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Transcript of BTEC Level 3 Applied science Transition pack 3 2020 BTEC ... ... BTEC Level 3 Applied science...

  • BTEC Level 3 Applied science Transition pack 3 2020


    BTEC Level 3 Applied


    Transition Pack 3

    Assignment Practice

    Due to be emailed to

    Mrs Bain by 31st

    August 2020

    [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]

  • BTEC Level 3 Applied science Transition pack 3 2020


    A large part of the BTEC course is the production of

    extended pieces of writing based around researching a

    topic and writing up the research. These are called


    As such this pack is an introduction to the style of writing

    you will be expected to produce. BTEC provides learners

    with assignment briefs and marking criteria so that

    learners know what is expected of them.

    This pack has 3 tasks

    Task 1 – Planning and researching an essay idea

    Task 2 – Writing an essay based on the plan in Task 1

    Task 3 marking an essay based on criteria supplied by the

    exam board in the assignment brief and level descriptors

    Task 1 – Research project plan

    Write an essay based around the plan that you make. I would like you to submit both your

    plan and your final essay.

    Your final essay must be above 2000 word, and end up being about the 3000 words mark +

    references. If you go above this, that is ok.

    The essay is on any topic you wish, but must link all 3 post 16 qualifications you have

    chosen to take.

    Examples in the past have included:

    Post 16 choices Research project

    Government and politics, Btec Applied science, business studies

    The science behind the large Hadron Collider, how much it costs including financial contributions by each country and what that means.

    Government and politics, BTEC Applied Science and IT

    Types of voting systems for elections, the move towards online voting and the possible political impact of this, the science and IT needed to do so.

    Maths, History and BTEC Applied Science History, science and maths behind the atom bomb

  • BTEC Level 3 Applied science Transition pack 3 2020


    Maths, chemistry and BTEC Applied Science Defining the kilogram – the old method of how we define a kg (chem), the new method (phys) and the maths behind this.

    Maths, BTEC Applied Science, BTEC sport Maths and science behind swinging/curving balls in football and cricket

    Chemistry, BTEC Applied Science and maths Rocket science – the mechanics and chemistry of rocket fuel

    Geography, BTEC Applied Science and business studies

    Using gravitational waves to predict earthquakes and the cost benefit of this to countries.

    Your aims for this transition pack Task is a plan that includes the following:

     What are your post 16 choice’s?

     Why are they a good choice for you?

     How do they link to your interests, hobbies or future career choice?

     Create a mind map linking your 3 post 16 choices to a research project idea.

    You can have more than 1 idea at this point, so do not worry if you have multiple


    Extra: If you would like some reassurance that your plan is a good one email it to me

    for some feedback but use this checklist to self-assess your work first

    1. An introduction to your research project 2. A clear structure based on the model at the end of the document for your research

    project essay or have a look online at the structure of other people’s essays and base yours on a pre-existing essay. Reference the essay you use.

    3. Some general research online of your chosen idea to see if it is suitable. Sources in your reference list.

    Task 2 – Research project Essay

    You should already have some idea and a plan for what you are choosing to write about as

    this was Task 1.

    Your final essay must be over 2000 words, and I’d expect around 3000 words + references.

    If you go above this, that is ok.

    The essay is on any topic you wish, but must combine aspects of all 3 post-16 choices you

    have made.

    Use the Basic essay structure model to structure your essay. It is at the end of this


    Your essay must include:

  • BTEC Level 3 Applied science Transition pack 3 2020


    1. An introduction about what your research topic is about (1 paragraph). Include all sections in the diagram below.

    2. Outlining of your research on your chosen topic and how this relates to your post 16 choices. This is the main part of your work. Split it into whichever sections make your essay flow best. (e.g. section per subject area, section per sub-topic, section per historical era).

    3. A conclusion to summarise your work (1 paragraph).

    You may find the following diagram helpful as well as this website to write your thesis


  • BTEC Level 3 Applied science Transition pack 3 2020


    4. References – this is a list of all the places you got information from and used, including books, websites, journals etc. Attempt to do in the Harvard referencing style. An online tool to help can be found here:

  • BTEC Level 3 Applied science Transition pack 3 2020


    Task 3 Attached is an assignment brief, student work and an assignment checklist for unit 8 learning Aim B- The Lymphatic system I would like you to mark this piece of work using the checklist and assign the student a grade based on the work at the moment.

    BTEC Assignment Brief


    Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Applied Science

    Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Applied Science

    Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Applied Science

    Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Applied Science

    Unit number and title

    Unit 8: Physiology of Human Body Systems

    Learning aim (For NQF only)

    B: Understand the impact of disorder on the physiology of the

    lymphatic system and the associated corrective treatment.

    Assignment title Impact of lymphatic disorder and associated treatments.


    Issue date

    Hand in deadline

    Vocational Scenario

    or Context

    As part of your college course, you have been offered the chance to

    participate in a work placement programme. This has been organised in

    partnership with a national charity who work to engage science

    students in aspirational work experience opportunities. The placement

    will allow you to observe specialist laboratory work, practice a variety

    of scientific techniques and gain first-hand experience of medical

    research into the role and function of the lymphatic system and

    disorders and associated treatments.

    On completion of your one-month placement; your assigned learning

    mentor requires you to produce a portfolio of evidence demonstrating

    the knowledge and understanding you have gained throughout the

    programme. Your portfolio will contain a detailed ‘patient case study’

    related to the normal functioning of the lymphatic system, impairment

    of normal function due to lymphatic diseases and the treatments used

    to correct the effects of lymphatic diseases.

  • BTEC Level 3 Applied science Transition pack 3 2020


    Your portfolio must be written professionally using appropriate scientific



    Hodgkin Lymphoma and Lymphatic Filariasis are amongst the many

    conditions being researched by the medical professionals employed at

    your work placement. Your patient case study will focus on just one of

    these disorders.

    Your patient case study must include a:

     Evaluation and description of the effects of a single lymphatic disorder of your choice and include an evaluation and description of the corrective treatment(s) associated with the disorder. A detailed explanation of the physiological reasoning behind the treatments prescribed in an attempt to correct the disorder you have chosen must be included. (For example, in the treatment of certain lymphatic diseases, some patients will receive both chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments whilst others receive only chemotherapy. Even then, the combination of drugs used will vary in consideration of different factors related to the patient and the disease stage.) In choosing treatment methods, medical professionals will need to take into account the likely benefits to the patient and the potential risks and problems the prescribed treatment(s) may bring. Include these factors in your report.

    To assist your evaluation, you must include and refer to:

     A diagram of the anatomy of the lymphatic system which you have labelled. A description of how each of the structures included in, or associated with, the lymphatic system work in the healthy state. (As a minimum you must include the following primary and secondary lymphoid organs; lymph vessel