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Wedding preparations

bridal Wedding preparationsDaniella CastanedaDr. Leanna WolfeAnthropology 102Nov. 30, 2013


The bride has a special vanity just for her and her makeup needs, while everyone else gets ready around her. She has her own makeup artist in order to look perfect for her wedding pictures. Everything the bride needs is brought to her by her bridesmaids in order to keep her happy on her special day.

Just for herPhotographed here are the brides wedding gown and personal dressing room. Her gown is left hanging in the main room for all to admire while everyone gets ready for the special day. Her dressing room has its own partition aside from the main room.

Here we have the maid of honor, who flew out from Nebraska and asked for time off from the United States Air Force in order to support her friend. Although she asked for the time off here you see, she still has work to do even on her very important vacation.


Here we see some of the brides close friends helping one another get ready for the wedding. Although they may not have their own personal makeup artists they will look beautiful for their friends big day. Many things are brought along with the girls, things such as curling irons, flat irons, makeup boxes and bags and extra clothes just in case anyone has an accident.

Ready for a close up

Now that the bride has her hair and makeup finished to perfection, she gets time to greet the family she has not seen in quite some time. Many of whom have traveled far and wide for this very happy occasion. The infant she is holding here is her newborn nephew whom she is meeting for the first time. A wedding is definitely a cause for a family to get together.

In the end, all of the preparations that go into a wedding, make for a happy occasion. Two families joining is definitely cause for a great amount of joy amongst not only family but friends of those who are getting married. No matter the amount of stress or problems that go on that day, the couple being happy and there for one another is all that matters.Heres to the Happy Couple!