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A Power Point Presentation By Bro. Oh Teik Bin from Buddhist Association of Lower Perak, Teluk Intan, Malaysia. For Spiritual Inspiration and Dhamma Reflection

Transcript of Buddhist Pilgrimage Places

  • 1.******************** ********** Buddhist Pilgrimage Places


  • There are 4 places, Ananda, which the believer should visit with feelings of reverence : the places where he can say Here the Tathagata was bornHere the Tathagata attained to the supreme and perfect insight, Here the Kingdom of righteousness was set on foot by the Tathagata,Here the Tathagata finally passed away in the utter passing-away which leaves nothing whatever to remain behind.
  • And there come, Ananda, to these places, believers, brethren and sisters of the Order, and devout men and women.

And they, Ananda, who shall die while they, with believing heart, are journeying on such pilgrimage, shall be reborn after death, when the body shall dissolve, in the happy realms of heaven. 3. INDIA The Buddhist Holy Places 4. THE GANGES AREA 5. The Holy Places Of a Buddhist Pilgrimage 6. LUMBINI Where the Buddha was born 7. LUMBINI 8. The Bodhisattas Birth - Lumbini 9. Queen Maya bathed in this pool in Lumbini 10. Entering Into LUMBINI 11.

  • At the

12. A Silent Prayer or Aspiration at the Asoka Pillar inLUMBINI 13.

  • At The
  • Asoka
  • Pillar
  • In

14. Kapilavattu Where the Buddhawas Raised 15. The Rohini River Queen Maya crossed. She stopped at Lumbini and gave birth to Siddhatha. 16. BODH GAYA Where The Buddha Attained Enlightenment 17.

  • The
  • MahaBodhi
  • Temple
  • In
  • Bodh Gaya


  • Main
  • Stupa
  • At
  • Bodh
  • Gaya

19. The Bodhi Tree Bodh Gaya 20. Bodh Gaya 21. Bodh Gaya Meditating and Praying 22. At The Diamond Throne in Bodh Gaya 23. The Diamond Throne Bodh Gaya 24. The Sacred Bodhi Tree Bodh Gaya 25. Meditating At Bodh Gaya 26. Bodh Gaya The Stone Foot Prints were used in the early Centuries as a Symbol of Buddha 27.

  • The
  • Buddha Image
  • Inside The
  • Mahabodhi Temple
  • In
  • Bodh Gaya

28. Bodh Gaya Worship atThe Diamond Throne 29. Bodh Gaya ProstrationsBy A Korean Nun 30.

  • Bodh
  • Gaya
  • -
  • Prostrations
  • Round the Temple by Tibetan Monks

31. From The Main Stupa In Bodh Gaya 32. The Ratanacankrama in Bodh Gaya where The Buddha meditated in the Third Week After Enlightenment 33. The Mucalinda Lake Where The Buddha Meditated in The Sixth Week After Enlightenment 34. A Thai Buddhist Temple inBodh Gaya 35. A Japanese Buddhist TempleIn Bodh Gaya 36. A Tibetan Monastery In Bodh Gaya 37. A Bhutanese Buddhist TempleIn Bodh Gaya 38. A Chinese BuddhistTempleIn Bodh Gaya 39. A Nepalese Buddhist TempleIn Bodh Gaya 40. A Burmese Buddhist TempleInBodh Gaya 41. Buddha Statue at aJapanese Buddhist Temple in Bodh Gaya 42. Uravilva Village Where Sujata Lived 43. Site Of Sujatas Village 44. Uravilva Village Of Beggars URAVIL- VA 45. Uravilva Village of Beggars 46. Dana To The Villagers At Uravilva 47. The Najanjara River Where The Buddha Tossed The Golden Bowl After Finishing Sujatas Meal 48. Mahakala Cave Where The Ascetic Buddha Meditated Mahakala Cave 49. The Ganges River at VARANASI Varanasi 50. Along The Ganges River in Varanasi 51. SARNATH Where The Buddha Preached The First Sermon 52. Isipatana The Moden Sarnath 53. Dhamekha Stupa In Sarnath 54. Archeological Work still continues at Sarnath 55. Listening To The Dhamma In Sarnath 56. Sarnath A Building Once Stood Here 57. Original Fragrant Hut At Sarnath 58. The Last Monasteries Were Destroyed By Fire, Probably By Muslim Invaders 59. Meditating At Sarnath 60.

