Add Users: You can add new users and assign user rights to them by yourself without approaching the bank. (See section on Key Concepts)

    Dual Authorisation: You can control any changes by implementing dual authorisation, and eliminate any unauthorised access or change (See section on Key Concepts)

    Payment Authorisation Matrix: You can define payment authorisation rights and limits based on amounts and who makes the payment by choosing any of the authorisation matrix we provide (See section on Key Concepts)

    III. Key concepts of BIB.

    To understand the opportunities in using BIB as well as its flexibility, it is important to understand the following key concepts of BIB.

    a. Accounts Accessible on BIB A company can specify the list of its accounts that it wants to access BIB. For example if a company has three accounts-A, B & C, it can specify that it only wants to access A & B through BIB. In this case account C cannot be viewed or accessed through BIB.

    When a company chooses to access its accounts through BIB, all these chosen accounts would be seen by all the Primary users of the company. In the example given above, account A and B would be seen by all Primary users of the company.

    The company has the right to specify the accounts to be made available through BIB at the time of registration. It can also change the list of accounts (add or delete any account) any time after registration by applying in the specified form at the branch.


    Business Internet Banking is designed to offer you more control of your finances and an easy way of managing your business banking accounts from anywhere in the world.

    Business Internet Banking combines the speed, ease and convenience of conducting your business transactions online with powerful security, giving you peace of mind.

    II. Features, Functionalities and Benefits of BIB

    Business Internet Banking offers convenience and enhanced services that are simple and straightforward to use, providing you with more functionality to conduct your banking transactions.Here are some of the features you will enjoy while using the service:

    Online enquiry: Online information about all your accounts and transactions. You can also get rate information on Foreign exchange and Term deposits. This includes search functionality, by which you can search transactions up to 90 days old

    Placement of Term Deposits: You can place Term Deposits online using real time information on account balances

    Transfer between HSBC UAE accounts: Immediate fund transfer between your own accounts or to any third party accounts within HSBC branches in the UAE

    Overseas and local Payments: Telegraphic Transfers and Demand Drafts for overseas and local payments. (Enjoy 25% discount for Telegraphic transfers as compared to over-the-counter transactions). Demand Drafts can be delivered to the beneficiary in the address (whether local or international) provided by you

    Operating System Browser

    Windows 98 IE 5.5 (SP2)

    Windows 2000 (SP4) IE 5.01 (SP4)

    Windows XP (SP2) IE 6.0 (SP2)

    Windows XP (SP2) Firefox 1.0.1

    Windows XP (SP2) Netscape 7.2

    MAC OSX Firefox 1.01

    MAC OSX Netscape 7.2

    Supported Operating Systems/ Browser Versions

  • Business Internet Banking / USER GUIDE6 Business Internet Banking / USER GUIDE 7

    b. Primary Users and Secondary users There are two types of users in Business Internet Banking Primary and Secondary.

    Primary Users have the highest authority levels. The authorised signatories of the company define the authority of the Primary user at the time of enrolling for the service. Primary user/s in turn have the authority to create Secondary user/s with specific access rights and limits. Whether one Primary user can create a Secondary user by himself, or whether the creation of a Secondary user needs to be approved by another Primary user (dual authorisation- for better control) can be specified by the company at the time of registration for BIB (See section d. Admin control, page 7).

    The company can also set daily transaction limits for each primary user for each type of payment. There are three types of payment- Transfer to third parties, Transfer to own account and Bill Payments.

    There can be multiple primary and secondary users. The following table gives you an overview of the differences between primary and secondary users:

    Services Primary User Secondary UserAdministrative Entitlements

    Create / Authorise New User (including defining transaction limits)

    Assign / modify / Authorise Account Control (including authorisation limits per signature group per account)

    Modify / Authorise modification of existing User profile (including modifying transactions limits)

    View Activity Log of all users Optional

    non Administrative Entitlements

    View Account Balance and transaction History

    Pay / Authorise Bill Payments

    Make / Authorise Transfer transactions

    Rate enquiry

    Statement and Advices

    View Activity log (self)

    View profile (self including Transaction Limits, Signature Groups etc)

    Apply for Business Telephone banking

    - Available, Not Available

    * All services above are available to the user only if these services are applied for.

    c. Daily Transaction Limits

    There are three type of payments that can be made through BIB. These three types are Transfer to third parties, Transfer to own account and Bill Payments. A daily transaction limit can be set on each type of payment, and these limits can be set on a three level hierarchy.The three levels hierarchy of daily transaction limits.

    a. Corporate Transaction limit: This defines the maximum amount that the company allows to be paid daily for each type of transaction. This is specified in the application form at the time of registration. Should the company need to amend this limit (increase or decrease) any time later, it can done so by applying in the specified form at the branch.

    b. Daily Transactions limit for Primary users: This defines the maximum daily amount that each primary user is allowed to use, for each type of transaction. This is a subset of the corporate limit. Primary users can make transactions only within this limit, the total of all primary users should be within the corporate limit. Should the company need to increase this limit any time later, it can done so by applying in the sp