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everything that has been lost or forgotten in one single worldwide virtual lost property office. It makes sense!

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  • You search // We find. And vice versa.everything that has been lost or forgotten

    in one single worldwide virtual lost property office.

    It makes sense!

    The professional online losT properTy service

  • finding made easier.

  • 3We find // 543 million is a lot.

    Did you know that just within Europe no less

    than 2.4 million keys are lost each year? Or

    that the Brits lose the incredible number of

    4,500,000 mobile phones every year? And

    that during the two hours of a European Cup

    football game, on average 200 items are for-

    gotten or lost somewhere in the stadium?

    An estimated 543 million items are lost in

    Western Europe each year, most of which are

    found by honest people. Then they often dis-

    appear somewhere close to the spot where

    they were found or in a lost property office.

    Because it just takes too long for the lost

    or found item to be reported. Because the

    bureaucracy is too complicated or the lost

    property office is closed. Because there is no

    co-ordination or co-operation between the

    official lost property offices, because there

    are language barriers and an international

    search is impossible anyway. Or because

    an honest finder has returned a lost item to

    what he thought was the right place, but the

    owner unfortunately does not know anything

    about it. The fact that there is such a large

    number of objects which have not been col-

    lected speaks volumes...

    Why is there not one single, big and secure

    lost property office, where found, lost or

    forgotten items can be reported easily?

    There is now. On the internet!

  • finding made easier.

  • 5You find // 5,678 lost prop-erty offices is one too few?

    So you agree with us! Although there is a lost

    property office in (almost) every municipality

    in England for example, only very few of them

    offer an up-to-date online service. A co-ordi-

    nated, networked database of these offices

    is not even on the cards. This situation is the

    same in most countries.

    Besides the official lost property offices, there

    are separate lost property offices in railway

    stations, various transport service offices,

    countless lost property offices in public

    institutions, football stadiums, universities,

    shopping centres, mountain railways, offices,

    sports centres and so on... And as people

    generally tend not to know where exactly

    something has been lost or forgotten, trying

    to recover it can become a nightmare.

    Besides the missing co-ordination and co-

    operation as well as the bureaucratic hurdles,

    international tourists in Britain for example,

    who account for no less than 192 million over-

    night stays each year, face further problems

    as far as recovering lost items is concerned:

    Neither found property notifications nor on-

    line services are available in foreign languages

    and there is no possibility of an international

    search or administration in border regions. For

    instance, a Japanese tourist who has lost his

    wallet in Britain will probably face a fair few

    problems trying to get it back...

    Wouldnt it be much easier if there was one

    smart online platform on which every honest

    finder and every public or private lost prop-

    erty office could publish all found items easily

    and quickly? A virtual lost property office

    which is open around the clock, can be used

    in lots of languages and rapidly brings to-

    gether people who have lost something with

    those who have found it?

    There is now. On the internet!

  • 7We find // The easiest solutions are the best. is the new online lost property

    office in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzer-

    land and all other countries of this world.

    It is a mix of a lost property office, a free

    notice platform for lost/found items and a

    social network. It is easy, secure, quick and

    offers a 24-hour service. Absolutely free-of-

    charge for all private users! allows every honest finder to re-

    port a found item without jumping through

    any bureaucratic hoops or even contact the

    owner directly. And of course it also works

    the other way around! is a community of honest find-

    ers and people who have lost something.

    It saves a lot of time, trouble and money.

    And may even allow you to make some new

    friends. And we like that idea. - a platform in Web 2.0

    ,Free finding service for users,Economic solutions for lost or found property notifications for professional


    ,Database for all lost or forgotten items, animals or people

    ,Real-time lost or found property notifications! Better than the classifieds!

    ,Practical full-text search without complex categorisation

    ,Multilingual search function ,Free and easy registration,Free MYhelp2find account for every registered user

    ,Secure and anonymous communication between finder and owner via private


    ,Free and direct e-mail notice for every private message

  • finding made easier.

  • 9You search // What are the advantagesfor your lost property office. professional is the perfect solu-

    tion for all service-oriented institutions,

    authorities and companies which regularly

    have to deal with lost or found property:


    Transport companies like railways, buses, mountain railways, ships or


    Shopping centres

    Organisers of concerts, fairs, conferences or sporting events

    Thermal springs, open air baths


    Hospitals, healthcare facilities


    Hotels, restaurants, campsites, cinemas and many more professional offers you:

    ,Very easy registration and use of the database

    ,Affordable prices,Savings potential:

    Modern internet solutions no install-

    tion on your system

    No memory or disk footprint

    No maintenance work or updates

    No on-site EDP-technician necessary

    Minimisation of administrative effort

    with lost or found property notifications

    ,Automatic data stamp: state, region, location where, and time when some-

    thing was found as well as your institu-

    tion, are automatically included with

    every lost or found property notification

    ,An up-to-date service for your clients and guests!

    ,Tremendous simplification of administra- tive issues alongside quality improvement

    ,A quick way to return found items,An increase in the number of returned items

    ,A loyal customer base,The chance to contribute a great deal to a sustainable company performance

    (in Europe, 96 tons of steel each year have

    to be processed to reproduce lost keys!)

  • finding made easier.

  • 11

    Were searching // For partners who really find this is a good idea.

    We are realistic. We know that is

    not the first online lost property office. We

    know that such a service can only work if as

    many lost or found property notifications as

    possible are published. Therefore we aim to

    get numerous municipal lost property offices,

    institutions and companies on board as part-

    ners for this platform as soon as possible.

    We are searching for partners who would like

    to take advantage of the following:

    The attraction of an up-to-date service for

    customers, guests, citizens, clients, etc., who

    can be helped quickly without the hassle of

    bureaucracy, in emergencies both large and


    Reduction of the administrative effort along-

    side an improvement of the services.

    And of course a reduction of the costs!

    In return, professional offers you:

    ,A professional database solution for all lost or found items

    ,On demand: an easy program interface for the fully automated integration of exist-

    ing database systems for lost or found items

    ,The chance to create and manage your own branches of lost property offices

    ,The ability to publish all lost or found property notifications on the web

    ,Appropriate packages in order to visualise your membership in professional

    ,Stickers for entrance doors, checkout areas, sanitary facilities, trains, buses, etc.

    ,Various promotional posters and banners in the service area of MYhelp2find professional

    These services are quite affordable.

    We find.

    ,The membership is available starting at EUR 245,- per year (plus 20% VAT)

    ,For the moment, there are no activation costs!

    ,More details on

  • We find. // You search. And vice versa.find out more about how-where-what-why at

    or contact us directly: Kg / magdalenaweg 22 / 6511 Zams / austria

    tel. +43 (0) 54 42 - 64 4 64

    [email protected]

    The professional online losT properTy service