  • The
  • Dhammacakha
  • Buddha Image
  • At The Vihara
  • In
  • Sarnath

61. At The Archaelogical MuseumIn Sarnath 62. Intricate Carvings On The Dhamekha Stupa Sarnath 63. Jetavana in Sravasti 64. The Buddha PreachedThe Mangala Sutta In Sravasti 65. Sravasti The Buddha Stayed here for more than 20 Rains Retreats Sravasti 66. Sravasti Capital of Kosala. The Buddha spent more time here than anywhere else. 67. Sravasti The Story Of Angulimala Took Place Here 68. Sravasti Site Of The Twin Miracle 69. Jetavana Grove in Sravasti was offered to The Buddha by Anathapindika 70. Sravasti The Metta Sutta was preached here 71. Sravasti Ananda Became The Buddhas Personal Attendant Here 72. At a Vihara in Sravasti The Twin Miracle 73. Sravasti Story Of Kisa Gotami Took Place Here 74. Vaishali Note The Asoka Pillar & Stupa Pajapati Gotami and other women ordained as Nuns in Vaishali. 75. Vaishali, in Bihar, was once a Trade Center. The Buddha Preached The Ratana Sutta Here. VAISHALI 76. Nalanda The Buddha Stayed Here On A Number Of Occasions. He Preached To Gods and Men. 77. Nalanda Sariputta & Mongallana were born in 2 nearby Villages 78. There was a great Monastic University in Nalanda 79. Nalanda Bimbisara first greetedThe Buddha here. 80. Nalanda Nagarjuna received Ordination here. 81. Rajgir One of the oldest cities in India 82. Rajgir Ruins of the ancient wall. 83. Rajgir Mahakassapa was ordained here. 84. Rajgir _ Climbing Up toVulture Peak 85. Rajgir Cable Cars To Vulture Peak RAJGIR 86. Rajgir The Path to the Peak follows the road that King Bimbisara built for Buddha 87. Rajgir Approaching the Peak, note the foundation of a small temple built there in ancient times. 88. Rajgir Just below the Peak are several caves often used for meditation by Buddha and His Disciples. 89. A Meditation Cave in Rajgir 90.

  • Vulture Peak at Rajgir.
  • At Rajgir, Sariputta & Moggallana met The Buddha.
  • Mahakassapa was ordained at Rajgir.

91. Vulture Peak at Rajgir Serene and Perfect for Worship and Meditation 92. Moggallana was attacked by jealous acetics here and subsequently he died. 93. The Buddha PreachedThe Heart SutraAt Rajgir 94. SANKASYA where the Future Buddha, Metteya Buddha would be born 95. SANKASYA In Uttar Pradesh 96. Sankasya Identified withPresent Day Sankisa 97. Sankasya Where The Buddha descended from Tusita Heaven after preaching Abhidhamma to His mother. 98.

  • The
  • Asoka
  • Pillar
  • At

99. KUSHINAGAR Where The Budddha Passed Away 100. Kushinagar Around the Temple are the remains of monasteries and stupas erected over the centuries 101. Kushinagar is a small town 53 km away from Gorakhpur Kushinagar 102. Kushinagar The Buddha Image Inside The Temple 103. Kushinagar Pilgrims reverently circumambulate the Image and meditatein the Temple 104. Kushinagar Now, Monks, I say to you all conditioned things are subjected to decay ; strive on with diligence. 105. Kushinagar A Time For Reflection Kushinagar 106. Kushinagar The Cremation GroundKushinagar 107. Kushinagar A Stupa marking the place where Buddhas Body was cremated 108. TheEnd

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